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Push It Away, If It Belongs To You It Will Come Right Back

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Throw a stone into the sky, it will fall back to you. This is a universal statement backed by physical laws and principles. But there is this one here that I thought I should analyse a little. "What you love, let it go and it will come back to you if it is for you".
So many people have made this same remark in different ways. Many witnesses, with the same evidence, make a word true but would that apply for this case? You will soon find out.

When people are in love with each other, their first periods together are always very rosy with little or no issues yet. But just after some time together, familiarity begins to set in. Everyone says they want to be close, they want to feel familiar but just when it really gets interesting, they would forget that 'familiarity also breeds contempt'. 
As events unroll, one or both partners begin to realise that at this point, there is a need to validate the partner if he or she truly loves them. With loads of funny events lately, it will not be so surprising to begin noticing some doubts in you as to whether or not, your partner is meant for you.

What Truly Loves You Comes Back To You

One of the ways guys tests if a lady is theirs is by not holding back their truest natures. Love may come handy with a bit of pretence and it is a great sacrifice to let go of who you truly are because you truly love someone. But on a second thought that comes sometime later, you realise that there is a need for your partner to know your bad sides especially now that you are committed to spending your life with them.

Your partner now finds ways to open up some of the things they are capable of. And indeed, this is a necessary step. 
But sometime, you may become so confused that you don't know how else to validate your upcoming union except by doing some crazy things just to test him/her. You really want to be sure they are the right person for you. 

Trials by different people have confirmed this claim and I also have some little experience on this too. At least, someone would return my shoe when they know it belonged to me. But this analogy with my own experience may not be what it really is in reality though.

How Advisable Is It To Push Some Away

If you truly love someone, you would not want to push them away. Love in itself, like the way we all know it now, is often very fleeting and can disappear in a split second. But that additional commitment to love someone come what may is what makes love true.

I have heard of very grave things that some guys did to the woman in their life at that moment just in a bid to prove if she really does love him. I can categorically say that everyone does something to test their partner in their own small ways but let's see what follows.

It Is Highly Effective Though

People who pushed out people from their lives share one thing in common. If what they let go returns, they can be sure it belonged to them truly and the reverse is the case when it fails to return.
This method remains one of the primitive methods that human uses to evaluate the status of their relationships with other people around them. But then, which other method is available out there? Therefore, it still remains the mainstay in these times.

It comes in different forms but it is largely effective, at least, so I was made to believe from some of my own experiences and those of others.

Everyone Now Knows, Will It Still Work?

Now that everyone already knows they can be tested by their partner at different times, we expect that they are better armed to deal with such situations where it becomes really undesirable. One would question, how do you know if he or she is overcoming all the challenges you deliberately pose just because they know you might be doing that to test them?
Well, that may just be only rhetorical. Care to answer anyways? But for all I remember, it does not look like anything stopped working, this inclusive.

The Pitfall; Am I Being Tested?

Many times when you think about the actions and some words of your partner lately, you begin to imagine if you are being put to a test. 
People can be really patient when they are made to believe it will only last for a while, after which it will become a whole lot rosier. But they would become terribly disappointed when they see their expectations not coming anywhere close.
The thought that you are probably only being tested can obscure your perception of the reality, being forced to believe that all will be well again when you should, in fact, take to your heels. Let me end this here.

To Hell With All That, She Was Just Upset

We say love is blind, but permit me to also add that love is foolish. I do not mean this in any negative way, love is actually beautiful. But this makes me remember the words of one of my teachers who very rightly remarked, "Do not marry someone from your heart, marry from your head. Because the heart can fail, cease but the head controls the heart too".
When you are in love, everything is good no matter what it is. You tested him or her and she failed your test, but then, you are forced to excuse it away when they come back to you remorsefully saying they are sorry. 
The above therefore posits that our own tests about someone else or our own lives are subject to our own ultimate decisions. But as far as I know, what comes back to you after a period of abnormal glitches is meant to stay.

A Little Recommendation

We sometimes deliberately lead the coup that will reveal if someone would stay or not. But have we thought of something this important? What if? What if, they are also pushing you away at the same time that you are pushing them away to test them? You'd simply just admit that you are not meant for each other and you may not be wrong to so conclude. 
But time and experience have shown me that there are already enough problems to worry about as people become closer than to try to synthesize new ones. 

So as you experiment the principle of what loves truly comes back to you, also remember that you are also being experimented with. A principle so confirmed that it remains one sure method to confirm or refute relationships, it has become as true as any of those physical laws themselves. 

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