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What Attracts You To A Woman? Everyone Has What Moves Them

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Attraction! Indeed one of the most powerful laws in the universe. It is the law that causes magnetism, the law that holds the world in position. At some point, I was able to know that the force of attraction also exists between the earth, the sun and other planets to keep them in orbit.
When you throw an object up, it falls down towards the centre of the earth. Thus, gravity is a demonstration of a force of attraction.
But wait! This law is extrapolated into other areas of life, including those that have to do with inter-relationship amongst members of the opposite sex.

Permit me to spew some filth a little. I am going to reveal when someone asked me about what attracts me to a lady some years back. By this, he was inferring some curvy looks or bulging forward protrusions or backward prominences, some fair-to-behold complexions, or some specially styled lips and brows, etc. Truth be told, if you are a man, you will agree that a myriad of features is capable of attracting a man to a lady.
Ladies also have the parameters that they use to place guys on their suitable position on the scale from most attractive to the least attractive.

What are some features that attract guys to women really?

I have once heard someone say that he could die for some greatly-sized bosoms, others prefer otherwise. The points of attraction are numerously distributed amongst different people. But when I was posed with the question, I didn't know what to say first.

What really attracts you to a woman or a guy? Those body features? You say yes to the latter question? I'd say you have well said. True, some physical features may create a first point of attraction but it does not end there ultimately.

Another thing I have found out is that there may be more things that attract a guy to a lady than just one physical body structure. Hence, there is the tendency to become confused when the decision on who you finally stick with is to be made, especially when all the parameters are based on some physical body structures/parts.

There are other more potent attractive forces that make a union more coherent over time. Hence, the need to answer the question carefully without haste "what truly attracts you?". 
One small thing I know about attraction is that they are often transient. That is to say that there is something else required to keep a union of attraction stable. These new parameters go beyond just some physical features which serve only to close up the distance.

Some men have argued that character is more important than beauty but what they define "character" to involve many criteria ranging from submission, obedience, respectful attitude, home-keeping abilities, interaction with other people, and so on. body A number of women would place love and care over all other features, with the ability to cater to their financial and emotional needs ranking almost in the same position.
Women are also interested in some of those body features too, and a few of them could do anything to get the man who has their desired features.
But ultimately, everyone gets to find out what is going to keep them attracted to each other. Surprisingly, it may not be those feminine curves or the rigid masculine body builds. These may be important in establishing a point for close interaction and union but what ultimately consolidates the union is really far beyond just that.

It is not within the scope of this post to say what your ultimate attractive force is, but just to highlight that there is something more than just looks and affluence. I beg to take my leave now hoping that you will know what truly moves you someday if you have not already found out.

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