5 Attributes That Make Women Unworthy To Become Leaders

5 Attributes That Make Women Unworthy To Become Leaders

Just before you begin reading, let me clear your utmost concern at the moment. To be unworthy may not necessarily refer to incapability. One of the most beautiful people that the creator made are of course those the world refer to as "beautiful". The beauty of a woman casts a spell on whoever beholds her. Oh yes, they are beautiful indeed.
Whenever I think about women and the role they play in our world today, I am further reassured why most men feel incomplete without a woman by their side, especially a legitimate woman. You know what I am referring to, right?

Women possess very beautiful attributes but some of them may seem somewhat beyond what is reasonably expected in leadership. In other words, some of these attributes may be counterproductive on the platform of leadership. In this post, you will get to see some of these attributes that women need to put off in order to excel in leadership like some of them have.

One crucial question may arise but before it does, suffice me to say that the attributes that I refer to as being incompatible with leadership may also be seen in men likewise.
However, with a slight touch of moderation, a mix of beauty and efficacy in leadership can be obtained. Now let's get into these attributes.

1. Worrying Too Much About What's Past

One of the attributes that sets you ahead in the race of leadership is your ability to manage the guilt that comes from a wrong done. Mistakes are bound to happen, offences are bound to be committed, and failures are bound to be encountered but inasmuch as you want to avoid falling victims to these, you must be ready to handle them when they come.
Everyone, irrespective of gender is likely to worry too much about spilt milk until they train themselves for it.
However, the severity of this behaviour is somewhat naturally higher in the female folks than their male counterparts. The few men and women that made it to the top were able to deal with this innate human weakness of overtime guilt beyond what is beneficial.

2. Sharing Secrets Indiscriminately or Opening Up Oneself

The more appropriate terminology for this is "gossips".
Psychologically, one of the best ways to let out steam is by telling someone about what bothers you, especially someone who is ready to listen.
In the same vein, one of the best way to feel happy is simply talking with someone who is ready to toe the same line of 'leisure' thoughts with you. Women have found a way of harnessing this strength, possibly to be able to cover up for some inherent weaknesses. Actually, it all begins with not being able to independently diffuse emotions as best as possible. Everyone needs someone to talk to at certain trial times but what constitute trial times for leaders are not common small things that they should normally handle with ease.
What this means is that you should be able to handle trials as much as possible and when you want to speak, it should be to an ear you trust and on only the very less sensitive matters.

3. Easily Bowing To External Pressures

We all face different pressures in our daily lives, no one is exempted. Every succumb to pressures if their limits are over-stretched. People who made it to the top in leadership realized that they shouldn't easily give in to minor threats from people around them.
That is not to say you will never listen to people around you. Leaders actually do listen but you must clearly define what is a threat to your position and strongly stand against it.

Whereas I would not say women should totally eliminate the attributes, a better thing to do would be developing the ability to swiftly switch to 'Leadership Mode' when it is necessary.

4. Fighting with Men Over Rights and Sovereignty

In the rise of feminism and equality, women have been forced to desire a turn around in the affairs of things. It's a good move but one important sign to know who is truly in charge is that they'd rather keep silent or just move away that to actually confront their powerless challenger.
One thing women must know is that it was naturally designed for men to rule and protect them. Some of the natural attributes that I have listed above support the fact that they are innately so.
However, if they must rise beyond where they are at the moment, they must deliberately work on some of those innate weaknesses, instead of fighting their complementary opposites.

The truth is, the more you fight, the less you are seen as capable. By simply putting in work, it all flows in seamlessly.

5. Failure to Utilize Their Strengths

The law of comparative advantage used in economics and business puts it that people should specialize on their areas of maximum strengths.
The leadership role of women in every family can never be over emphasized. They are the true leaders of the home and their husbands may just be seen as ceremonial leaders.
However, many women have not been able to try out these qualities outside their home. In defense, several factors may have caused this. The societal and political factors amongst others may have inhibited their active participation in the society.
In the rise of movements in favor of active participation of women in every sectors, it is imperative for a woman to begin to step out especially if she desires to.
You must be seen demonstrating your humane, diplomatic, and persuasive roles alongside other attributes stated above.

People Wants Leaders

When people want to appoint or elect leaders from the pool of other worthy aspirants, there are certain things they would look out for. Although, 'politics' has made it rather difficult to decide sometimes, people still look out for these things deep within them.

First, they want someone who is as independent as possible when it comes to critical decision making. Leaders are a crop of individuals that are able to effectively manipulate the ideas of everyone  into an idea that works for everyone. People try to find out if you have this or not.
Unfortunately, one major way they do that is to evaluate how many persons can get to know what they would consider 'top secret' from you.

Equality Says Anyone Can Do Anything

Both women and men are worthy of leadership and every area they desire to be. That is why everyone need to know what it takes to do what they desire to do.
Truth be told, there are natural dispositions that put people of different sexes at advantage over the opposite genders. There are many examples to illustrate thus but I assume you already know quite a lot.

Some of the natural dispositions may actually limit a gender from certain acts. The estrogenic influence on small muscle mass makes them less able to do certain strenuous activities than men. The lack of prominent mammary glands(breasts) makes it impossible for me to breastfeed.

But apart from some of these physical and biological activities, studies and experience have revealed different thinking patterns between men and women. This is not to mention the countless other physiological variations between these two.

However, for you to attain a given position, be it leadership or otherwise, you must secondarily develop these features that are necessary for the job. So before you quote equality another time, first develop what it takes.

If any women desires to develop those areas of her political life, she could gain the trust of the people and be given a chance to prove herself in leadership.

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