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4 Types Of Guys You Must Avoid For Dating

People often say women are the problem of the world. That would not be a hundred per cent correct.
But if I say otherwise, that men are, a futile cycle of endless debates ensues until everyone agrees that we all have a role to play.
Earlier I wrote about three types of women you must avoid for dating, but I felt like making this separate post on the four types of guys you must avoid for dating as a lady.

At the beginning of the complex emotional life of people through adolescence, females are usually more defensive and protective of themselves. They are more careful who they let into their lives for very obvious reasons. Everyone expects the ladies to be able to protect themselves from the intrusions of men into their emotional and sexual lives. And this they grossly succeed at to some very varying extents.

But close to the period when they become fully ready for marriage, they become more open to some high risks behaviours in an attempt to give some guy a chance for love. These may sometimes end in pain and agony but they have had a fair share of the lessons they have learnt.
They would soon realise that love is more than just some feelings that make you do the craziest things of your life.

But it is a fact that if a woman wants a good home and family, she not only needs to work on herself but also wants a man who shares the same vision with you.
There are a lot of things that every man need to possess at a minimum. No one is perfect, at least not yet, but some of these things are pertinent to have. The beauty of life, however, is that there is always time to work on your deficiencies no matter what.
As usual, the list is never exhaustive but suffice me to give only these four;

1. One Who Is Not Honest

Honesty is a virtue that must be coveted. I already talked a lot about honesty in this post. Honesty is not just about saying the truth, it is about acting the truth, and letting truthfulness be your lifestyle.
There is a belief that men must not say "all the truth" to their women so as to prevent some unwarranted reactions from them. I do not fault this belief in this post but one thing that is worth noting is that, beyond just saying the truth or not, every good man must learn to act the truth as a lifestyle.

2. A Man Who Does Not Have Plans

Starting up a life can be difficult for a man with the ever-increasing demand in a struggling economy. Not having plans for the future means that you have lost hope in the future.
Where you are may not be the best place you desire for your life at the moment, but a man who knows where he is going to has a higher chance of getting there than one who does not.

3. One Who Believes In Luck Over Work

To some people, luck exists. To others, opportunities come but they do not equate luck. It is absolutely childish to sit down somewhere, fold your arms and expect some luck to locate you. A man who so wishes to do nothing while the time flies away should be avoided by all standards.

4. A Man Who Have Excuses For Everything

One of the sweetest things ever is having the right excuse for the right failure, trust me. It's sweet because it gives you a reason not to worry, but with the grave consequence of denying you the right to advance.
Circumstances really exist in the world that may add up to decrease your efficiency, but being a man is not a job for someone who creates excuses for everything. After all, your wife and children and other dependants would not feed on your excuses, would they?

When you find a man who has the has overcome the above attributes, you can be sure to be in safe hands as a woman who is ready for marriage. You might still have some other criteria that you'd personally consider but these are really fundamental and must be looked out for.

This is intended to create a greater sense of responsibility and not for the purpose of destroying relationship goals for anyone.
I really did not know why exactly I had to give four attributes instead of three for the women but there may be some justifications anyways.

Prosper Yole

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