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Ankara Makers Have Been Waiting For Long To Reveal This

The origin of the beautiful Ankara fabrics traces back to when they were first manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market. They later gained more interest in West African countries because of similarities with their tribal attires. Ankara is formerly known as Dutch wax print by African Print Dutch Company Vlisco. And today, they have gained popularity worldwide but especially in the African soil.

Through the simple methods of tying and dying and application of waxes, the patterns are created on the fabric to produce the characteristic designs. This is referred to as Batik and they were native to Africans. For example in Nigeria, areas around the Northern belt dealt with the use of dyes and waxes to make designs on fabrics or modify already existing designs.
The peculiarities of Ankara does not end with their specially printed patterns but also to the multipurpose use of the material.

As contemporary fashion evolved, Ankara has also been included in the list of some of the greatest innovations. With time, the have evolved into more sophisticated fabric materials that are used in making native attires of African origin. In recent times, Ankara now refers to anything ranging from the original type of tye and dye patterned fabric to more sophisticated printed materials.
Presently, they have gained worldwide recognition.
Aldo Ankara Bag

Just like the bag above, Ankara has not been used in making all sorts of fashion products, and they are now used for varying types of parties and ceremonies.
All categories of people attend functions with handmade Ankara bags and shoes. Coming in different colours, they are used to present a brights atmosphere of richness and variety. Examples of  Ankara derived products include; Dashiki Ankara doll shoe and shirts, Ankara Pumps and Flats, etc.

Red Dashiki

The bags come in varieties of customized designs. A matching bag, shoes over the same pattern of dress outfit al produced by the Ankara fabric gives the trending style called “colour blocking”. It gives an external expression of one's inner self through the multicolours. The pleasant effect is due to the fact that Ankara fabrics and made into a combination of harsh and cool colours in the same piece. Thus makes them alluring and eye-friendly.

This trend of fashion has not only brought innovation to the world of glamour but has provided a means of livelihood to professionals in the art. The rising demand for Ankara products has made Ankara trading a very lucrative business for young entrepreneurs and fashion designers who are interested in them. However, compared to the rigour involved in making them, they are quite affordable and relatively cheap.

According to an expert’s account, it takes a lot of skills and mental efforts to make Ankara bags. It requires that requires a long time of patiently working. It may be burdensome except when the worker has a sustained passion for the art. It gives a sense of self-worth and fulfilment when you realize how well you can manipulate different shades of colours to create exotic bags, shoes and jewellery.

Old worn out bags and shoes whose skin is peeling off can be remodelled by replacing the deteriorating skin with Ankara fabric. It is practically non-selective and would fit anything you put it to. Thus, saving you the cost of getting brand new bags and shoes and then giving you a refurbished design.

This is a fast-growing trend. You should give it a try if you've not fully subscribed to Ankara before now. This is what Ankara dealers think you have been missing out.

By Clementina E. Ukiri(Barr)

Clementina Egwolomena Ukiri Esq.

I am a practising barister who is also interested in many other areas relating to fashion, beauty, etc. I own the legal blog The Bar and Bench News NG that deals with matters related to Nigeria and the legal system.

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