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Effective Hacks to Stop Nail-biting

Nail biting, the act of nibbling your nails little at a time until everything levels up without anything significant left, has become a panacea for stress, anxiety and/or boredom. In most of the culprits, they go as far as entering the palmar skin surrounding the nails.

Just before you begin to think that you are alone in this issue, I need to recall my own hard experience with nail-biting. My nails looked really awful and I could even be crowned "Lord of nail-biting".
You may be asking "how can I stop biting my nails?" The good news is, I was able to overcome that habit too and I wouldn't have to ever attack the nail sprouts as soon as they emerged.

I was caught up with nail-biting for a very long time until I discovered this simple hack.
I never really knew what long nails looked like until I stopped eating them up. 

The habit of nail-biting is usually noticed at childhood and may or may not persist up till adulthood. 
It may not impact one's health significantly but there is a myriad of negative effects that one may become wary of.
Generally, there are some conditions that may predispose to involuntary nail-biting, even in people that are not habitual nail biters. These may include the following:

  • Stressful conditions
  • Hard tests or exams
  • Quiet conditions full of high mental activity
  • Hunger
  • Worries and anxiety
  • Impulsive/spontaneous, in the absence of any real stimulus.
The later is observed most commonly in people who are habitually involved in the act of nail-biting.
Whereas I mentioned that there are no serious health consequences associated with the habit of nail-biting, that does not directly imply that there are absolutely no health consequences. In other words, amongst all the negative impact of nail-biting, the risk of acquiring infections is still at the top of the list.
Here are all the reasons why you must discontinue the habit of nail-biting...

Why Must Nail Biting Be Discontinued

As harmless as the habit may seem, it is often accompanied by several unfavourable effects and a significantly greater risk of acquiring infections. These effects include:

  • Increased Risk of Acquiring Infections

    The risk of getting new infections or re-infecting oneself is significantly increased by hand to mouth contacts as occurs in nail-biting. The hand is, as a matter of fact, a rich reservoir for many bacterial, parasitic and common viral infections. For example, transmission and infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19), is greatly enhanced by hand-to-mouth, nose or eye contacts.
    Transmission via the faecal-oral route is also enhanced by nail-biting, bearing in mind that the hand is the singular part of the body that reaches almost all parts of the external body surface.

    Regular handwashing has been recommended by the World Health Organisation(WHO) and Centre for Disease Control(CDC) to prevent transmission of certain infections, including the recent COVID-19.
    It is important to note that the habit of nail-biting increases the risk of acquiring other infections further by up 30 - 35%. 

  • Aesthetic Reasons

    My best description for badly-bitten nails is "an unsightly, miniature nail lying irregularly on a commensurately oversized and pale-looking finger surrounded by dark margins that cannot be thoroughly washed".
    That doesn't fit the description for beautiful, long and well-kept nails, does it?

  • Lowered Public Personality

    I have often caught one or two people trying to withdraw their hands from being seen because they are well aware that they do not look their best. They wish they could stop destroying their nails, but one other thing they ended up destroying is their own confident personality. People's assessment of their personality also significantly falls negatively.

There are other reasons why the need to discontinue the appalling habit of nail-biting must be discontinued but at this point, let us see ways to effectively stop this nail-biting habit.

Methods of Stopping Nail Biting Habit

Many approaches have been adopted for stopping this habit of nail-biting but I am going to give you a simple hack that will prove most effective in stopping the habit.
  • Use of force or threats: This is especially important in very little children who have caught the habit of nail-biting.

  • Application of chemicals that have a toxic taste:
  • This may include bitter solutions, peppery-hot substances and herbs that are non-toxic to the fingers but can discourage injection of the fingers into the mouth.
    The shortcoming of this is that one can easily wash the chemicals off the fingers and continue to enjoy the feast of nail-biting. So which is a more effective method then?

The Simple Most Effective Hack To Stop Nail-biting

It is no strange thing to nail biters that nails with irregular and tattered edges are more likely to be targetted. From my own experience, you simply try to use your teeth to get free nail edges that you can easily manipulate and when you find none, you try to make new edges available.
This continues until you have virtually finished your fingernails and the skin around it.

Keeping your nail edges straight and regularly reduces your indulgence in the habit until you eventually stop it.

Cutting the fingernails short and clean with sharp blades is effective in achieving this. The use of nail clippers or cutters greatly enhances this capability because you get straighter cuts when you use them compared to when you directly manually cut them with a blade. A nail clipper is a handheld tool that you can easily use to trim your nails in an almost error-free manner.
Nail clipper- Amazon photo
By maintaining nails with straight margins, you can be sure to reduce your indulgence in the nail-biting habit and eventually stopping it. This worked for me and now, I know how beautiful fingers look. It was a sight I've always missed but I'm happy now because I now have a chance to know what it feels like. Do give it a try now and testify later.

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