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Resolves That Dissolves: New Year Resolutions That Ends Up Forgotten

I am publishing this post on the 1st day of January of the new year, 2020 because I know how much preparations people make when it is new phases in their lives. The yearly cycle of 365 days naturally sets a phase-change for everyone on the planet.
Everyone has learnt to make new plans and resolutions every new year. But one thing everyone has complained of the futility of the plans and resolutions they may have made for the new year.
Resolves and resolutions are the necessary first steps for achieving a better new year but the fact that they would always run into futility makes it necessary to x-ray some of the reasons why this happens.

What are the reasons why resolves end up in 'dissolve' most of the times? These are the hidden reasons why resolutions are not actualised by the end of the day.
Resolutions are in categories if you'd ask, including resolutions of attitudes, morals, spirituality, finances, economics, etc.
The year is just a few hundred days, 365 quarter days precisely, but everyone gets so tired by the end of every year that they just pray for the new year to come up as fast as possible.
This experience may be explained by a hyperbolic curve that initially rises, gets to a peak and later begins to fall by the end of the year. What could be responsible for this decline? Resolutions are long forgotten by this time and one would wonder if they were ever made.

Reasons Resolutions End As Dissolutions

Here are some of the reasons why resolutions end up not getting actualised;

  • Making Decisions In 'The Joy Of The Moment' Only

    99% of times, people would always regret the hasty decisions they made when they are happy a few minutes after the joy is over. This becomes one of the strongest reasons why resolutions end in futility. It takes serious discipline to be able to hold back your self from deciding erroneously when you are overjoyed.
    One other category of things that are affected by overjoy is that act of making promises that end up not being fulfilled.

  • Not Taking Notes Or Documenting Resolutions

    Note-taking can be really life-saving when it comes to remembering facts. Important decisions should be noted down. In addition to helping you remember, Note-taking has an additional advantage of adding force to the execution of the decision.

  • Not Taking Time To Ruminate On Them

    Meditation makes even the most remote mental pictures to become more real. By carefully and constantly thinking about your ideas and resolutions, they become more realizable.

  • Ignoring Old Foundations

    Many times, some old decisions and resolutions you discard as useless may actually serve as building blocks for newer ones. Many people totally consider old decisions and plans as obsolete and they end up starting a new journey when they may have actually covered some distance already.
    The best approach has always been looking well into the past and modifying what should be modified, keeping the good ideas and discarding the wrong ones. The end of the year should be a time for examining one's plans and actions for the year and finding ways to right every wrong and re-establish the good plans. Now that it is a new year, it is not too late to sit down and plan with the past in mind.

  • Not Learning From The Past

    Resolutions that you made the previous year were not fulfilled the way you planned them because there were probably some impediments by the way. Ultimately, looking deep into your past will help you know more reasons why your resolutions were not successfully implemented. By then, you would be able to update this post I believe.

  • Choosing Indiscipline

    It takes discipline to adhere to many of the resolutions you would make. At varying points, your discipline may become challenging, but the right response is to find ways to overcome the challenges and let your resolutions triumph over them. But what we see is people who make excuses for their inability to stand up to the challenges facing their resolves and resolutions. "After all, it is not the end of life; this is one of the common deceitful excuses against our resolutions."
Every year, at exactly the beginning of the year, posts like this circulate. It's not as if there is no a lot of them already but I have reasoned that by understanding why your resolutions failed, you can better work on yourself and make it work the next time.
Making very great resolutions that run into forgetfulness is equivalent to not having resolutions in the first place. Therefore, it is important that you know how to make them and letting them come to fruition. It gives joy indeed to see your plans and resolutions taking actions in you and your endeavours. indeed, it does.

Prosper Yole

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