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The Psychology of Addiction and How to Break Unwanted Habits

 The Psychology of Addiction

A certain man, who is a chronic and habitual heroin user decided to call it quits. It was a surprising thing when he mentioned that he wanted to stop the use of the drugs. Prior to that day, many people had advised him to stop. They had tried to convert it to a sermon or sing it as a daily song to him in an attempt to dissuade him from hard drugs. But all attempt had failed.
He was watching a TV program when he heard some broadcasters talk about the adverse effects of alcohol, smoking, and illicit drug use. He thought about it deeply. It was as though he was hearing the echos of the previous admonishment everyone had given him, including his wife. And now, it looks like a positive decision is near. The next morning, he announced to those that cared to hear of his decision to quit.

What Happens When You to Quit Drugs?

From the medical perspective, there are usually withdrawal symptoms accompanying cessation from the chronic use of a drug, especially, a CNS(central nervous system)-acting or a hormone-based drug. And as was expected, this man also experienced those withdrawal symptoms. These ranged from headaches to restlessness, confusion, lethargy, weakness, apathy, or nervousness. However, this man stopped the drug and he did well afterward. He could have had some bouts of Methadone to suppress the symptoms but he was not going to be able to afford it anyway.
Methadone and other similar drugs help to suppress withdrawal symptoms when taking during withdrawal. However, the dosage must be lowered gradually until all effects subside.

Is it Possible without Methadone?

This may look fictional, but don't you believe it's possible? He was able to fight through the addiction. Much like every other form of addictions including drinking, snacking, sex, or any other irresistible cravings, there is always a mental aspect to it.
The mind is the seat of decision-making. Contrasting view engages in serious fights within the mind but one succeeds ultimately. But the victory of that decision depended on what you really agreed for based on your values, desires, and discipline.
This was how he overcame the withdrawals and cravings. And it really works for every case and every person.

Never Get Addicted to Anything

Many schools of thought exist on the issue of the use of recreational drugs and cannabis. 
Some believe that drugs are useful and should be taken or even abused without worries. Another believes drugs are good but should be taken in well-regulated doses. These see hard drugs just like any medicinal substance. 
Another believes that drugs are not to be taken at all, not to talk of abusing them. These may have their belief rooted in some religious or cultural basis. 
But, however, your belief is, it's always best not to become addicted to any of such things. 
Addictions make you a slave, whereas you are supposed to be the master over your life and desires. This is why you should not become addicted to anything. 

By Starting Small, You Progress to Big

Growth is a constant in everything we do. I personally believe that what you start today becomes greater in a few years down the line. And when I translated this principle to the use of drugs and alcohol, I found out that when you start with a shot or just a little wrap of tobacco today, you would progress to much more in a few years. That's the reason some people would prefer not to begin at all. They just don't want to taste how tobacco or alcohol feels like. I kinda think this is the best stand ever. 
The first time you probably had sex (that is if you have done it before), you were really naive and fearful of the possible outcome of your new activity. You were afraid of what people would say if they find out. You were afraid of losing your status quo as an innocent young man or woman. But the first try gave way to the second and then, the third and now you may have lost count.
The same principle of growth that I talked about up there applies here and in many other activities.

If at all, What You should be Addicted to

One of the most difficult things to do is to define what is really good and bad. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to outrightly tell someone to their face "Hey, what you are doing is bad". This is because everyone has a personal dictionary of things that they call bad and those they call good. But one of the philosophical ways of defining what is good has been to determine what the ultimate outcome will be.
I would have said it will be nice to be addicted to something that will be productive, creative, and good in its real sense, but the mere sight of the word "addicted" scares me to believe that it may not be good to become addicted to anything. Addiction means you have lost yourself, I mean yourself-control.

I am not Addicted, I only Love it

One of the common beliefs of people that are involved in hard drug abuse is that they are really not addicted to them. They only use them for recreation and they can stop them at any time. But let me ask, how do you hope to stop what you have been doing every day for the past few years. It may not be every day but until you make a conscious decision to quit m, you unknowingly remain chained to them. You will only realise this when you try to quit.
But when you do, remember you can make it through and be truly free.

End Note

I now think there is a mental or psychological basis of addiction. Apart from just the ability of the chemicals to stimulate certain areas of your brain to produce ecstasy, they also leave an imprint on your mind. Such that, you can only break loose if you are able to nullify the imprints on your mind first.
Methadone may be useful, but that only works on brain stimulation. Something else is responsible for totally luring the mind from the alluring effects of the substance. And that is 'your determination'.

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