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Don't Let Your Limitations Define You

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do".
John Wooden

If you were to know everything, you would not need to learn anymore. It is not as if it is impossible to know everything in the world but that will not be realistic because there is hardly ever enough time to learn and acquire all the skills in the world, not even in your own niche. Your brain has the capacity to take as much information but the major problem is you would need more than a thousand years to fully learn all that.

Many people failed not because they do not have what it takes but because they have focused more on what they could not do. 
They speculate in advance that they cannot make it even before they attempt anything at all.

"I know I am no match for the job because I lack the skills", they would say to themselves. They do not even think about the advantageous skills that they already hone. They are like pessimists who will always see the bad sides of things.
It may seem vague to you yet but there are countless people who have just given up on themselves and their capacity to impact the world because they see their limitations too much.
This is similar to my previous post on how making attempts makes people become champions.
Read the story below, it should make it clearer.

There was an insane vagabond who has remained so for nearly more than three decades. Apart from his daily job of picking up waste food to eat and some to litter around, he would get a piece of discarded chalk and would attempt to spell the word "book" but would always miss out one letter.
Every attempt gave a different variant of the word, like "boak", "baok", "boek", "bokk", and so on. Why was it so difficult to get the wrongly spelt letter in the word?
Then rumours started carrying it that a spell of madness was cast on him some time ago by an ancient witch for trying to steal a sacred book, but that the spell would be lifted if/when he finally gets the right spelling of "book".

People would always have something to say about the things you cannot do. They would emphasize your limitations to the extent that you could be pushed to let the limitations stop you.

Some would say, "he is poor because he has no formal education". Sound reasoning, hm? But when did formal education only, become the determinant for your self-fulfilment?
It would be a different thing, when you finally acquired your degrees, probably poor because he is handicapped on one finger.
There are many physical limitations that many people have capitalized upon to remain static all through life, whereas, those who have learnt to see beyond those limits are making exploits still.

If peradventure, the vagabond has heard what people say about him for not being able to spell the "book" correctly, he would remain stuck all his life attempting to spell the same word. Thus, focusing so much on his limitations, and not realising that there are other ways to get the freedom he seeks. That is what I am trying to say.

As far as life is concerned, what you need to succeed and stay satisfied is already within you.
In as much as you try to meet up to varying standards dictated people and firms and organizations about what you can do or cannot do, you must never get caught up in the web of accepting that you achieve much because you keep spelling "book" incorrectly.

There are many things you are capable of, and what should truly define the 'successful' you, is how much of the things you can do so excellently. Acquiring new skills that you couldn't do before is a gold-standard but accepting that your life cannot amount to much because of that you cannot do is totally erroneous and that is what I am here to eradicate.

And in John Wooden's words, do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do and achieve. Therefore, you must know that you are beyond what you cannot do. There is time to learn as much as you can but if you ever think you can know everything before you succeed, then you are planning to never be successful.

In other words, you do not have to be a professional, a doctor, a lawyer, or the likes before you achieve your dream

Prosper Yole

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