The Days When You Crave a Little More Sleep

The Days When You Crave a Little More Sleep

There comes a time in the year when the mornings become a special treat for the day; when you crave for more sleep in its sweetness. The coolness of the weather and the ambient morning breeze accompanied by tweeting whispers of the 
calling birds further reinforces the tenderness of the pillow on which your head lay.


    Oh my dear
    How sweet are your convincing whispers
    I, why hesitate, will never miss the ball
    Especially now that I am the host, with men
    More wine please, I will alter
    And I will never leave until its none
    Oh my dear
    We will both go to the hinter
    Never minding when the spell is worn
    As long as I know it's not a well
    But always praying it be far yonder
    My dear, indeed you are my sleep

You know, sleep can be sweet on such days. In those lazy cold mornings, you just want to sleep away and you whisper "just a little more sleep".

It's Quite Normal

Anyone that says he or she has not experienced a few bouts of this depiction is nowhere close to the truth. There are times when you truly want to have some more sleep especially when your body still feels tired and the weather is just appropriate. Other times you want to compensate for the long hours at work the previous day. It's indeed normal to have had such days. 

Any Need to Fight Sleep?

Bearing in mind that every condition that favours the sleep is right, including your feeling of laxity and heaviness at the moment, will it be appropriate to fight the sleep back? 
Well, you know that you have to go to work and today is a new day different from yesterday and you are aware that it is just the initial step towards full-blown wastage that you're on currently. Therefore, I see a need to fight the sleep and get up on your feet. 

Is It Possible to Overcome the Sleep?

Are you seriously asking me? What if I make the alarm that the building is on fire, would you continue sleeping? Before every man is the ability to decide what he should do. No matter how sleepy you may be at that moment, so far as you are well, without any feeling of illness,
I wouldn't want to tell you the aftermath, but you know the guilt that follows when you fall for you should enter the struggle to set your self free from the persuasions of sleep because it is very possible.

The Usual Consequences

At the end of the sustained sleep episode, the usual outcome is a mixture of self-guilt, regret and anxiety for meeting up with targets. These includes:

  • A realisation that there is so much to do.
  • Guilt for not being able to overcome the sleep.
  • Serious queries at work or school over absence, or non-punctuality.
  • Extended sleeping hours greater than the little you planned for.


Sleep is good and necessary but understanding that it has its own times that should not be allowed to encroach into another's is important. Hope you enjoyed it and you will start working towards gaining self-control even in the face of one of the hardest things to control, the cravings for a little more sleep.

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