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Aliens From Love Planet Now Walk Amongst Us: After You Loved Once, Never Love Again?

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I stumbled across a movie titled "I Am Number Four" and there was something that caught my attention. A different breed of humans with superpowers and complex emotional personalities, the latter of which is more captivating. They called their planet "Lorien" which was currently under attack by invaders.
"We only fall in love with one person in our lifetime", one of the Lorienians said in the movie. But after hearing this, I wondered how true that could be in real life. It is fiction anyway, so I wouldn't expect the most factual situation.
But before I ruled out this assumptive statement as false or not factual at all, I had a flash of memory about one of my senior friends who displayed an attitude that made me now think he shared the Lorienian belief of love; having to love only one person in their entire life.

My friend narrated to me how vivid he remembered the memories he shared with his first love, the first girl he actually loved. He already had consent from everyone around her, even her parents are ready to let him have their daughter but one thing was left unanswered to. The girl simply does not seem to love him as he did love her. This is not so unusual anyway but it was proving too difficult for him to deal with.
After about 6 years, he still had the guts to say that he still loved the girl and that if she changes her mind now to fully accept him, he could get back with her no matter what wrongs she may have committed within this period. But Let's answer this question together, Is he a Lorienian too?

Only Lorienians Love Only One Person In Their Lifetime

I've had to write a post to prove that we fall in love with only three people in our lifetime. But this time, I'm pleased to announce to you that Lorienians now walk amongst us. You may not have noticed that because they are not quite violent aliens, don't you think so?

There are countless people that have also displayed that it is almost impossible for them to let go of a long lost relationship. I would not argue with anyone that getting over a break up is all that easy, trust me, I've been through that too. But it must only be a Lorien-acquired ability to decide never to love anyone else ever again for someone who does not even care.

Whether to say we can love only one person in our lifetime or not, is beyond what is considered real but learning to stay committed to one person is what truly counts.
Finding love again can be difficult after a series of breakups but giving yourself the false assurance that you can never fully love again is also very non-factual. Memories shared in time past with someone we once loved can be so haunting but we hope that time heals all that too.
Whether the feelings remain there forever or not, there is always a time to let go of whatever they are to one's best efforts.
A wise woman once said to not cry over spilt milk but I'd subtly modify it that "you can cry over the spilt milk but you must know when to stop crying".

Attraction May Still Linger But You Must Define Your Love?

When it comes to movies, I am not the most up-to-date but there is yet another movie I must mention. These fictional movies seem to have some inference we can draw from, don't you think so too?

"Okafor's Law", a Nigerian based Nollywood movie, tried to emphasize that memories of some past affairs can still trigger some attractions and an irresistible desire to repeat the whole exercise again when presented with another opportunity. This movie described that it is as easy as a piece of cake when a guy who has had an affair with a lady tries to get her again even when she is already committed to another person.
In reality, however, this purported law has been proven in many occasions like it was in the movie but that simply makes me believe that Lorenians now walk amongst us, people who have refused to define where their love should lie at the moment. Love is an emotion but much more than that, it is a commitment.
If you say it is an impossible task to let go of some past love and never to love again, then you are giving room for them to come back into your life and ruin it again.

I Will Stick By You; That's Only For Your Spouse

When the Lorienian hero in the movie I Am Number Four, said the words "We only fall in love with one person in our lifetime" to his human girlfriend, he was trying to let him know that no matter where he goes, he has no choice but to come back for her.
In affirmation, she replied, "I will be right here waiting for you". It is important to know that at a point in our lives, we must learn to act the Lorienian way. To someone who is committed to you, your spouse that you have married, let your love and all commitment be invested on them and you must learn to retrieve the parts of your love that are still with the undeserving people that were once in your life.
Even in marriage, the commitment should continue to remain, so that no other person shares the love you have for your spouse.
That brings us to the very beginning, "Aliens from love planet now walk amongst us". These Lorienians will never learn to move their love away from someone that does not deserve it.

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