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Procrastination: Dangers Of The Plus One Syndrome

Procrastination: Dangers Of The Plus One Syndrome

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In the midst of a vast array of medical and psychological syndromes, I should not be mentioning the plus one syndrome. It is not a medical condition but I'd pass for a psychological one.
This name was coined from the birthday "plus one", but I will explain it to mean something entirely different. And if you thought of it as dangers associated with birthdays, I wonder what they will be.

You may be here out of curiosity or out of an invitation from someone who thought you could benefit from reading this and indeed, you are in the right place.

Each day that passes by, we set goals and assign tasks that we should fulfil. Firmly determined to accomplish a task a specified time, but end up not going near completion. This is quite a common thing for many people and I bet almost every adult have experienced it before.
The commonest scenario in which I have seen this play out is in the scenario of personal skill development and capacity building. Life has become a fixed routine to the extent that any other thing you want to do outside your job or education is considered extra-curricular and at your own risk.

Such things like learning to play musical instruments, learning graphic designing, learning to drive or learning to code, etc may sometimes only be achieved out of the time we consider spare time because there is really no other fixed time allocated for doing "extra-curricular" activities.

Plus one syndrome is this context explains how people would keep procrastinating until they do not ultimately accomplish the task. Just one more day, I will jump right through it. The day comes and you are still where you are telling yourself, "yet another day".
A trend is therefore established such that people who were unable to break from the plus one syndrome end up only being able to tell stories of their plans and ambitions with nothing to show for it.

I wrote about the attitude of people in skill acquisition here, and you would also see the two great divides between those who fulfil their plans and those who could not accomplish their tasks. This good side includes those who fulfilled their plans, by breaking out of the "plus one syndrome".
One would say, "I wanted to learn this or that but there was none to teach me". Such a good excuse, hm?
People who were able to overcome the plus one syndrome are people who knew how to jump right into what they want to do even when conditions around them do not seem to be in their gross favour.
Moving it to the next second can really cost you the price of not achieving that set goal, but at a point, you would have to jump right out of the cycle of procrastination.

There is an innate tendency to procrastinate but I can bet that the few who made it to the top. Therefore, you need to reconfigure your mind to overcome procrastination and plus one syndrome.
It is always best to jump-start into whatever you want to achieve especially when you have made the necessary plans because there are consequences.

Consequences Of Plus One Syndrome

It may seem like a trivial matter not to be able to accomplish your tasks, but it is not as trivial as you think. Sequelae of negative consequences may follow and this includes the following;

  • You continually wish did:
  • This is a feeling of regret how you could not accomplish your set goal. At this point, you realize there is no going back. You start having a false image of yourself, how you are incapable of doing the things you are meant to do. 
    This may not be entirely true but that negative thought about yourself can affect all other areas of your life and the things you plan to do in the future. You should not let the opportunities that have passed by haunt you and you must take bold steps never to let them slip through your fingers when such others come your way again.

    Opportunities will always come in various forms as long as you are still alive and thinking about them. But you must learn to overcome the plus one syndrome so that you do not repeat the vicious cycle of procrastination.

  • It becomes a habit: 
  • As you keep procrastinating, it eventually becomes a habit deeply wired in you, such that you treat other opportunities the same way.
    This is another reason why you must break out of this habitual syndrome now. Like I mentioned before, procrastination robs off on other areas of your life and endeavours.

What Is The Way Out?

Even without mentioning it, I know you would already be thinking about how to stop this cyclical non-productive attitude of procrastination, especially if you got the message properly.
The first thing that needs to be done is what you are already doing, "deciding".
Then after that, you must condition yourself by consciously building your mind to face tasks head-on without pushing them away. This post will not provide the step by step guide on how to just jump-start your tasks but I will make to sure to update you when such a resource is available.
But for now, you need to learn to pick yourself up and get to work when you really need to. Minimizing distractions and learning to control distractions may be a necessary first step. Drop your feedback in the comment box below, if you need some more help.

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