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3 Types Of Women You Must Avoid For Dating

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When it comes to issues of dating before marriage, two divergent schools of thoughts exist. One declaring that dating is not a necessary prerequisite for marriage while the other emphatically preaches that dating is a part of every successful marriage.
In one of my previous posts, I tried to whisper the importance of dating, pointing out the opposition it currently faces by a few elderly elites.

Whenever I writing a post of this kind, I always have the thoughts of directing the message for both genders. Everyone needs to hear their own parts of the story and that is what I try to do in these write-ups. But in this episode, I am going to write a separate post on four types of guys you should never date.

Everyone has what attracts them to the opposite sex, but after that, there are myriad of things that sustain the attraction for different people. I aim to expose you to three things to look out for in a woman you are interested in before you go on to a committed date.
These are things you may already have known but there is never a time it becomes too much to hear again, is there?
Just less than a month ago, I read a book on dating and relationship and one important thing the author talked about dating was that dating is just an act in itself. It does not always end up in commitment and marriage.
You would say it is an all or none situation, where it is either successful or not. But in any case, there is usually a desire to advance the relationship to a higher level by one or both parties involved. Therefore, there is a need to define what you want from the onset even before you go on to confirm or refute how suitable the person is for you.
What are the three types of women every good guy must avoid for dating? We will soon take a look at them.

I have heard people talk about how disgusting the attitudes of the ladies they are interested in are. Sometimes, your own criteria for a long-standing partner and attributes that you personally covet are totally absent in the lady you are most attracted to. Then, you begin to ask whether or not you should continue or call it quit. But just before then, what is the extent must you look out for in a lady that is of utmost importance?

Sometimes, certain evil reports from other people deter some guys from pursuing the girl of their dreams. This goes on to re-emphasize that everyone has what attracts them or what they can tolerate.
But beyond attractions or what others say about the person you are interested in, here are three things you must watch out for at the onset. The list is not exhaustive;

1. Not Willing To Learn:

I rank this as one of the most important attributes. Most of the times, it is not about the perfectness of a person that makes them worth sticking with. In short, no one is yet perfect but one of the most beautiful attributes when it comes to perfection is the willingness to change and modify undesirable behaviours.
I have met women who would say whoever loves them should take them the way they are. This is a good assumption but it defies the permanence of change. Change is always a constant, and anyone who is not willing to change is one who is perfect already. One of the best women you will find out there are those who are willing to change when you make them understand where they get it wrong sometimes.

2. Not Submissive:

In the world where feminism is on the increase, we are beginning to see a breed of women who thinks they can rank equally with husbands in the home. I often see submission it as a two-sided thing, the man should submit as well as the woman.
One of the ways to know if a woman is submissive is how they respond to your decision when it seems contrary to theirs. A woman that submits to you displays the attitude of openness to you.
Openness is a vulnerable state to them anyway, therefore they must be careful just in case a dangerous guy wants to exploit them and destructively bend them against their own will.

Submission is a product of trust and for both parties, you need a person who thinks the same way and trusts you enough to let go of themselves for you sometimes. Submission should be from both sides as I have mentioned previously.

3. Not Honest:

Honesty is a virtue that must be coveted. The beautiful thing is that no matter how much one is good at covering up lies, honesty is easily revealed. It is more than just the words that come from your mouth, it is a lifestyle in totality.
If you find a lady that you are interested and she is honest with you, you should not be too afraid to take it to the next level.

There are so many other things to look out for, but these three are of paramount importance.
When most guys are interested in a woman, they would often find things about her from her friends and people close to her.

A majority of the times, their informants would tell them the worst-case scenario so they can know what the girl is capable of. I've had to see guys who back out simply because they heard some bad reports about the girl they are interested in without actually coming close to know them in person.
Just before you run off, you should be ready to check out the above criteria first.
As far as the first point is concerned, I find it very important because finding a perfect "human" is practically impossible, at least at these phases of our lives, but finding someone who truly understands that they are not perfect but are open to correction and change is a rarity that must be considered worth more than rubies in this world.
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