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When All Other Tests Fails, Time Remains The Ultimate Test Of Things

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Time is a universal quantity that gives the impression of the period of the day. It divides the day into morning, noon and night but even more to that, it governs the behaviour of everyone on the planet. People go to bed at night and would be penalised if they do not wake up in the morning.
The element of time also affects even some of the major body functions, like sleep and wake, hormone secretions, and growth.

But among some of these imports of time is one yet very important function of time. Time is also a universal test of the quality of things.
When people buy certain items, one index of measuring good quality is by how durable the item is or would be. In short, time is one of the greatest tests of reliability, durability, truthfulness, faithfulness, integrity, honesty and even love.

I was accosted by a friend a few years back and guess what he said. "Hey, I give you a few years down the line and you would have changed many of your good habits by then". I looked without saying a word, smiled warmly but I thought deeply about the statement even thereafter.
As I wandered about in my thoughts, I discovered there are many people who have changed in the course of time. Of course, the friend was right and there was evidence all around me.
Now, after these years, I am not the same person as I was then. Many things have really changed about me.
"Time" comes with some noticeable changes in everyone but in this post, I will be talking about some usefulness of time in testing the verity of things.

Time And Decision Making

Making decisions can sometimes be very demanding and difficult. Certain decisions have a long-lasting effect after they are made.
I noticed that some of the decisions made hastily often had grave consequences. When people are overjoyed, they may erroneously jump into conclusions or make wrong decisions.
Allowing yourself some time to think each time you need to make a decision will save you a hundred years of erroneous decisions.

Time, Love And Dating Relationships

Falling in love is one of the things I consider most pleasurable. But it is also one of the most transient feelings ever. People fall in love for different reasons and then, they soon realize what they called love is not there no more.
The feeling that you are loved by someone can give you periods of over-intense emotions which oftentimes cloud the judgments of people. Time is one sure way of testing out how true your love is for that person or how much they really do love you too. Therefore, suddenly taking decisions that border on love and affection would most likely lead into a ditch.
Time will always reveal the strength of our love for people, the true purpose of our relationship with people and the impact of our commitments to people. When there is no commitment, any relationship is doomed to fail but only time gives you the objective way of accessing how committed you or your partner is towards your relationship with each other.

Time And Your Unfavourable Conditions

Depression is one of the leading causes of suicides in the world. At the top of the known triggers of depression is the inability to deal with unfavourable conditions. The lost hope feeling that arises when conditions are not abating despite the efforts you have put into them have the tendency is largely a thing of the moment.
You are not satisfied with the unfavourable condition that lingers on, I know that but there is yet one thing you need to do, "give it time". Understanding that someday it is going to get better than the way it is at the moment is very key in enhancing your output into life. Time is what makes the difference between the past of all of the world's greatest people and who they are today. So, just before you give up, remember time comes with a change you will be glad you witnessed.

Time And Expectations

Have you ever waited so long for a promise or an expectation? Yes, I have had to completely forget about some promises I received because they were not forth-coming. The expectations you have can really be so obscured especially when the outcome has to come from other people. But just like the way it is for unfavourable conditions, you must learn to keep being expectant when it involves just you and no one else.
The latter category of expectations above requires your thorough input and patience. Therefore, you must ensure that you keep doing your best.

Time And Good Habits

I have shared a glimpse of this already. Behaviours change as we see more of life or get older. Change is inevitable with time but you must always ensure that you are experiencing a positive change and not the reverse. If there are good habits that have slipped through your fingers, it is time to bring them back.
In order to most positively harness the influence of time on habits, you must always bear the need to effect positive change in habits above imbibing wrong ones over the course of time.

They say "the patient dog eats the fattest bone", and some others have also put it that "the smartest dog eats the biggest fleshy parts". But whatever be the case, there is much emphasis on patients and continual dedication as you wait for time to unfold one of its greatest magic.

In essence, every important decision needs more time. For example, you want to respond to a business offer, or travel for a proposal, or enter into a committed marital relationship, you deserve some time to think it through. The highlights are as follows;
  • 1. When you are tired of your current situation, patiently give it more time.
  • 2. You are worried about your future, proactively give it time.
  • 3. You want to get committed with a man or woman, diligently give it time.
  • 4. Or you are waiting for a promise or an expectation, joyfully stay patient.
 As far as relationships are concerned, I will always that there is a need to study your potential partner for some time before you get committed. Over time, I learnt to control my emotions even when there is a feeling of euphoria or over-joy because making decisions at such times often proved disastrous.
And very finally, as you await your expectations, never forget to do one thing at every time because time has a way of making that little thing big when its time comes.

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