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6 Signs That You Are Living In The Past

Relics of the past; Source: pixabay
The past of the period of our life that have gone behind us. The immediate yesterday is a "past" but when I refer to the past in this context, I am referring to the very distant past. Once, you were a child and then became older to pass through the teen ages. You are either a teenager, an adult or the elderly. There is a timescale that delineates between these age groups but one of the very debatable age limits is what point an adolescent or teen becomes an adult. This is somewhere between 16 or 18 years in many countries of the world.

But beyond just the changes in age and age group, there also come some drastic changes in many parameters of anyone's life. That includes one's sexual development, emotional attachments, financial status, sociocultural indices, relationships and friends, dependencies, the list is just too inexhaustive. After all, we all know that age is a constant phenomenon.

These changes come so much so that the past seems somewhat more interesting. This is a feeling everyone has and hence the phrase we all use, "those good old days". However, the mere transient memories of the past and some of the good elements in it is not the problem but many people are actually living based on those experiences as if they want to relive the past in the present.
A good question for you will be "did you know that your past would be so interesting before you lived in it?"

Personally, some weather conditions kinda remind me of some past times and it gives me a sweet memory. I can bet everyone has something they remember from the past. But it is important to live in the present because you wouldn't know it now but the present is what becomes another good past in the future. In other words, even this present that you may not consider so interesting will someday become a reference for joyful emotions.
It goes on to prove that humans are generally opposed to change, never totally letting go of the remnants of the past.

Living in the past can be detrimental to your progress and can drastically affect many areas of your life without your knowledge. It robs you of enjoying and maximizing your present, and this translates into decreased productivity for the future.

How do you know that you are living in the past? These are tell-tale signs that you are living in the past.
  1. You are more interested in the past
  2. You are not willing to let go of relics from the past
  3. You are not ready to forgive
  4. You hate modern technology
  5. You are scared to change locations
  6. You believe you already know it all

More Interested In The Past

There are people that believe more in the past. They just wish they can repeat the lifestyles of the past, they just want the past to come to the present. They do not even see the need for further changes in the future. This is a clear sign that they are not living their best life in the present.

Not Willing To Let Go Of Relics From The Past

People who are living in the past are unwilling to let go of old properties that are spoilt. It is normal to become attached to some of your properties over time but not willing to discard them even after they are bad is a sign that you are living in the past. This can be detrimental to your ability to see new opportunities. For example, willingness to let go of some of those objects can open the way to the realization that some of them can serve as useful raw materials.

Not Ready To Forgive

Living in the past also makes you think that some of your failures are due to some mistakes in the past. You do not forgive yourself easily and then you end up stuck in the failures that should have been only part of the process.
These people also do not forgive others over wrongs done over many years ago.

Hate Modern Technology

Technology is fast advancing but many people still live in the past where they still see new technologies as wrong inventions. Some of them are not even willing to learn about the new technologies claiming that the ones they used then were the most ideal and perfect ever. What can be so full of disadvantages than having someone who would not harness the power of new inventions?

Scared To Change Locations

People that live in the past are usually scared of changing location because they feel they would not be able to deal with the nostalgia that may be associated with a change of environment. They are afraid of travels and would prefer to live and die where they have always been.

Believes You Already Know It All

This applies to that of hating modern technology. They believe that they already had the best in their old times and are never ready to accept new information and skills. They would, however, prefer to hone their primitive knowledge even when it appears outdated in the face of newer generation information.

Living in the past is a life of backwardness and retrogression. The most successful people are people who look to the future as hopeful and more promising. It may look like a normal, benign thing to live in the past but it is not as benign as that. Living in the past reflects in many aspects of your life even unknowingly to you.

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