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How To Handle A Man Who Is Not Interested In Marrying Anyone Including You

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Relationships can be oftentimes really complicated, with one party deeply in love with the other and the other not so much interested. This is what many have categorically described as the "friendzone".
Have you ever seen two people who are going on together, but one seems to only want it at a casual level with no strings attached?

I ran into a middle-aged woman who was able to open up to me about her relationship with her partner. She complained that she loved him so much but he just doesn't want anything serious at all. 
He has already labelled him the man of his dreams and I personally see a perfect match in them too.

Many a time, people complain that they can never live with a partner that exhibits certain attributes or characters but what we find in the world today is that no matter how ruthless or ill-behaved a person is, there is always somebody who totally complements them. When you see two people like that, you know they are good together.
When I saw how these two people behaved, I saw the complementarity in their union and I wondered why the man was still not interested in marrying.
Why do men hate marriage, and women love it? This is a rhetorical question, we cannot verify how true the statement is or provide a single valid answer to it.

I begin to imagine why men get married in the first place. Is it just for sex? 
If marriage is just for sex, then there would be no need to get married if they can get sex elsewhere quite easily.
I believe marriage should also be about companionship but so many men who think it is all about sex and nothing more would not show interests in marriage even when the lady is dying for it. And when she begins to push him to consider it, she becomes an enemy that must be avoided by all means.

When the lady told me she had a major problem with her fiancee, I knew it was also about this.

Her would-be man is really not interested in anything more. And that brings us back to the question, why does he hate marriage that much?

Reasons Why Advanced Unmarried Men May Not Be Interested In Marriage

What are the possible reasons why an unmarried man would not be interested in marriage anymore? In one of my posts here, I described that at these ages, women tend to crave more for marriage because of increasing age concerns. Why must it be so different in men?

  1. He probably thinks sex is all that's left in the marriage
  2. A man who has had a child before, and who knows how to press the buttons to get sex when needed would certainly see no need to get married. He thinks all that is left in marriage is sex and nothing more. 
  3. He just doesn't want the stress of marriage
  4. Marriage is sweet when you are with the right person but whether we like it or not, there are many 
  5. He has not found the right one yet
  6. A man who is uncompromising on his criteria for getting married may not agree to marry even after you have fully gotten into him. He obviously likes you but anything that has to do with the wedding alter is out of the plans.

How To Handle A Man That Is Not Interested In Marrying You Or Anyone Else

When she approached me and asked me about what she should do, I thought for a moment what I should tell her and many things ran through my mind.
You are concerned with the behaviour of your man because you actually care about him. Isn't that the case? Here are some things you should do:
  1. Don't stop loving him

  2. If you truly want to have him, you must persevere. You love him because he shows you love too, he gives you gifts and shares sweet memories with you. Now, the only concern is that he is not ready to settle down with you for marriage.

  3. Don't fight with the girls around him
  4. Certainly, such men have other women around them. You must try not to engage in a fist or emotional battle with them. Don't let it be a competition with them, it makes him hate you even more.

  5. Do not try to pin him down with sex or pregnancy news
  6. This looks like it is not practicable but there are people who do it. The bad news is that it just doesn't work as planned. Trying to pin him down by offering him great sex or announcing fake or real pregnancy results to him makes him get even madder at you.

  7. Live your best life without him
  8. You still have your own life to live. You should try to enjoy your best life even when the thoughts of not having him seem to weigh you down. Do the things you enjoy doing, go to your favourite places. Just live your best life.

  9. You may have to leave him
  10. Love conquers all, but if you are categorically sure that he does not want you in his life, there is virtually nothing you can do about that. You may have to leave after trying you possible best. Remember, you deserve the very best you can get.
In the first place, I see no reason why you should kill yourself over a man who is not interested in you but since the scenario exists in real life, I think it is worth writing about. Thank you for reading through.

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