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How To Know That You Are A Smart Person

Smart people,

The story of the two slaves who the master loved unequally
In a fight for conquest, never to give up
Then the master gives clues to the one he loves more
To the detriment of the other other
But that was enough to reveal how smart he was

When it comes to how smart a person is, people have different criteria to arrive at that conclusion. Almost every time, we hear people access us or some others as being smart and we wonder what criteria they used to arrive at that deduction.
How do you access how smart you are? Probably thinking you are not smart? Before you settle with that, go through this post to the end.

Being smart could mean many things. It could be that you are well-dressed, neat and tidy. It could be the quality of being fast and sharp in the way you do things or handle activities or a state of being readily decisive and being able to present your opinions or ideas in such a way that depicts how much wits you have got in that given task or activity.

These are various views of what smartness could mean but what do you think of smartness? In this post, I seek to show to you what makes a smart person as intelligent as who they are seen to be.
In fact, smart people are grossed over as sharing the synonym with intelligence but there is one thing that makes them stand out that way. And that is what you are here to find out?

Characteristics Of A Smart Person

I will take time to list some of the characteristics of smart people you may already know but I will end it up with the ultimate characteristics that I promised you.
The display of acute intelligence is foremost of these characteristics and the others seamlessly follow:

They Are Intelligent

Smart people display a high level of intelligence in their vocation. Intelligence in this context refers to a thorough knowledge of the thing they are involved in. They may be innately good in what they do, (that is to say, they have exuded such level of intelligence since they knew they existed) or they have secondarily built themselves for the task. Either way, they have the wits now.

They Are Adventurous

Smart people love to know more to satisfy their curiosity and that's one major criterium that sets them apart. They naturally love to explore and are very inquisitive about the strange things about them.

They Are Quick In Decision-Making

Quick decision-making ability is central to smartness. When one has prior experience of an activity or event, they are more likely to do it more effectively than someone who is just facing it for the first time. This developed ability to handle tasks more efficiently and quicker confers directly on them the title of being smart.

They Are Adaptable

Extremely smart people are very adaptable. They are ready to any length to get what they truly need. They are the kind of people who would convert paper sheets to the kite they really desired. In other words, they make do with what they have to get what they want or need. Summarily, they do not give up easily.

They Love To Acquire Knowledge

Smart people love to acquire knowledge. Their thirst for knowledge is driven by the passion to be more efficient at what they do. They love to read books or any source of information. They do not settle for nothing or give up trying to learn. When the task they are learning about becomes really tough, they may retreat a little, but they are sure to bounce back to finish what they started.

There are many other things about smart people that I could still write about here but my focus is on something else. This is a good time to reveal how you can know that you too are a smart person.
I hereby present what I call the most important attribute of the smart ones.

The Most Important Attribute Of Smart People

As far as I know about smart people, the most important quality I have found out is their ability to take instructions quickly or to pick up warning signals at the slightest sign.
The introductory part of this post talked about the story of two slaves who were involved in a fight for some reasons. The biased master who loved one more than the other wanted the one he loved to mercilessly defeat the other one. But what happened, the instructions he gave the loved servant became more useful in the hands of the other. After all, their ears were both open to hear what the master says.

Smart people are quick to learn from their own mistakes even without anyone even noticing the mistake. Yes, they are that smart.
It is not as if smart people do not have things that they are not wittingly acquainted with, but they are always at the fore, making the mistakes first and learning from them especially in periods when no one watches them. Such that, when they come out to limelight, you'd think they were just gifted to be smart in the approach to what they do. But really, they have made their mistakes and learnt from them.

Their curiosity for finding new knowledge ahead of other people also sets them ahead. Thus, conferring on them they deserving title of "being smart".
But in all, it does not take a specially configured DNA to be smart, you just need to learn how to build up your own smartness. And by now, I believe you have enough to do that now.

Prosper Yole

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