Five(5) Simple Ways to Prevent Allergic Skin Itching

Five(5) Simple Ways to Prevent Allergic Skin Itching

I have been quite allergic to certain water sources. I know how discomforting it can be. So I decided to research on some tips that will help me overcome this. I also received some requests from friends with a similar condition, so I decided to share some tips with you.
Allergy is no new word to most of us. It is a type of hypersensitivity reaction, where the body reacts to seemingly harmless substances.
The rate of allergic skin reactions in populations is becoming higher.
I've heard from quite a few people complaining of one or a different kind of skin reactions, but the commonest I've heard of is usually just after a bath. 

What Causes Allergic Skin Reactions

The exact cause is not fully known but it may be associated with any of the following:
  1. Contact with allergenic substance, like pollen, certain compounds in body creams and perfumes, certain substances in water.
  2.  Irritation of the skin by abrasives. 
  3.  Normal inherited hypersensitivity to certain substances.

How Does It Presents

It usually presents as itchy skin immediately after bathing. It may also manifest as eczema on the trunk and back. Most people complain that the sight of dirty colors and objects worsen the itchiness. It may present in other ways but these are the commonest manifestions. 

Prevention of Skin Reactions

Enough of the many details. Now, I am going to give you some practically useful things to do in other to prevent or reduce the rate and severity of these reactions. I'm quite certain that you may have tried some other methods below, but I am sure there will be some that will prove effective after all.
  1. Try changing your soap or cream, and watch for improvements. If there is no improvement, proceed to the next. 
  2. Boil you water before bathing. Use the water when it is still brisk(a little hot, but not capable of burning the skin). This method is effective but I really cannot access the risks associated. But you can just give it a try. 
  3.  Use anti-histamines. I'm sure you have tried this. A large proportion of people with this condition usually run to the drug stores to get anti-itching histamine receptor blocking drugs. Yes, they are effective but one limitation is that, the drugs take time to act fully. So you have to know when exactly to take them before bathing. I'd recommend taking them about 3-5 hours prior to bathing. Unfortunately, you would forget and only remember when it's time for a bath. You can just bear this in mind. 
  4. One other things I tried especially on days when I'm busy indoors with no plans of going out that morning, is to take my bath early. Early, before you start sweating on your own skin.This makes it look as if the problem is caused by reaction of sweat with cream or soap on skin. But this has not been proved either. 
  5. I finally also understood that some of the big things are not as big as they are. I tried this one and it has proved so effective. Don't forget to keep your body moist by using good lotions. Dry skin usually worsens the symptoms.

The Ultimate Solution

When you take your bath, use enough water(about 1-2L) on your body before sponging or mechanically scrubbing your skin. After judiciously wetting every area of your body with plain water, you can go ahead to use your soap and sponge.
I hope you find these useful. Do have a great time

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