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How To Look Your Best Everyday (For Guys/Men)

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Looking good is your business and it is lucrative for selling your personal brand out to the general public. You are addressed by how you are dressed. Dressing well can be a simple hack into gaining people's attention and/or trust but very many people do not know this.
People want you to be presentable in your environment and some guys have already seen the need to look their best every day.

However, some of them who are committed to dressing well to look good does not seem to know the simple secrets to make it work. Here, I will give a comprehensive guide on how men/guys can harness the power of looking especially presentable every day.

Just very recently, I was in a lecture by one of my very distinguished teachers and mentor (the name I have not been permitted to mention yet), when my colleague hastily wriggled into the class where we were being taught, as if to remain unnoticed for coming in late. But that did not deter my experienced teacher to detect.
But interestingly, he was drawn to the inappropriate dressing code that my colleague adopted at that exact time. He has not always been someone who is careless about his looks but this time, he was an undeniable culprit. This further goes on to show the importance of looking your best every day.

What Does It Cost To Look Good

Interestingly, you don't need much to look your best. I have heard people complain that they are not dressing well because they think they do not have enough clothes to make it come true but when you peep into their wardrobe, you'd find out they already have all they need to look as presentable as they should.
You are going to understand a few more things before you fully harness your full potentials to look your best each day that passes by. I have decided to put some of these tips together and they should be sufficient to bump up your looking-good abilities by a hundred per cent.

1. Understand Your Profession/Occasion

Every profession has a code of dressing. The first principles you must understand must involve the dos and don'ts of your profession as far as dressing is concerned. This is what my lecturer emphasized when he stopped my roughly-dressed colleague the moment he stepped into the lecture room. As a learned professional, it is demanded that he is more corporately dressed.
Apart from the beauty and complementarity of your looks, you must first understand the occasion you are going for and dress accordingly.

2. Learn Colour Matching/Blocking

Understanding colour matching will make really revolutionize your fashion sense. It is a general rule that bright colours are complementarily matched with dull colours. This concept is especially more useful for ladies' dressings. For guys, it is usually simpler. A simple guide would include the following:

  • A dark or dull coloured trouser or shorts would go for any shirt of a lighter colour. Contrast is created when a dull colour is combined with a bright colour. 
  • Keep your belt the same colour with your shoes always, that is, black belt with black shoes. 
  • The colour of your tie must contrast that of the shirt, that is, a dark coloured shirt goes with a bright-coloured tie and vice-versa. If you need to wear a tie, make it long enough to get somewhere between your navel and your pubic area but not longer or shorter. 
  • To achieve a matching effect, you can use the same colour of tie with trouser and optionally with a jacket.
  • It is always better to make all bright colours be above the dark colours, that is to say, your trousers should be of a dark or dull colour relative to the shirt.

  • A visibly patterned tie should not be used with a visibly patterned shirt.
  • If you need to use a jacket, let it be the same colour as the trouser or any other dull colour that you desire. The jacket is often an accessory and independent of most other components mentioned.
  • If you need to use only a waist-jacket, it must be the same colour as the trouser.
  • Black is universal and can go well with almost any other colour.
  • Maintain at least 2 colours and at most 4 colours including your shoe and hair colour(s) altogether.

3. Choose Your Looks Every Day

One thing I have had to learn over the years is that not only does what you wear contribute to your general outlook. The atmosphere and environment also contribute to your overall looks. You must learn to choose how you want to look every day that passes. What looked good yesterday may not look the same today. Your ability to master the general atmospheric appearance of each day and choose what effect you want to produce will be very important in giving you your best look.
In very bright weather, you may want to remain blended in but still confident by using more natural colours over dark/dull ones.
On the other hand, you may want to use brighter colour combinations on dull weather days. The aim is to achieve a balance that is natural, mature and confident at the same time.

4. Invent Your Own Styles

There are many dress codes and rules but you truly look your best when you are able to invent your own styles and stick to them as much as possible. Styles are not a deviation from the rules but they are simply a way to recreate the rules and principles to achieve something more personalised and special.

5. Let Your Eyes Be Your Ultimate Guide

You may know a lot of things already about colour combination such as you have read up there, but you must let the eyes be the ultimate judge. By simply asking yourself or someone close by 'how do I look?', you can avert a serious blunder that would otherwise haunt you throughout the day.

6. Keep Your Wears Clean

There is no point talking about colour combinations and other dressing etiquettes when your clothes are muddy. You must cultivate the habit of wearing only clean clothes worn only once after every laundry. Wearing clothes more than once after every wash does not only impact on your general appearance but it can also affect your health significantly.

7. Be Confident Always

No matter how inexpensive your clothes are, or how inexpensive people think they are, you must display confidence at all times as you move in them. The first sign people look out for to detect a flaw in your dressing is how your mood, demeanour and attitude when you wear the clothes.
It is worth mentioning that confidence is what makes the difference between the same exact cloth worn by two different people.

8. Take Feedbacks Seriously

There is no need asking for help when you will not adhere as much as possible to what you are told. Very many times, I have encountered people who would ask if a particular combination is good or not. And when they are told what seems better, they end up sticking to the same plan they had all along. Thereafter, they would ignorantly commit so many fashion disasters the whole day. The only disadvantage being that ignorance does not seem to be a good cover for the wrong done.

In conclusion, there are myriad rules and principles but a basic understanding of what effect you want to produce and the means to arrive at it would really step you up many times over in the business of looking good. Meanwhile, you really can't afford to look any less good.
This may not be everything you need to know about colours and fashion but these tips will enhance how you look and optimize it to your best looks every day.

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