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Reasons Why Finding The Right Hands For The Job Will Always Be Difficult

One of the very important tasks of an employer of labour is finding the right hands. Over the years, different criteria have been set to make selecting the best hands possible.
University degree and other qualifications are often used to select the right hands for the job. But every employer will agree with me that it is extremely difficult or almost impossible to find the right hands for the job.

Entrepreneurs are merely coordinators of the various aspects of labour. And for being coordinators, it simply means they have the guidelines of all the working processes in their brain. They are the brain behind all the operations of the firm.
That is to say, they are only employing because by so doing they make the work easier and more efficient for themselves. And besides, they cannot do everything they want to do effectively at the same time.

Employers use every means they know about to try to get the best hands for the job. In most cases, educational qualifications could be considered with greater priority over other criteria but in most other jobs, previous experience is of the essence.
Your ability to apply your knowledge to solve basic problems makes you stand out for the job. And we have many people who already distinguished themselves both in knowledge and experience, why then am I now saying it will always be difficult finding the right hands for the job?

When job interviews are advertised, the employer or the human resource management look for competence, character and resilience. By sessions of questioning, the interviewer is able to find out about these three attributes about you. Then, they are able to judge if they can employ you or leave you in the pool of other applicants that will go unemployed this time.

One major indicator of your level of competence is how confident you are. Interviewers often put confidence at the top of the requirements list. Many people have been rejected just because they showed a lily-livered attitude.

There are three major reasons why finding the right hands for the job will always be difficult and none of the reasons has anything to do with non-availability of human resources. Human resource is not always scarce, people who are competent and resilient are available.
However, these are some of the reasons why it can be really difficult to find the perfect hands for the job;

  • It would take an entrepreneurial mind to understand the professional needs of the employer. So, that means we first have to find the people with the right entrepreneurial abilities, creativity and devotion to whichever job role they are assigned. And we are aware not everyone has achieved these abilities. 
    You become indispensable when you possess these attributes. In other words, companies run after you and may even beg to employ you. This may not be the case for certain people yet, and that is because they have not been able to build their entrepreneurial acumen well enough.

    If you want to be the hot-cake, you must invest in your life considerably and also develop your thought processes two handle complex tasks. This puts you off from the larger community of job applicants to someone who is highly sought after.

  • Another reason why finding the best hands for a job will always be difficult is that the few entrepreneurially oriented minds always believe they have all it takes to head their own establishment. They would say that they do not wish to work for anyone else, they just want to be on their own and possibly employ others.
    Many people, however, would desire to be independent even when they have not built capacity enough. They have not yet acquired the personality of entrepreneurship, creativity is at minimum, even resilience is not one of their attributes, but just because they do not want to be controlled by a boss, they start announcing that they cannot work for anyone. This is a beautiful desire because the world wants more people like that. However, it becomes just some vague boastfulness if you do not start learning what it takes to be the boss now.

  • The third reason is that amongst the well-built entrepreneurs, very few of them would be ready to work for someone else. And when they do they would demand a considerably higher wage. They are sure of what services they can provide but they are not willing "throw away" their skills and abilities on a meagre wage.
    Big companies will be able to afford these experts anyway but smaller firms would strive harder to get them to no avail. The bottom line is that ultimately makes it difficult to get the best hands for the job.
Every employer of labour wants someone who can stand on their stead when they are away and they will be confident that everything will still go well. So finding the right hands does not just end at finding just anyone. It involves all steps taken to find the people who will do the job so efficiently and effectively as if the had the same mind with whoever gave them the job.

The more exact you are likely to do the job, the more the chances that you will be employed. The interview sessions are in themselves not the main indicators but employers lookout for other things that may not be the direct answers to the questions asked.
You are indispensable when you think creatively and when you have built your skills to cover wider scopes than even your education or career specifies. What stops you from doing more than you already know and living at the heights of your potentials?

Just a little while, you will be one of those right hands for the job that are highly sought after, if at all you are not already are. And then you will decide what you want, ask for higher pay(it's your world, you know) or just go out there and be your own boss?

You may say these are hypothetical and non-factual assumptions but save yourself the arguments and think bigger than you already are now. You may just be in a better position to tell the true story in the nearest future.

Prosper Yole

I am a lifestyle blogger, I write useful articles on successful life tips and hacks. Posts bearing Prosper Yole as author are either written by the blog author himself or by our various other contributors. Thank you for reading through. I look forward to having you more often. Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter @ProsperYoleOfficial

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