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Thanking Someone Gone Wrong; When Does Thanking Become A Bad Sign?

I have written a post on appreciating someone for a good done. I noted that saying thank you is a good thing to do to someone who rendered help to you. No one would want to point out how it can portend a bad sign if someone thanks you really extensively. However, for all the things that have excess, thanks may just be one of them.

Some of the most complex things in the world today, so hard to understand and explain, are those involving members of the opposite sex. For some reasons, it has not been easy for people because each of the sexes seems to keep somethings to themselves, I don't know. Or maybe it may just be individual differences and peculiarities. Whatever be the case, the best way is to try to understand your fellow humans including those of the opposite sex.

I personally found out that 'thank you' has become a way of saying no to a relationship advancement, especially by the female folks. I had an ordeal sometime ago with my ex-girlfriend(innocent friendship/relationship, don't misinterpret), and since then I have known much about them through careful study. One of the things I found out was that I naturally see every lady that thank me too much as not interested in a relationship. The exact experience that made this impression on me, I can't remember but that is what I have found it out to be.

No Other Way to Say Thank You

You may have heard of a scenario where someone says 'I don't know how to say thank you'. This in itself means that they do not have enough to thank you the way they should or the way they want to. But merely expressing that statement makes you realise this person want to thank you more than usual or expected. However, when this transpires in a would-be relationship, most guys receiving such 'thanksgivings' or words automatically knows something is out of place. It may be the intention of the lady to let him know that every extra string attached to the good deeds is not accepted. Other times, it may just be the naivety or ignorance of the lady but one thing is common; the experienced guy would think twice about any further relationship.

I Don't Deserve It

When a lady thanks you incessantly for something really nice that you did to them, especially when they perceive that you may be interested in them, this 'typically' means they are trying to tell you they don't deserve such treatment because they are not ready to go on with you. If they know that they want to be with you, they know that the love they have and will have for you deserves it and even more. But because, for some reasons they are not interested, they will want you to know that they insist on being like just one of those people out there who received a favour from you.

It Could Be Unintentional

Meanwhile, some ladies that are interested a guy could be falling victim of this already. They think the guy will be happier if they take out three days to appreciate him for buying them a wristwatch. It's not out of place to appreciate someone who did something good to you or someone you want to love but it can easily become excessive especially when it comes from someone of the opposite gender. Maybe this girl does not know much about this but now you do. Could it be that you have missed this already as a young lady? Never to worry. I will tell you what to do next.

What To Do As A Guy When You See This

The usual reaction is that the sensible guy quickly withdraws and blocks all means of appearing to show care to the lady. They begin to remain as neutral as possible. The major reason why they do this is to test if the lady means it or not. This is because most ladies would naturally want to appear as if they are not interested in something even when they may be interested in it. If the boy finds out that she still wants a relationship, he would find a way to return to her, but on the other hand, he would simply 'find more important things to do'. As a guy, I wouldn't recommend any further actions. If you truly perceive that your dream lady is not ready to be with you, and you are sure she is serious about not having you, simply back off. You cannot really do much about someone who does not want to love you too.

What To Do When As A Lady For Unintentionally...

Life is simple, you know. You really should not cry over spilt milk. Just as you now know, the guy will withdraw for a while and see if you are serious about the 'no' you said or not. But that doesn't mean he will totally reject you immediately(with few exceptions, when the guy has 'really' been through a lot). So just relax and wait, what will be will surely be.

I have had to learn certain things the hard way. Previously, I used to be a very determined lover, patient and ready to take great chances. But things changed in my course of maturity when I discovered that you can't force anyone to love either by actual force or by impressing them with gifts and items. If you succeed this way, I bet it is not going to be the true love you desire.

Learning to be simple and take things easy makes you calmer and this is the hallmark of maturity. They don't become your enemies afterwards. To the guy, they are still worth receiving love and care like every other human on earth but not as your very second-half or would-be. To the lady, always try to say it early enough so that he wouldn't have bought the entire universe before you finally open up. I wouldn't blame ladies much on this because somehow most of them manage to send 'danger signals' well ahead of time.

This Can As Well Be Exploited

One major reason why people keep some of this kind of knowledge from members of the opposite sex is that they can be exploited by them to un-do others. Take, for instance, a lady acting as though she is interested in a guy just because she wants the full benefits. The consequences can be grave although sometimes people tend to escape some. But it's always best to express yourself truthfully without selfishly deceiving someone who may be vulnerable.

Summarily, as good as thanking someone can be, it can often be misinterpreted or otherwise rightly interpreted to mean, 'please, I don't want your kind gestures'.

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