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How To Prevent Allergic Skin Itching After A Bath

How To Prevent Allergic Skin Itching After A Bath

If you are here, it probably means you or someone has a hard time each time you take a bath. I have personally reacted to some water baths I have had some time too. So I know how discomforting it can be. 
But before I continue, let me be sure I understand exactly what you experience after a bath. A questionnaire would have been appropriate but that would be cumbersome and unnecessary.

I discovered many other people also experience the same thing, so I decided to research on some tips that will everyone overcome the issue. I received requests from friends with the same condition so I feel indebted to share this.

In allergic reactions, your body reacts to relatively harmless substances and in this particular case, there is a reaction against some harmless substances in your bathwater.
From the typical description, the skin itching begins almost immediately after bathing, just after you have dried your skin with your towel. It is usually random over different parts of the body as sharp pin-point itchy reactions that are not relieved by scratching. Touching the areas of itching would give some relief but it is usually to diffuse that before you take your hand to one part of the body, you may have felt another on another part of your body.
It rarely affects the lower legs and feet but the back, chest, head, and abdomen.
Some people complain of worsening symptoms on sight of dirty colours or objects. However, there may be other manifestations, like eczema on the back and chest.

Possible Causes Of Allergic Skin Reactions

The exact cause is not fully understood. All the sources checked did not have sufficient information to show what the exact causes were. But the following may be implicated:
  1. Contact with an allergenic substance, like pollen, certain compounds in body creams and perfumes, or the bathwater.
  2. Hard water from the borehole.
  3. Irritation of the skin by abrasives. 
  4. Normally inherited hypersensitivity to certain substances.
  5. Dry skin.
  6. Reactions to components of normal body secretions like sweat.

Prevention of Allergic Skin Reactions

Let us not head on to the meat of the matter, preventing allergic skin reactions. Various approaches have been adopted with different rates of success. These all aim to prevent symptoms or reduce the severity when they occur.
Before you are coming here, you may have read from many sources of visited the clinic for help but these are practical things to help you prevent such skin reactions.
  1. Change your soap or cream: Then observe for consistent improvements. 

  2. Boil water before bathing: After boiling, bathe with the water while it is still brisk (a little hot, but not capable of burning the skin). This method is difficult to carry out especially when you have to keep doing it for a long time. 

  3. Use over-the-counter anti-histamines drugs: You may have tried this already. These are largely effective but one limitation is that they take time to begin action. So, it may not work if you take them immediately before bathing. Taking them about 1-3 hours before bathing. 

  4. Take your bath early: To ensure that you do not sweat on your skin before bathing. This gives insight on a reaction of the sweat components with the soap or cream as a possible cause of the reactions. This has not been proved scientifically though.

  5. Keep your body moist by using good and appropriate lotions. Dry skin usually worsens the symptoms.

  6. Use a soft sponge and prevent hard sponging of your skin: If symptoms persist, you may have to avoid sponging as long as you keep bathing from that water source.

  7. Finally, begin bathing by copiously wetting your entire skin with enough water: Say about 1-2L before sponging or applying soap so as to remove any residual sweat on your skin before you apply soap of sponge on skin.
I have taken the time to focus more on the prevention and solution to your itchy skin here. These are step by step procedures prevent itchy skin after taking a bath. These steps work wonders and you are sure to testify after going through them. Your wellbeing is my concern.

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