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How to Unlock Phone with Security Sim Lock Code [Android]

To unlock android phone asking for security lock code is easy, especially if only you know how to do it. But before you on to unlock your phone, you will need to know what kind of screen lock is standing on the way.

Why do people lock their phones?

There is a myriad of reasons why people lock their phones. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Protection from unintentional screen activity.
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to the phone(Privacy).

Types of Android Screen Lock

1. Pattern Lock
2. Pin Lock
3. Password
4. Sim Lock

For the first three types of screen lock above, they are encrypted in the Android software and are generally referred to as Android Lock.

But for the last one, that is the Sim Lock, it is based on some special security system based in the sim that is able to detect a change in the sim card attached to the phone in question. And for this reason, it is passed on from one phone to another when you insert it into the phone for the first time.

This makes the sim lock one of the most unpredictable android security systems so far. I have had to abandon my android phone because of this.
And as expected, it came up in my new phone and I had to look for a way out.

Steps To Follow To Unlock Sim Lock

These are some steps that will enable you to unlock the sim lock probably displaying on your phone right now. But first you need to know a few things about sim lock:

1. You or someone else may have set up the sim lock either using this phone or one of your previous phones on which the sim card or phone number has been used.

2. Security Sim Lock is unlike the Android Pattern, Password or Pin that can be easily reset by logging into your android-linked Gmail account or using one of the methods listed in the link I provided above.

3. It updates itself when it detects a new phone for the first time and will come up when you insert another sim into that phone and reinserts the sim with the lock.

4. If you are able to put in the lock password, it recognizes the phone as yours and will not prompt for the password unless you remove and replace the sim another time.

5. It usually verifies the new phone by sending a message to a phone number that you set when you were setting up the sim lock. This may be one of your other numbers or that of one of your siblings.
Below is a screenshot of how the sim lock displays. It may be different for different Android models and versions;

I will now go on with the steps but bear in mind that flashing the phone will not be of any help.

1. Switch on your phone so that it displays the security lock screen.

2. Try some of your commonly used password combinations.

3. Try default passwords like 12345, etc.

4. There is no fixed length of characters in this lock hence its difficult to crack, but I discovered that the minimum number of characters may be somewhere around 6 characters. 
So try default passwords in 6 characters like 123456, 000000, or commonly used 6 characters password like 111111, 222222, etc.

5. Your phone should have worked by now. Mine worked with 123456 but if that didn't work, try 8 character combinations.

Other Possible Solutions

A. Try calling your network provider:
I reasoned this lately and I discovered that this could be of great help in fixing this issue. This is possible because of the fact that the password is sim-based and thus, can be retrieved by calling your network provider and providing details to verify your ownership.

B. Reinserting the Sim into the phone and restarting.
I didn't put this up before now because it may not exactly work that way but you could give it a try. Since the phone was originally recognised, we would expect it to work but that is usually not the case. Anyway, just try it to ensure that you have exhausted all the options.

3. Also, drop your comments if you think your case is peculiar to you. We will be glad to help.

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