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Things The Greatest Men Practice That Makes Them Champions - The Ants' Story

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Laziness, like what I always say is not weakness. When strength or weakness is being discussed, the ability to do a certain task or overcome a fight is often the criteria adopted. But the very most important factor that separates strength from weakness is not just the ability to carry out that particular task, say weight lifting for instance.
Bravery is the number one factor that sets the strong apart from the weak and you will soon find out how. Let me begin with a short story.

Ants are known for their incredible abilities to do some tasks that we consider advanced in relation to their primitive state.  They gather their food in season, store them for future use. Their lifestyle is intriguing and I couldn't help but keep staring at one the other day. With the way they frantically worked, it was just difficult to remove my gaze from them.
But what I noticed that day was a thing some few humans already do and I think it is central to their success in solving many of our personal problems.

The small restless ant had encountered an obstacle that gives them joy. Colliding head-on with a piece of food is not a fatal accident to them, it is in fact, a life-saving encounter. 
So after this encounter, it was time for it to secure the new-found resource to their storage chambers. I immediately knew it was going to call for help because the load seems bigger than its own body size and dimensions. But when I looked some radius around, I found that their colony was not too far from there. So it could just run back to call them.
But to my own surprise, the little ant began battling with the piece of cake, trying to lift it up in a bid to take it back home. It lifted it and walked some few millimetres, then it dropped. Thereafter, he ran about to find a neighbour close by. It repeated this cycle of carrying the cake and dropping again to find help.
"Help! Help!, he shouted", as he approached four other ants 'a few yards' away from where he last dropped the food, who helped take the food back home.

Such a simple story but it was able to put me in a bewildered state of pondering over what why it was acting that way but I learnt some lessons indeed and it reveals some things that the greatest men practices that make them the champions in their productivity.

Strong People Do Not Give Up Too Early

Many times, we give up too easily if at all we should. "You can never know your strength if you fail to make an attempt". When you see a task just before you, you can only display how strong you are when you are first brave enough to attempt it.
Many strong people, I mean in terms of their ability to do a certain task, are left in the den of laziness because they do not first realize that they can do it.
The first thing you need to know to accomplish any feat is to understand that your will to overcome is even more important than the strength itself.
Your full potentials are unleashed when you constantly put your abilities into actions and that is why I always say that "Lazy people are those who have succumbed to the forces of discouragement, weakness and loss of interest in the task that they are meant to do. Strong people also get tired but they realize that the point when they get tired is not the limit of their strength. So they keep pushing on."

Creative People Do Not Ask For Help Too Quickly

Anyone who says they do not need help at some point will be committing a very grave mistake but there are reasons why some people do not want your help even when they need it.
It gives a big advantage when you ask for help, guides and instructions for your new challenges and I am not against calling for help. But sometimes we are too quick to ask someone to 'just do the job for us'. Get this clear. This is not as if you are looking for instructions to do it yourself, but that you just don't want to do it yourself anymore. It's like you have just given up after no attempts at all.

Some of the world's most creative people are those who told themselves they can it by themselves. After seeking the know-how's, they think they are ready to go on with it. It does not come so easily but they know that along the way they learn more that way than when they keep telling someone to do it for them. A word of encouragement is you won't always have people around you as there are times when you will be required to face it all by yourself. So building up your self that way will be largely worth it.

Concern For Humanity

There are very few motivations in this world and by far one of the biggest motivation is the concern for humanity. Some of the world's greatest and wealthiest, if you so include, are those who are given to helping humanity even before they made it to the top.
Having a streamlined need to be useful only to your immediate company of friends and family is not just a selfish desire but it can greatly limit how you think about things.

That little ant could have just selfishly hidden the cake in some bush close by, but you know the winter won't favour him that way.

Decision To Take Risks

Risk-taking is one thing that has divided expansively between those who achieved their plans and those who did not. A big task ahead of you requires that you summon the courage to venture in. The act of attempting is very often a big risk most of the time but what you do not attempt, you do not actually know.
I draw all syllogisms from the little ant and it is not hard to believe that attempting to lift the cake just before it is an act that could cause a fracture of it's jointed but brittle arms.

Calling The Task A Piece Of Cake

No matter how heavy the cake was to the ant, it first called it an ordinary piece of cake in its mind. No matter how daunting a task is, you only actually succeed at it when you first believe that you can surmount it. But only you can tell yourself to believe.
Calling the task a piece of cake in this context is not under-estimating it. There is a big difference from that. It is the mindset that you can do it no matter how difficult it is, looks or seems. when you underestimate a task, you often end up not succeeding the way you should because you find yourself putting lesser efforts than required.

Great People Learn Not To Let Opportunities Slip Through Their Fingers

The ant knew that if it left the cake without anyone guarding it, another person who laters discovers it would have taken it away before he returns or at least, would content with him so strongly for it. So he learns to find a way to do the job bit by bit as he simultaneously calls for help.

The ants' story is one I could not hold back from telling. Though primitive, have some structures even we could learn from. Think about these things. But don't forget to drop your comments below.

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