The Plus One Syndrome

The Plus One Syndrome

In the midst of a vast array of medical and psychological syndromes, so to speak, I've also come up with this syndrome. The "Plus One Syndrome". You may be wondering what it really means. If you guess it's the birthday 'plus one', your guess is as wrong as mine.

Each day that passes by, we have things to do and task to fulfil. There are things some of us have purposed to do, but here we are now without anything to show for it. I've met a couple of people who have desired to learn something creative like; I want to start learning the drums, or the piano, or graphic designing, or driving, or better my singing, and the likes.
I observed the trend. Such people, unless they break from the plus one syndrome, end up being the better storytellers. They would say, I wanted to learn it but there was no one to teach me or, I started learning the piano(for instance), but the guy that I paid to teach me got too busy for me.
Sounds like a good excuse, hm?
Now, what is my explanation for the "plus one syndrome"? It is simply put procrastination. You want to do something but instead of going right into it, you tell yourself, maybe the next second. I will just jump into it. The next minute or the next hour. It further spills into the next day and then on.

You simply add one to the present time and behold, you could not accomplish your task. There seems to be an innate tendency to procrastinate but if you want to be among the few that made it to the top, you need a reconfiguration of your mind never to procrastinate. Whatever you want to achieve, start it immediately it comes into your mind to do it. 
It may seem unimportant when you could not learn to play the drums as you dreamt. After all, it's just drums hm? But there are two consequences to this:

  • You end up not accomplishing it and you continually wish you did:

You start having a false image about yourself that you are not capable of doing the things you are meant to do. Though you should not let the opportunity that has passed you by haunt you, you must take a bold step never to let it happen again. But the truth is, it barely does passes by completely, not until you are dead. It will surely rollback, but this time in another form.

  • It becomes a habit, deeply wired in such a way that you treat other opportunities the same way. 

This is the more reason you must break out of this habitual syndrome immediately. Once you become fixed with the habits of procrastination, it affects every other area of your life and endeavours.

How To Break Out Of It

With my peering eyes, I could read your next question. How do I then break out?
It's simple! Whenever you feel the impulse to do something good or creative, or the thought just flies into your mind, just pick yourself up and go do it. There are always distractions by the way, but you must tell yourself that you have grown stronger than them all.

Prosper Yole

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