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How To Make Your Big Dreams Come True

I have engaged in an interaction with a colleague some time ago and he was narrating to me what challenges he was currently facing as he tries to start up his bodybuilding house project.
I knew he was not alone in that ordeal, I have had many of such challenges and there are others I am currently facing. But just like I would always say, you just have to find somewhere to start.

I started this blog some eight years ago and it is still this rudimentary, you would say. But just imagine if I just started it today. There are a ton of things, methods, skills, and strategies that I wouldn't have known by now.

In reaction to one of my previous posts, a very close friend also responded in affirmation stating how many things have remained un-birthed in him. These are things he has in mind but has not been able to let out to reality. When I hear things like this, I immediately have a memory flash of the many people out there who may have great but yet unberthed dreams and ambitions. But why are people not able to make it through with some of such dreams?

I came up with an answer, the same answer I have emphasized in many of my previous posts. There is a common challenge for everyone who has plans and dreams. Hence, everyone who has made their dreams and ambitions come through share some of these major challenges with everyone else, including those who could not. I will take the time to spell out these challenges and make reference to
young people around me who have been able to overcome and make it through, in a bid to encourage you and make you understand that you can make it too.

1. Where To Start

One of the hard phases in the development of any plan is the start-up process. Startups often involve early planning, organized as well as disorganized thoughts, the ideas and more importantly the confidence to just kick-start. For several reasons, startups can be difficult, ranging from capital availability, to fear of the unknown. I have taken time to write on these reasons
in this post already.

  • Adedeji Babatunde

I came across an ardent businessman who has had to overcome the hurdles of a startup. His challenges were complex including insufficient capital and busy schedules. Sourcing for funds was a major problem but he could not give up on his dreams.
By using the SWOT analysis[Strength, Weakness, Opportunites, Threats], he was able to identify and focus on his strengths rather than battling with his weaknesses. By building and maintaining integrity, he was able to acquire capital from friends. He also noted his special ability to convince people to help him financially.
And now, he is a major snail farmer and distributor and opened a website (link now obsolete) for the publicity and distribution of African Snails. He is also involved in other agricultural ventures under the cover name of Ehibaghe Farms.

2. Busy Schedules

One of the major challenges to the successful implementation of even some of the most pressing ambitions is the problem of time and busy schedules. Professionally speaking, many jobs that you are already involved in are structured in ways that deter you from doing other things that you may be interested in.
In other words, the job you are currently doing will not allow you to do any other thing because it may essentially take the most of your daytime. This is a fact and if you are still doubting how true this is, just take a few minutes to think about how occupied you are with your present job.

Busy schedules are common to everyone but it still doesn't necessitate the abandonment of your big dreams. There has to be a way out. Time will fail me if I go on to list the people that have been caught
in this web of busy schedules but I know quite a few people who have not allowed it get to them;

  • Gambiya Galadima

She is a 4th-year medical student at a Nigerian university who started writing professionally about four years ago. Starting up gave her great joy because the writing was something she was always passionate about. Tight and busy schedules was a major issue to struggle with, having to combine writing with her medical school studies.
To her, persistence is the key. She is one person that was initially so persistent to the point that even stopping becomes difficult. But with time she learnt better how to prioritize her work and study.
She published her first book, "T.I.R.E.D; A collection of prose-like poetry written by a tired medical student" which has sold huge copies since it was released for sales and is available on Amazon and other book stores. Get your copies and see for yourself.

  • Okorigwe Samuel

He is also a 2nd-year medical student at a Nigerian university. He noticed that he had keen interests in arts and drawing and paintings made him feel even more complete. So when he began his medical studies, he had often thought of how he could start. He had once met me to ask how to go about combining studies with his other passions. And though, I was no expert in that either, the only thing I could tell him was that he has to find a way to balance everything and not to give up on his passions for any reason, or give up on his studies at all.
Just like everybody who has succeeded, he has also had reasons to quit but he was able to overcome the challenges by writing down a scale of preference, allotting different times for different
He also noticed the periods of dormancy when it would appear as though he was not progressing or doing much work. He would at these times engage himself in learning new techniques and this he
said aided his improvement drastically. Here are a few of his work...[scroll right]

3. Already Satisfied With Your Current Job

any people give up on their dreams because they feel already satisfied with what they currently do. Self-satisfaction is beautiful but un-utilized and unachieved potentials are equivalent to wasted resources. They could have been given to someone who would use them positively. The spirit of complacency has resulted in many unachieved dreams and potentials and many people are caught not trying to explore, or afraid to do so because after all, they are satisfied with where they currently are.

4. Getting Stuck By The Way

Many times, you notice that you seem not to be improving in what you do. It becomes really frustrating because that's just the way stagnancy feels. I have noticed this countless times and I know
a few people who have too. I know a friend who now almost believes that they were not meant to continue because he was always getting stuck.

  • Akenuwa Benjamin

The founder of Zota World. He is a 500L medical student at a Nigerian university. Starting up was not such a big challenge but he noted that being the administrative head of the body-building centre was such a notable experience. His interests in bodybuilding became heightened after watching an American action movie many years ago. Starting up was not too difficult partly because he has nurtured high interests for the area and partly because he partnered with a friend in beginning.
Tight schedules as a student were also a major challenge and he has had many periods of dormancy as well. He hopes to put a lasting imprint on the body-building industry, even though it is one area that is so relegated.
When he experiences challenges, he would always assure himself that the challenges do not last forever, they will soon fade with time. And this, together with the development of new methods, he has been able to save his company from several tragedies.
He is currently experiencing massive growth in his bodybuilding company. Check him out on Instagram @zotaworld

The thought of giving up then comes but then it's often quite easy to handle it, especially when your passion is true to you. An inner dissatisfaction should come when you are about giving up. True passions are those you have defined and taken to heart never to let go.
When I started playing the piano, I got to a breakpoint when I really did not know what next to learn. I was not improving but I was not satisfied with my stagnant state. But whenever I decide to quit, I just realise that I can't attempt the quit successfully. Something would bring me back to my passion for the piano. That's what true passion does.

Making your big dreams come true requires a great deal of commitment and perseverance. But the constant first action is discovering them and promptly acting up to your dreams. Stay fulfilled.

Prosper Yole

I am a lifestyle blogger, I write useful articles on successful life tips and hacks. Posts bearing Prosper Yole as author are either written by the blog author himself or by our various other contributors. Thank you for reading through. I look forward to having you more often. Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter @ProsperYoleOfficial

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