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How Much Knowledge Can You Acquire?

The question of how much knowledge you can acquire has been an eternal question. Some would warp it a little to become 'how much knowledge should we acquire?

Reasons Why People Learn Certain Skills

One of the strongest debates that have emerged over the years is one which describes that people cannot afford to learn certain skills or be in certain professional groups just because they are incapable of such things naturally. With this, I'm referring to the belief that you cannot learn a certain skill if you are not endowed to learn it by nature. And to worsen the scenario, they believe that you cannot acquire the skill further if you failed on the first few trials or attempts.
It's a strong debate involving one group accepting that you just cannot do anything you desire just because that's the way it is. The other firmly asserts that you can acquire as much as you desire if you work towards it. But What do you believe?

First Desire, then Achieve

I have come to believe that we are quite limitless on the things we can achieve. It just begins with desiring it and this usually stem from an innate passion towards that activity. it may also arise from external pressure or stimulation to go on to something. Aside from the truth in believing that you can do it as you desire, it also gives us the added advantage of living our lives to our greatest capacity. It only begins with desire.

Why do you need so much knowledge

Knowledge has always been useful in making life easier for mankind. Though the same knowledge has been exploited for selfish and deleterious purposes by people, it remains useful wherever you find yourself. Every knowledge you acquire can be applied at some point in your life and it is always surprising where you find yourself applying what you have learnt. That's why they say no knowledge is wasted.

Jack of all Trades, Master of What?

Could the famous statement "jack of all trades, master of none" be entirely correct? Our lives are so complex that we do many things and it sometimes impossible to separate ourselves from the many things we do. The phrase  'Jack of all trade,..' was first used in the book "Essays and Characters of a Prison" by the English writer Geffray Mynshul. It refers to someone whose knowledge is superficial in the different things he claims to know. But this would be later changed to ...master of one. We are not going to dispute that, right? But one little question pops up. Who said you cannot acquire deep knowledge in more than one thing?

It's True You Cannot Do Both at the Exact Same Time

If you are talking about trade, something you do with your hands, it becomes indisputable that you cannot do both at the same time except if you have more hands or something. Drawing an artwork and doing gardening at the same time is unimaginable. And in most cases, it is largely ineffective when you are somehow able to do them together. But that does justify the point that you cannot acquire these skills to perfection.

Your Brain doesn't get confused when you try to Acquire other Skills

Contrary to the belief of one of my friends that he could wobble everything together if he tries to learn new things, you can actually acquire as much as you wish for and even drive a few, if not all, to perfection. Before I learnt how to play the piano, I wondered how someone could learn about so many keys and play them appropriately. It more surprising when one of my music mentors stood up from the piano stool and picked up the bass guitar. So his brain does not get confused?
I really wondered about it for a while but as we can see, the brain is capable of handling it.
It is worth noting that the capacity of the brain is only underestimated by a majority of the world's population and it is not the best we can achieve.

Why We Don't Learn as Much

The major reason why people don't achieve as much as they are capable of is not just that they do not desire, but that they are not sure that they can do it. Everything we do not know is like a giant before us and if we do not face it, we watch it slip through our hands until it gets behind us and become unachievable.
An attitude of optimism and the belief that you can do it is very necessary for acquiring skills or building on your talents. Here talents are referring to those skills you developed from birth or from childhood as the case may be.

When they Discourage you, React as Such

You will surely meet people that will try to discourage you from acquiring anything you want to acquire but you must be resilient on your decision and pursuit. It may take time to get there, or it may take many mistakes but the good thing is that if you are doing it the right way, you will surely get there.

The good thing is if you are doing it the right way, you will surely get there.
What then is the Right Way
With the understanding that everything has a set of instruction for it, we can accurately reproduce them. For any new skill you wish to acquire, the following can be helpful;

  • Studying about it
  • Listening to or observing others that are already doing it, and
  • Following the basic principles.


My aim is to make you realize that there is much you can acquire. I also want to emphasize that it takes time to develop new skills and it will be useful to begin early and maximize the time and strategies that you have. The question of how much you can acquire should have been answered by now. Wasn't it?

Prosper Yole

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