Unleashing your Potentials

Unleashing your Potentials

You want to unleash your potentials? That means you recognize that it's possible to have hidden potentials. Many a time, people don't even know what they are capable of doing. They are then forced to remain restricted and compressed in the least versatile position ever. With this post, I want you to understand and improve your already found potentials and also to tap into new and hidden potentials. This usually begins by boldly recognizing them. You will soon find out why it has to be "boldly".


I have a friend, who was singing all along with music playing from his mobile phone. The first time I saw him do this, I admired his singing ability and I asked him if he was in the choir. he said no, he wasn't. This further made me ask the very question anyone would ask, why? He said he is not at all interested in singing but he is only interested in the soothing effect it brings when being listened to. It was surprising to hear him say that. I immediately said to him, "I think you should work on this quality? It might just be a gift that you reject." He said nothing but he took a short low breath signifying that he can as well yield to my persuasions.

 I can't do it

One of the most energy-withdrawing statements is "I can't do it". It is weakening because of two reasons amongst others. One, it paralyses your mind to begin working towards it. Second, it makes your creative mind incapacitated and unable to focus on it, should you start the activity for any reason. As a matter of fact, you really can't do what you say you can't. On the other hand, you can do everything you say you can.

Discovering your Potentials

There are so many things we need to find out about ourselves just like my friend need to find out his singing gift. Discovering yourself is always the first step towards making great exploits. In my perspective, gifts can be of two types, there are those that come up without your real efforts. And some others need you to 'work out their actualization'. I would say the latter is 'acquired gifts' while the former is 'intrinsic potentials'. Finding out and unleashing your intrinsic potentials together with developing acquired ones is what make you a fulfilled human.
if all these divinely endowed deposits are not put to work, it means they have been frittered away on an ungrateful person and you never deserved them in the first place. Actualizing your potentials not only make you a faithful person but that also sets you high to the realm of kings.

You Can Work Your Way Through

I heard of someone that never knew how to sing but he worked his way out by learning how to sing. His story is now being told, like the story of a pauper that was made a king. If you are already doing something, you must invest more in it so that you can be the best you can. If otherwise, you've not started doing that thing you admire and/or desire, then you have to start practising it now. In this, the old statement is re-emphasized that "you can be whatever you want to be". All you need is that interest, that if combined with effort can make a considerable change.
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