How to Start up and Execute your Planned Projects

How to Start up and Execute your Planned Projects

 Just Start Up Now

This is a spur to enhance you to start up and execute your planned projects. It is a reality that we get better at what we do by constantly doing it, but this will enable you to achieve your leaps that sets you on the path to executing your plans.
A farmer develops new ways to be more effective in his vocation, the same with the artist, the doctor, the musician, and so on.

Why People are Afraid to Just Do It

People are afraid to start as spontaneously as they should. This may be due to the following:
  • They are only confident when the level of risk is at a minimum and would not venture in when the risk level is increased. A newly hired banker gets better with the job as time moves on. The hire provided that opportunity to acquire the improvement. But recall that he would not have ventured into acquiring some skills on his own, if he had a bigger stake to lose, in case something goes wrong. 
  • People are slow to discover capital resources around them. Praying and wishing for great capitals is nice but recognizing what you already have is a little more important.
When you actively engage in the activity you desire to accomplish, you may not start perfectly but you would soon get better as time goes on.

Case Study

It was some five years ago when I had the desire to do something. I wanted to write my first book but how would I start? I had not written any work by then. I need to go ahead with the plan anyway. So I started gathering information about the subject. I can say it wasn't easy
Many people have dreams to bring alive. They want to be super good in an area or the other. Suffice me to say that the same rule also applies here. You cannot get to that point overnight. You have to start somewhere, even when it means failing at such points, you learn ways to become more proficient.

Getting to your Dreams

The way it naturally goes is simple. What knowledge or skills you acquire sets you on a platform commensurate to it. Continuous search and personal development take you higher and higher.
When you begin now, it sets you on a new level of achievements. You may not know it now but in a few years, you'd be surprised what you may have achieved. So kick it on now.

Let Eyes See First before Ears Hear It

It is normal to want to let people know about your plans. Two reasons may be behind this;
  • You just want to let go of the pressure to do it from within. 
  • You may be trying to get encouragements or advice. 
Whereas it may not be a bad thing to tell your plans before you execute them, you must carefully choose who you tell them to. Oftentimes you would meet someone who also desires your progress, the possibilities that you will tell your plans to someone who will plan your chances of not succeeding are also there.
On a general note, never reveals your new plans before you execute them, of course, with the exception that you trust the person is going to be of help or of encouragement, or not outrightly harmful.

Importance of having Supporting Minds around

It is important to also note that having people that want to see you succeed in your new project is one thing that can propel you rapidly. You must strive to get as much support as you can especially when you have already initiated that business plan, project or any other.

One primary source of support you may find is your immediate family, friends, and colleagues. But it is important to find a way to look outside should they not be available to help. Great minds never underestimate the importance of external support but they don't rely wholly on them. In short, many times they do not even rely on them at all.
Great minds never underestimate the importance of external supports but they do not rely wholy on them...

It all Depends on You

In the end, you are the most important factor in the success of your new project. If you choose to fail, no one can prevent it. And if you choose to succeed, no one can prevent it either. In succeeding, never forget the following ;
  1. Just do it, don't procrastinate. 

  2. Learn more about your project each day by reading materials and other people's testimonials. 

  3. Be careful who you tell at the earliest phase. 

  4. Don't give up. The various phases of stagnation and hopelessness are not peculiar to you. The great minds you admire also passed through those. 

  5. Understand the importance of external support. Don't be too self-centred. 

  6. Be strong even if you get no support. When you have gotten it right, you will soon find some support. 

  7. It's still all about you being at the centre. Never let your drive pack up finally. 

Keep Moving Forward

And just in case, you didn't make it through the first time, just remember its not over yet.
There was a young scientist who tried to impress his science fair. But he was continually haunted by someone who never wanted him to succeed. How he failed time without number. The fight was fierce for it was not just about keeping up with his inner challenges but also to overcome the enemy after him. This enemy is no other than another fellow that stayed with him in the same dormitory.
At the point when it seemed as if the enemy is winning and he cannot succeed anymore, he remembered his motto once more, "Keep moving forward". And bravo, he made it through though not the first, second, or the ninety-ninth try. 

 You can make your plans come to fruition and make them not just mere plans, but projects that are both tangible and palpable. But remember the first step is starting and then you keep moving forward until you execute that project.

Keep moving forward adapted from the movie "Meet The Robinsons".

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