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How to Compete Effectively - The Good Part of the Competition

First, let us recognize the fact that competition has become an integral part of life itself. There is virtually no environment where you will not find competition, be it in school, the workplace, in business, in politics and every other. But let's ask ourselves these questions as we proceed. What is the competition all about? And can we have effective competition?

What Is The Competition About?

There may be many reasons why people compete and more than a dozen of these reasons may be justifiable. Life has made it in such a way that people are attracted to value. They feel satisfied to have something of value and they are willing to draw near to you if you have the value to desperately need.
But unfortunately, the value is very relative in the sense that, when a greater value comes, the same people that clung to you and promised never to forsake you suddenly turn towards the greater value. And in a bid to keep up with the maximum value ever, the competition arises when the strongest and most consistent wins.

Healthy And Unhealthy Competitions

The concept of healthy and unhealthy competitions emerged many years ago when people saw that the struggle for being the best breeds hatred, malice, war amongst people. People obviously reveal that they are fighting with you for sovereignty. This they do by their actions, their words, and even their demeanours.
There is a thin line between what we call healthy competition and what will otherwise call unhealthy competition. Competition in itself reflects a continual struggle with someone, a group, an organization, etc, for dominance. Whether healthy or unhealthy, this is constant evidence in competition.
I will talk about the healthy relationship as we go on, but it should be noted that competition becomes unhealthy when the various elements of strife begin to surface in one or more parties involved in the competition.

Why Life Favours Active Competition

Competition has come to be in our day to day activities. No one can tell where it started from but it may have been from the very beginning of human existence. This means that competition was designed for a purpose. Competition has proven to be a very important factor that has made humans better as we evolve towards perfection. The fact that humans easily loses interest in one value if a greater one comes has made us keep evolving in every facet of our lives on the planet.
Advances in technology, education, music, politics and policies, a business can be attributed to the conscious efforts to get better than our competitions.

How To Compete Efficiently

What is life if we all come into the world to fight against ourselves and not have a moment of peace with each other? Competition, as important to life as it is has also robbed many of a good relationship with their neighbours. This is because, whatever means of competition they choose to adopt, they have not chosen the most efficient and acceptable.
If you chose not to compete at all, then you will always be downtrodden and if you choose to compete, then you are forced to engage in the inevitable wars that competition tends to bring. How can we then compete efficiently?
Let me make it a list of things you must do to effectively compete in any sphere of life that you are in.

  •  Focus on yourself.
  •  Don' give in to hate the competitor, only hate the unhealthiness.
  •  Don't get scared of your competition.

Focus on Yourself (Compete with Yourself)

It is not absolutely wrong to have your competition in mind because it makes you want to put up more efforts especially when your competitor is obviously ahead of you. That gives you a good target to aim at and can be really rewarding.

However, not focusing on yourself can be very disastrous when for a few reasons you have not been able to catch up with your competitors. You feel like a loser and the tendency to give is increased more than double times. It is worth noting that maximizing your full potentials is sufficient even if it is less than the best ever. At least, it is the 'best of you'. This is not to encourage mediocrity but I need you to understand that there is no way you will get to your best without the world knowing about you. Everyone has a very key role in our world.

On the other hand, a vicious cycle sets in if you have become too obsessed with looking up to someone for motivation. This is so because, by the time you get to the highest position amongst your local competitors, you get weakened since there is no one else to look at. And then, the others behind you catch up on even overtake you again.

Don't Give In To Hate

It is a difficult thing indeed to stand and still love when you are being hated but it is very possible. In competition, you often find people that will display hatred because they think you are in competition with them. Whereas I have not said anything bad, at least not much, about competition. An unhealthy competition filled with strife and enmity can be potentially disastrous.
In this scenario, I am referring to a hateful competitor when you are a healthy competitor. It is much easy to give in and join in the hatred but I am now saying you shouldn't.
It has been proven a very large proportion of humans function best when they are at peace with themselves and their surrounding. So why compromise your productivity because of another's problems?

Don't Get Scared Of Your Competition

Whether you are in healthy competition with another healthy competitor or caught in a dilemma with a very brutal competitor, you must learn never to get scared of them. By merely following the rules of competition, you will always be safe and never get into trouble. Below are my 7 Rules of Competition

Brutal Competition Is Not The Best

First, I'm using brutal here in place of unhealthy. People often believe that if they are not aggressive and stern, they cannot succeed in the competition. Such people display an atmosphere that is suggestive of rivalry and unfriendliness.
The spirit of competition often try to inject this behaviour forcefully into ambitious people but it takes a different attitude to resist its infiltration. Brutal, that is, unhealthy competition is never the best rather doing all you need to do but still keeping a peaceful heart goes a long way to enhance your results.


One way to maximize the efficiency of the work done is to have a spirit of competition.
Competition can simply mean the attitude of trying to be better than someone else without being in direct opposition to them.
In a fight or battle, warriors are opponents and seek to destroy each other but in competition, everyone out there is just a fellow competitor. Your aim should is to be more successful at the common job. However, many have turned competition into strife and enmity. Being the weaker counterpart in the competition is not defeat in itself. It only shows that there is more you need to do.
Aiming at being the best is a very brilliant attitude but more importantly, is aiming at being the best of yourself. This is important especially when you have become the best. It keeps you going by setting a new standard that is better than your present state.
I think the purpose of 'competition' is to create a better world for all of us. Therefore, it should not be abused and be used to destroy even the much good that we already have.
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