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4 Things To Do When Your Girlfriend Thinks You Are Cheating On Her, But You Aren't

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The game of cheating is one that is always fraught with regrets at last. Yes, we all know that but few times, we do some dirty things behind the scenes where she would not get to see.
The life of men is often very complicated, having to be friends with very many people and yet choose to love only one is not something anyone would trivialise as nothing.
A woman can choose to block out a majority of people from her life and no one would consider it absurd but when a man does the same, the anticipated verdict would be "guilty".
Men are expected to flow with everyone as part of their leadership requirements but ironically, acquiring this ability to interact seamlessly with a great majority of other males and females also increases the likelihood of some unscrupulous tendencies.

Jealousy is often considered a normal part of every relationship, but that is when it remains within well-regulated levels. It really sucks when you have to strictly regulate what you say to your girlfriend because you have been cheating on her and you think she is beginning to suspect.
At least, you would have felt and acted the same way too. Having to answer the why, where, when and other related questions just to clear her doubt and make her believe that you are not cheating can be such a hard job to do amongst others.
But you know what is even worse? When you have to go through this when you are as innocent as the white dove.

It could feel really annoying when you have to imagine how necessarily jealous your girlfriend is becoming for something you are not involved in.
But here, you will see some things you can do to restore balance when your girlfriend erroneously thinks that you are cheating on her.

Signs That She Thinks You Are Cheating

The signs she may display may not always be straight forward or specific and may resemble normal reactions to other events. Below is an inexhaustible list of the signs that she thinks you are cheating on her:

  • She does not smile as she always does
  • She expresses that she does not want you around her
  • She acts as if you do not find her attractive anymore
  • She tries to avoid your normal chit-chat conversations
  • She wants to check your phone
  • She wants to make you feel jealous too
  • Or she may try to avoid using your phone

It would be quite more understandable if you are actually cheating on her. But what if you are not cheating on her like she thinks, what can you do?

What started as a short session of disagreement is now turning to something else. She just wouldn't want you or anything to do with you until you clear her doubts about you.
But this thing is outrightly pissing you off at the moment because you are not as guilty as charged, but you are receiving the punishments for something you didn't do.
You are trying to find ways to calm the storm without doing anything rash that would severe your relationship.
But the first questions you ask revolve around "what did I do wrong", "why does she think I am cheating on her"?

Other than her inappropriate jealousy, she is still a pretty good woman for you and you hope to settle down with her someday.
But you think you deserve some level of trust, such that you do not have to keep explaining your whereabouts just to make her stop thinking that you are cheating on her.
When you try to find out why she thinks you are being unfaithful, you may not hear it directly from her.
But if you must advance through this, you must first know the real reason why she thinks you are being unfaithful.

Some Reasons Why She Thinks You Are Cheating On Her When You Aren't Actually Are

  • You have once cheated on her
  • Okay, you just started dating her when you cheating on her. You were naive at that time and you blame yourself for doing that to her but he already caught you in the act. No matter how much you have explained to her that you'd never let that happen again, she still has a reservation that you can do it again.
    It will take a great deal of trust-building to make her reassured that you are totally a changed man.
    At the slightest change in your attitude towards her, she may think you have gone back to you old deeds of cheating on her.

  • Someone else cheated on her in the past
  • Earning trust back once it has been lost is often very difficult. But what is not fair is when you transfer the rage or disappointment to someone else who in fact, could be innocent. Many people of both sexes usually find it hard to let go of some relics from past relationships.

  • Your lifestyle could easily allow for it
  • Are you a free, jovial and friendly guy? Chances are that you are making a lot of other female friends when you are not with her.
    That feeling of insecurity can make her begin to think that you may be cheating on her. She then acts it out with the hope that you are going to explain to her that you are not, but within you, it's like "not again, I can't continue to explain everything to her".

  • You do not act the way you usually do
  • It may not be out of any negative intentions, but the moment you stop acting the way you've always acted towards her, she begins to think maybe you have found her replacement.
    For example, you have always wanted to see her, hang out with her, cuddle or just touch her, or some other activity. When you stopped, she may start thinking you are no longer interested in her, because you are cheating on her with another person. But that may never be true in this scenario.

  • You are secretive and often reserved
  • This is another person character that increases her fears that you are probably cheating on her. It all boils down to her insecurity but your nature of secrecy and reserve has triggered the insecurity with the side note that you are probably hiding something from her.

  • You are a handsome and responsible young man
  • A handsome young man would attract many ladies. A cool-headed, responsible young man should be better suited to say no to the ladies' advances but she is also aware of one more thing.
    More girls are attracted to responsible guys and decently appearing guys than some unconcerned chief. As part of her own insecurity, she just fears that you may not be able to handle the ladies' advances at some point.

  • You mentioned how bad her looks too many times
  • Ladies think very far outside the expected horizon when it has to do with comments about their looks. When you praise them for being beautiful, they really imagine it bigger that you actually meant.
    Similarly, when you comment somewhat negatively on their looks even with no ill intentions, she would begin to think that you are no longer attracted to her looks anymore. Then, the next logical conclusion is that you are cheating on her.

  • She doesn’t feel as good about herself as she did before
  • The truth is she may have added some weight lately and she begins to feel uneasy around you. She adjusts her clothes when she knows you are close by. She is not as free with herself as she used to be.
    Weight gain is not the only thing that could be affecting the way your woman feels about herself. She could feel different after having a kid or two, or maybe she just feels old.
    Whatever the case is, she may be thinking that you also think that you notice the changes too. She would then start acting her insecurities out to you.

  • The sex between you is not as good
  • A change in the quality of sex with your partner, especially when you are married, can give her the notion that you are probably looking out to other women.

  • She is cheating on you too
  • Yes, I saved the best for the last. Cheaters often think that everyone else is like them. If your woman is cheating on you, she would most likely think you are doing the same.

How To Handle The Situation

  1. Talk with her
  2. The only way to make your wife/girlfriend to stop thinking that you are cheating on her is to get her to identify why she feels that way. Sometimes, she may not be aware of why she is feeling that way. When you discuss with her, you must try to find out the exact reason she feels that way. Couples counselling may be helpful, with the goal of figuring out the real cause of her insecurity.

  3. Start doing what you stopped doing if you can
  4. If you realize that there is probably something good you stopped doing or saying to her lately, you could clear her doubts by beginning to do it or saying it again. Be willing to make changes when necessary but try to lose who you are in attempt to please her.

  5. Earn her trust
  6. She is still haunting you by your past mistakes? Now you need to get on your drawing board and begin to chart ways to earn her trust. Try to be honest with her as much as possible so that you can regain her trust. Trust is very vital for any relationship to succeed.

  7. Quit, after you have tried hard enough
  8. If you are actually a trustworthy guy, you deserve some respect and trust. You need to trust each other in a relationship and building trust is a great way to heal the fractures in any relationship.
    If after trying really hard and you think there is no way any more, you may have to take a break. This is important because if you cannot get trust now, I don't know when else you will get it.
    However, the limit of trying should remain really long enough before giving up. You deserve a level of trust, don't you?
If you really love her, you will find ways to get back on track with her. These feelings are part of a young relationship. As time goes on, both of you are expected to understand each and trust each other more. Dealing with this feelings at this important to overcome this phase and get on to the next level of your relationship.

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