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How to Make It Better In Nigeria

In recent times in Nigeria, getting decent jobs especially in the Government sector is very challenging and almost impossible. There are virtually no jobs for the teaming school graduates that flock the labour market every year. Hence, there is the need to do something different in Nigeria especially or else they will continue to feed on the table of the aged ones or worse wallow in poverty.

The Strife The Situation Brings

This may sound jokingly but there are not enough jobs for the teeming population. The Nigerian Government is contemplating a law that will increase working age to 35 years and retirement age at 65 as against the 30 to 60 status quo. So, how long will our youths wait for the old ones to retire before they get opportunities into the civil service?

The oldies in the civil service are even ‘beefing’ the younger ones. Yeah, I remember how I was evidently seen as a threat by the workers of the company where I was doing my internship for a journalism course I took some years ago.  I did fantastically well during my stay there but the object of fear was whether I would be considered at the expense of any of them currently employed.
Not as if I was going to consider the job at 50,000 Naira. But this was just sufficient for them in the face of scarcity of opportunities. Some workers in the company were already going about frustrating my effort because they thought I would get too much attention and be retained. I wondered what they feared because I was not going to stay anyways.

Another instance is a young lecturer who worked for nine months and resigned from the University of Benin because of the hostility and wickedness meted on him by senior colleagues due to envy.
A similar situation about a young PhD holder who was appointed an Associate Professor in one of the Nigerian University, but was given the frustration of his life by his senior fellows in Doctorate level because they felt they deserved that position better than him.
And another is the popular phrase in the Nigerian Academic environment that hopes to make you feel that you can never achieve anything “You think you’ve read?”.

What Happens if you Don't Do Something Different

The above coupled with the fact that there are no jobs in the country should make us ponder over what the young generation will do to survive? Criminality I guess.
But, hell No! They could do something out of the reach of envious senior colleagues and a jobless society. But what could that be?

Skill Development is Part of Personal Development

It's good to find that several Nigerian youths have keyed into the golden opportunity of self-development and this has afforded the competence to stand out in the labour market or even to make it financially without relying fully on a full-time employment program.

What Can You Do Different in Nigeria

There are many things you can do in Nigeria but your choice must be based on the following:

  1. Personal Interests and Passion.
  2. Previous Areas of Experience.

Learn a Trade

Skills and brains are a good combination at this juncture. It's the right time to shield your degrees and get up from your slumber.
There are so many things out there you can actually do. You could go into fashion designing, be a make-up artist, learn how to make bags, shoes, jewellery with Ankara, or make hair, team up with other people to own an agricultural farm, go into professional laundry services, set up a modern barbing saloon shop, just to mention but a few.

The Importance of Your Educational Qualifications

Not as if your degrees are totally useless but they make whatever you chose to do better and more refined mainly by the mix you will be able to achieve. Someone without some additional knowledge that education brings may not be able to achieve that.

I know of someone who read journalism in school but decided to do "alignment and wheel balancing business" in Bayelsa State and he has made a lot of money from this business, built a decent house and has bought himself a good car. And you will be wondering he was able to achieve this.
He refined this business so well that he has employees under him.

That's not All, Give Quality to What You Do

I spoke with him on the phone recently. A young man of about 35 years old is an already a big shot in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, and has been able to secure a position in the political class. Still, he did not give away his home-based investment. His loyal employees that he has made would carry on on his behalf.
The only difference between two people doing the same thing is that one of them does it better or worse. The little values you add to your entrepreneurship is what gives it the vigour to stand out. These values include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Establish a well-defined system of operations.
  • Research into understanding the needs of your consumers.
  • Get feedback from your employees if you have some, on their observations.
  • Keep your profits safe from intrusion or even from an indiscriminate use by yourself.
  • Train yourself and all your staff for good customer relationships.
  • Keep developing and improving your skills and knowledge.
  • Get registered, etc.

The "Claim it By Faith Group" Remains Where They Are

So many just sit down somewhere and just claim that someday soon their dream job is going to come their way. But truth be told. If you cannot prepare your potentials as an individual, sometimes such golden opportunities will not come your way or you won't just notice when they do.
And this applies anywhere, even outside Nigeria. Just choose to do something different, something that can make you feel more useful to yourself and humanity.
I needed to clarify that your faith or belief that something good is coming your way should spur you to start preparing for it. Look into the lives of the competent people in the world, they have one thing in common. They prepared for their opportunities by working out something with their hands.
We may have heard that opportunities are created. You will not recognize an opportunity if you don't prepare for it.

Opportunities Do Not Come At Once

The truth is what you call a one time opportunity for someone is actually a product of a long-time investment by that person. It may not look real at the onset, or may still remain confined in their mind but it surely matures into reality in no distant time.
No successful person got there without passing through the phases when they were not recognized. They worked hard within them for what you call an opportunity of a lifetime. They actually created that opportunity.

Haste Produces Danger and Doom

The person that believes it will come suddenly oftentimes involve in something that will result in their doom ultimately after they may have waited long without fruition of their expectations. A large proportion of these people without a vision ends up committing acts that violate human and moral standards at the end.

There is dignity in labour, as the saying goes. But even bigger than the rewards is the satisfaction that you are useful. Great rewards await those who are ready to step outside the queue and do something different in any country including Nigeria.

By Clementina E. Ukiri

Prosper Yole

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