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6 Simple Steps to Remember Details

6 Simple Steps to Remember Details

Some time ago, I stumbled across a video online about a woman that never forgets anything she has seen. She watches a movie once and she is able to accurately narrate each and every scene and precisely tell the dates used in the movie. She literally copies whatever she sees into her memory. 

It's cool, right? The students would most wish for that. And just by the way, you would think her brain would have been full with too much stuff. However, the woman in the opening statement above was diagnosed with a defect that affects and impairs her ability to forget. Though the details of this defect to her brain were not clear, it was reported to be first noticed after an accident that she had in childhood, endowing her with a super magnetic memory.

But one would ask, what about bad memories she would like to get rid off? Well, I really don't know how she copes with that. And that makes all of us believe that there is a deeper reason why memory seems so transient.

In normal humans, details of information vanish progressively with time. Evidence suggests that the information may still be stored somewhere in the brain but it gradually becomes inaccessible. Perhaps this helps to get rid of unwanted memories but it additionally affects useful memories concurrently as seen in forgetting some of your school exercises.

Another undesirable outcome includes forgetting set plans and tasks that one intended to fulfilling soon. I have severally been caught up asking myself or trying to remind myself of the task I planned to execute because I had forgotten it too quickly. However, I seek to proffer some solutions to handling the natural problem of forgetfulness.

How To Remember Details

Below are short tips that can help you to bypass the menace of forgetfulness:

1. Write things out when you remember them. A quick look at where you write it will put shame on forgetfulness.

2. Take time to internalize an idea, plan or information before going about your other business. This will enable you to remember when you need to.

3. Share with someone, if it's something you can share or if the person is trustworthy. It has been observed that women are very good at keeping certain information especially those relating to a task. And for a married man, your wife can be your memory of certain events and tasks.

4. Keep a to-do list. Update it at the start of the day and during the day when necessary.

5. By forming a habit of certain tasks, you discover that you don't forget to do them anymore.

6. Lastly, there is nothing like doing what you want to do immediately the idea comes to your mind. Procrastination is the beginning of forgetfulness. 

My ordeal with someone when he forgot to do what he promised, made me see the importance of learning ways to evade forgetfulness. If not for yourself, still try to imbibe these and many more steps to remember details of your own plans, events and information so that others working with you or sharing the plans with you will not end up regretting why they had such plans with you.

And if everyone can acquire the skills to remember important details, things would be easier and better for everyone. Nature would have made it normal to forget things with time but the good news is that it also allows you to find ways to retain the details of important information or plans that you want to keep. You only needed to understand how.

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