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It's Payback Time: The Husbands Turn To Ignore Their Wives In Public

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As a starting statement, never judge the extent of love between a couple by their attitude with each other from the outside. How true could this statement be?
You will be better able to answer the question in the perspective I mean before you finish reading this post.
I seek to establish the observation that advanced married men do not give so much attention to the wife in the public.

Everyone believes that the content of the heart would somehow manifest in the outside. That is to say, if love is in the heart, it should show up on the outside too. Don't you think so? But when you consider the observation, you may be tempted to believe that love can be in the heart without it being visible to people outside.

Married people should be considered the happiest people in the world because they have finally found the love of their life. But slightly to the contrary, they seem not to show some elements of romance in the outside, especially as the marriage ages.

In many parts of the world, husbands obviously act as though they do not even want their wives to be too near them in the public. This may be an erroneous thought but for whatever reasons, most men seem to be found doing this. But that does not always hide the fact they may still show that they love their wife.
At the other end, some couple display extreme love in the outside when people are watching, especially when they are newly married. But as time passes, some of these things I now talk about begin to manifest.

My statistics may not be sufficient to say that husbands are beginning to ignore their wives in public or act in certain romantic ways for people to see. But if that were true, could it be that they have started turning against their wives as a payback? By payback, you will soon understand what I mean, in the next paragraph.

In their younger ages when the man was still wooing and cooing, he used to be the one to give a show off more easily. "Hey, that is my baby girl", he would say to his friends. And by this time, the young girl is busy trying to express how happy she feels when he does so. But additionally, she would give him the expression that it doesn't really matter much if he does not do so, as if to try to prove that the man loves her more. That may just be another mechanism of defence against heartbreak and cheating, I guess.

And then, in the later period, a few years after marriage, the man begins to show his pride. And when the woman realises that he is no more openly showing the love to her like he used to, she now tries to let him know that she still wants more of the open love but it's almost too late. At this time, it logically becomes the man's turn to feign disinterestedness in open show of love and the woman's turn to plead for it at all cost. By I still want to find out why it is so, at least I am not yet married.

However, this still does not equate to lack of love. Judging the extent of their love merely by this observation will make you run into a fatal error when you realise that they actually do love each other.
At this point, it seems possible to have love at heart and not show it openly, directly defying the rule that what is in the heart shows up on the outside.

But one question, I keep asking now is "why is it so?".
If you think this theory is not true, just take a look at the public lives of some prominent people today. You will discover the place of their wife in their public affairs.
Maybe they do so to protect their wives somehow, or to avoid some unwanted actions from their wives in public, or for some other reasons other than the fact that they do not love each other.
But that is not to say there are no couples out there who express their romantic life as much as they can in the public, but I'd say that constitute a very small percentage.

I hope to hear from you what they think about this. That is why I placed a comment box down there. Thanks for reading. Drop your comments and share to others until we hear what others think too.

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