What You Need To Know About Communication Breakdown

What You Need To Know About Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Communication breakdown generally refers to any form of interruption in the transmission of information between two or more people as expected.
Over the phone, communication breakdown could be described as a break in transmission, as is commonly used. However, outside this technical break in transmission, what else could be termed a break in communication?

A Case Study

Let's borrow a leaf from these lovely friends who desired and worked towards more intimacy than they already have. Peter is a young, handsome and committed man who was in his late twenties, 27 precisely. He was so keenly interested in Mary Jane, a beautiful young lady of 24. Mary Jane was naturally full of charms that lured and enchanted young men that beheld her. Just of average height, with full black hair running from her beautifully shaped hairline on her forehead, down to the back of her head and finally resting on her shoulders, she was that beautiful.
Then, they were only surrounding an island of beautifully arranged features separated by indistinct boundaries but clear enough to show the demarcation. Her both eyes, glittering radiantly as if she was an angel from the stars. It has always been an unfruitful attempt to get her, for she claimed that she knew her worth. But here comes Peter. Just good enough to be her king in their dynasty of beauty. Peter was a little darker than her, tall and rigidly built. He was just tall enough to see the scalp of Mary Jane when they are both standing. And for some reasons unknown to all of us, she loved that too.
But the first day barely passed before they became lost in the tunnel of love, dreaming and thinking about each other. And soon enough, their first names were no longer as unfriendly anymore. Peter would not call her any other name than MJ with the accent of a king calling his queen. They talked on the phone for long hours, had close discussions, expressed how much they loved each other and every time together was fun indeed. 
Few months rolled by, but now things were not the same again. An imaginary distance was being created between them as each day passed by. But they still had their close calls, they still spent time together (although less frequently than they previously did). The gap became gradually more visible and eventually, their beautiful union disintegrated. 
But that wasn't all. They would meet in a few years afterward. Guess what happened then. 

Does Communication Mean 'Talking'? 

There is no doubt that speaking is the primary means of communication amongst humans. However, other animals have other means of communication including making noises, secreting chemical substances, making patterns and others. The complexity of humans has also made it possible for them to communicate without speaking as well. This may be through many means that we are familiar with. This makes it possible that there can be talking or speech without communication. 

Difference between Speech and Communication

There can be all forms of active communication between a group of people, but with the concurrent inability to truly communicate.
Speech is any form of communication that involves making verbal expressions. That is to say, words are produced from the mouth in order to pass a message across to the other person listening.
Communication is, therefore, a broader terminology encompassing speech and every other form of communication.

Why is Communication Breakdown Worth Discussing? 

The importance of talking about communication breakdown cannot be overemphasized, as it concerns our day to day activities like a business, education, politics, and even relationships and marriage. Many things can potentially go awry if the problems of communication breakdown are not promptly tackled. Here are certain areas where communication breakdown can be hazardous:

But this time, I will be talking about the impact of poor communication in a relationship between a man and a woman, either getting ready for marriage or already married.
When we say communication, many would start saying that there need to be at least daily conversations with the partners, even though they may be distant physically. This is quite good and true but there is something more to be included in that.
They can be closer and still have communication deficits. They can make daily calls not missing a day out and still not be truly communicating.

What then is Communication all about?

Communication is about expressing yourself. It is about voicing out your feelings to your spouse or would-be, especially, those that you have previously expressed.
Imagine a scenario where a lady uses another guy's picture on her social media profile and her man sees it and gets angry without first finding out who the guy really is. It could be her brother or someone just close. Same goes for the reverse, a lady's picture on her man's profile could just be the picture of his sister or someone just close.
When there is no effort to find out before accepting, though there is an active conversation between them, communication is not complete yet.
If you truly value your relationship, you must learn to communicate properly and effectively.

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