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Real Reasons Ladies Turned You Down On This Year Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day -
Valentine's day, with all the history behind it, has come to form a part of the life of almost everyone on the planet. It is celebrated in honour of Saint Valentinus, who fought for love some time past on the 14th of February worldwide.

It is the celebration of romance and love among people. And it is often anticipated by people of all climes, especially young people. Valentine's day is marked by exchanging of gifts and flowers to someone you love and getting some gifts in return. 
In many climes, couples choose to go out on a date on Valentine's day for a romantic reunion. And in some other circumstances, young unmarried people may agree to go out on a date together. But these dates are almost often considered casual with no real seriousness attached afterwards.

Why are all the ladies you ask out turning you down this year? When did they suddenly become uninterested in the celebration? 
Many ladies out there are still enjoying their day with their valentine's date, eating, drinking and going for an outing in a nearby restaurant. It is a day full of fun activities and why would anyone say they are not interested?

They Are Not Getting Any Younger

There is no doubt the fact that Valentine's celebration is sweeter and more interesting amongst married couples. Although, not all married couples may be available to celebrate it like younger people do. 
Two people can go on Valentine's date and not have any serious commitments with each other. Younger people may afford to enjoy their Valentine's day with each other without any serious commitments but as each day passes by without a committed partner, they realise that they are not getting any longer.

You Are Not Committing, Are You?

What is the essence of having them as your Val, celebrate something that is not really there? The next day comes and you are back to where you were before Val. Ladies of marriageable age are happier when they celebrate their valentine's day with someone they truly love and want to be with.
So the more they see that you are getting serious with them, the more they are willing to give you a chance to come into their lives.

Their Real Partner Is Out There

The distance can be a physical barrier but effective communication helps bridge the barriers emotionally. Read this post on communication breakdown. And while their real committed partner is out there, they still share a strong connection with them and would rather just stay at home than to go out with someone else who is just a passerby.

They Are Just Too Busy This Time

Everyone has busy schedules sometimes and she can be too busy this time too. Had a long day and need to rest in the evening can so truncate some plans for a valentine evening film show. But this reason can easily be knocked off because it may just be based on one or more of the reasons above.

Not Only ladies Feel That Way

Have you ever wondered why guys are not seriously asking ladies out for Val? The same reasons why the ladies turn down the unserious guy(s) on Val's day still holds here. The majority of the spendings will be on the guy and he does not want to spend all his life's earnings on someone who would zoom off immediately afterwards. If he is going to do that, it has to be for someone he truly loves at that time.

So in the presence of scarce funds, there is barely enough to spare for frivolities with some casual lady. Hence, that was how everyone showed love to their own selves at home, probably sleeping or watching the television. Beyond those real reasons why ladies turned you down this Valentine's day is the fact that you may not have even asked them in out in the first place.
Anyway, it is the season of love. Happy Valentine's day to you.

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