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What Is A Light-Year: Natural Proof That The Future Is Based On The Past

For astronomers, this is a familiar concept but it can be the strangest thing to easily decode if you have not learnt of it before now.
What do you think a light-year means? Are you probably thinking it may mean a year that is not heavy? Or a year of light? It even gets confusing when you try to decode it this way.

When scientists talk of the speed of light, they are probably referring to the fastest speed ever recorded in the history of mankind. Light is the fastest particle in the universe, based on current records, with a speed of 186,000 miles per second(300,000km/s). That's way larger than the distance between Africa and South America over the south Atlantic Ocean(about (9,853km).
The speed of light is obviously too large a unit to quantify our everyday matter.

In space, the light-year is used to measure distances because it is more convenient. The light-year is the distance that light travels in one earth year(~365 days). This distance is equivalent to 6trillion miles(9trillion kilometres). It is used to measure the distance between objects in space.

Those are minor deviations. Let us go to the main purpose of this post. No matter how fast light is, distances of planets and objects in space are astronomically large as well. Such that the farther an object is from where we are seeing its light from, the farther in the past we are seeing it from.

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For example, the sun is the closest star from the earth and when we see the sun, we are seeing it at the position is was 8.3 minutes because it takes 8.3 minutes for the light/image to reach us.
The next closest star to us is about 4.3 light-years away from the earth. That means, when we see this star today, we are actually seeing it as it was 4.3 years ago. Some of the other stars we can see at night with our bare eyes are actually thousands of light-years away from us. That means we see thousands of years into the past. Have you ever imagined that before?

A beam of light emitted by the stars gets to the earth after a very long distance measured in light-years( that is, the distance light would travel in one year as already stated). The light eventually travels through the distance and finally gets to us after many astronomical years.

Proof That The Future Is Based On What Happened In The Past

I seek to establish a natural proof that the future is based on the happenings of the past and this is getting clear already. Isn't it?
When you make an action or begin a new course, it may take a long while for it to become visible. The time it will take depends on how far apart the two points are. This distance may be measured by the level of experience you have had on the activity. The more experience you already have, the shorter the distance between now and when it will be visible in the future.

The above is referring to projects that you begin today or other acts of productivity. But on the other hand, some activities that can be marked as either right or wrong may only produce their outcomes after a very long while, this time depending on the intensity, severity or frequency of the action in the present day.

On the contrary, many occasions defy the syllogism above. The outcome of some actions, for certain unknown cosmic reasons, would take longer or shorter to fully manifest. We simply ascribe these to fate or favour. But in the end, we all agree that no matter how long it would take, the light from the sun reaches the earth. And the light from the other more distant stars was emitted about some thousands of years ago.

When you see a successful person, to understand how they became successful, you must focus more on how the beginning was and when it was. It may probably be some decades ago.
Many people still erroneously think they can just do anything overnight. This is folly in itself. Even God our creator has set a process for everything, you need to follow the process to achieve it.

The quest for short-cuts has led many people in early graves or to regrets at the later time. No successful person made it overnight. They started working out their way little by little until they got to where they are now.

It Begins From The Inside

The light the stars emit started inside them as combustible chemical reactions between the gases within them. Hydrogen and other elemental gases react to produce high energy radiations that are emitted as light at the same speed of light. These then travel away. We see them when they light ray finally hit our eyes.
The greatness you will emit in the shortest possible time from now must begin from within you. Those thoughts that well on within your mind are the blueprints for the greatness of tomorrow. And if you probably think you don't need to engage your mind more, then you should also believe that it is not normally possible to shoot out overnight without some internal and external works. Only that the external only follows the internal thoughts and decisions and planning and ideas.

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