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Things Your Potential Needs To Know To Get Unleashed

If there is a need to unleash some potentials, it means they are still hidden or yet undiscovered. Very many people do not know what they are capable of, or the inherent potentials. The result of this is restriction or fixation in the least versatile position ever. That is to say, they live less than they are capable of.
This post aims at spurring you to discover and rediscover your hidden potentials, and to show you more ways to develop your already discovered potentials.
Discovering potentials is usually a very active step, active in the sense that, a great deal of efforts is required. First involving effortfully looking deep within you for your passions and dreams and next, actively carving them into reality.

I have an old story, the very story that pushed me into writing this. I feel emotional right now, you may not know that. And that's because this story reminds me of how I started this blog some years ago.
I had a friend in the dormitory who was always singing along his music player on his mobile phone. As is my custom, beautiful things easily catch my attention and more importantly potentially beautiful things do the same.

The first time I heard him sing, I admired his interests in music and I asked him if he belonged to any choir or singing group. But then, he replied "no". And when I further questioned why he was not in a music group, he further added that he is only interested in listening to music and not necessary singing. It wasn't too surprising to hear him say that because there are a ton of people out there who share the same fate. But almost immediately, I said to him, "I think you should work on this quality? It might just be a gift that you are not willing to accept." He didn't say any further thing but he took a short low sighing breath hopefully signifying that he could as well yield to my persuasions.

I discovered my writing skills when I started posting stuff on facebook some years ago. My posts were not very impressive then but they became the foundation of my writing today. In making your potentials come true, one of the first things you must know and learn to internalize is the powerful mentality that you can do it.

You Can Do It - The Powerful Mentality

One statement that is capable of fully sapping away all your energy is "I cannot do it". When I see people say they can't do it, I sometimes stop to analyse if they cannot actually do it and what I often found is that they have all it takes to do the task they are claiming not to be able to do.
The statement paralyses or incapacitates your creative mind from working toward beginning focusing on the task in case you started already. As a matter of fact, "you really can't do what you say you can't".
On the other hand, you can do everything you say you can. You can achieve everything you put your heart to, Ben Carson's mother always reassured him and we all know how true that is.

Discovering your Potentials

There are yet so many potentials that need to be discovered. Self-discovery is always the first step towards making great exploits.
I was involved in a discussion some time ago where I described that gifts may be classified into two broad categories. Those that showed up so effortlessly from birth, and those that you had to consciously unleash. The former would be otherwise referred to as "intrinsic potentials" while the latter is acquired.
Both of these need to be discovered. Very many people would look down on their God-given potentials and not pay special attention to them. Hence, they do not fulfil the necessary first step in excelling in them. Discovering intrinsic potentials and developing newly acquired ones makes you more useful and sought-after.

Discovery Means Gratitude And Faithfulness

Gifts and abilities are divinely endowed in people. For the world to be better, everyone needs to put their own contribution to the world.
It, therefore, means you must put your potentials to work and if not, then it becomes obvious that they have been frittered away on an ungrateful person who never deserved them in the first place. Actualizing your potentials not only makes you faithful but it makes you more fulfilled and successful in your life.

In Unleashing Potentials, You Work Your Way Through

My friend claimed he is not as good with singing as I said he was, but I've heard of someone else who was not half as good as he was with singing work his way through to the top. Such stories look like the fairy tales of the Pauper becoming the Princess but if you are going to unleash most of your potentials, you must be ready to "work" your way through.
If you have already begun, then it becomes imperative that you do not give up until you become the best you can be.
Still dormant, don't know where to start, there are testimonies of those who were able to make their headstart. But in all, do not forget the old saying that "you can be whatever you want to be, you can achieve everything you put your heart to". All you need is the interest a product of passion, combined with the efforts to make it come true.

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