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4 Ways To Have A Successful Relationship Without Spending Money

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Great relationships do not have their strongest foundation on money but money is always a major requirement for every successful union. This is mainly because every relationship is based on meeting the needs of one another.
If you actually think you can have a successful relationship without spending a dime on your partner, especially when you are the guy, that would be the first major error in your life so far. Money is vital to sustaining any relationship but even more importantly, there are other things that are uttermost required for every relationship.

I have always met one argument over and over again, that there is no love without money. Others would paraphrase it that love translates to money, or money can generate love. Any way you choose to put it, we are only sure of one thing, money is very important and forms one of the strongest building blocks of every relationship, but love, as reflected by the level of commitment with each other, cannot be overemphasized.

In this post, you are going to learn about 3 ways to have a successful relationship without spending money. And just in case you think you wouldn't have to spend money anymore after reading this, you may not be exactly right to think so.

Every responsible man must think of how to cater for his future wife and children, and the young women try to ensure that the man they are going out with understands that there will be financial, emotional, and psychological demands on him.

Quelling a woman's thirst for money is usually one extremely hard tasks for many guys. They just cannot stand hearing her ask for money, most especially because they do not know what to do to appease her when they do not have all that she is asking for.

When a woman demands money, that does not make her non-understanding and exploiting, at least many men have come to realize that. But it becomes a warning signal if money is the only thing keeping the relationship standing.
Whether you believe it or not, the best woman for a man believes more in a hopeful future with her husband-to-be than just the present benefits. One would argue in favour of the fact that merely believing that the man would do well in life does not change anything significantly for the future.
But the one thing I can say convincingly about that is the simple fact that men tend to value someone who sticks with them through the dry times more than a woman who they met when they are already flourishing.

How To Have a Successful Relationship Without Depending Totally on Spending

In this new section, you will see the ways to have a successful relationship without actually spending money:

  1. Be Considerate
  2. Being considerate means being wary of causing harm. The major things that cause harm to a relationship are usually far from the common things that set conventional people against each other. In every relationship, a tolerance level is attained at some point at which both partners consider some common offences too trivial to cause a split.

    The major things that cause the greatest stir are those that have to do with how much you love, respect and care for each other. This is usually a reflection of the priority you place on your partner.

  3. Be Generous
  4. When you are actually stingy or miserly, it sends a different signal to your girl or wife-to-be than when you are generous. There are always times, when you may not be fully equipped to completely answer to the financial needs of your partner. At these times, your attitude in previous times would speak for you.

    If you have been generous all along, your partner may just interpret that you actually do not have it on you. But if the reverse true, then she would not be so sure if you are being honest or just making up an alibi to escape her request.

  5. Be Hardworking
  6. I would not fully support the ladies when they say that there is no point to stay on with someone who is not fully established yet until he has made it, but I will never agree with is having and sticking with a man who is not thoughtful of the future. The present is often just a mirage, but the actions of the present affect the future on a grand scale such that you can see the visible link between the outcomes of these two periods.

    When a man is hardworking and focused on the future, it is not out of place for a lady to stick by him even when he obviously has nothing much at the moment.

  7. Be Purpose-driven and future-minded
  8. This point is somewhat like a continuation of the preceding point. Having a successful relationship without centring around money spending does not mean you must not prepare to spend money in the future. It is irresponsible for any man to think he should not spend money on his wife. It is as important as anything else.

    To have your girl stick to you even when you do not have all the money yet, you must display that you are purpose-driven and future-minded.
    The common problem with this is that some times, some men that were purpose-driven and future-minded begin to lose their focus immediately that have her to themselves. But that should not be the case. It must be a well-sustained attitude of future-mindedness.

What If She Asks For Money Too Much?

Asking for money or other things is not something that you can consider as an ominous sign. In other words, it is a normal thing to have her ask you for money. But in this spectrum, there are two extreme categories; One, the girl just keep asking and obviously only cares about what you have to offer them. On the other side, she barely asks and would understand when you do not have as much.

The later case of the girl would seldom ask has been somewhat accurately linked with a girl who is more committed to making the relationship work out. But even if that were true, it is not enough to excuse to abuse her understanding and never giving her the gifts and money that she has deserved.

When a girl asks too much for money, smart guys generally call it quit after a few times of falling victim to their request cries. Asking too much without questioning oneself about what one can also offer is often a universal sign of lack of commitment. You won't be wrong if you call it quits too.

Can You Ultimately Avoid Spending?

If that is was your wish, you had better wake up from the long dream you have refused to wake up from. You have learnt how to balance your relationship about some other components of the union aside money but that does not imply that you now have the freedom to live on without the desire to meet the needs of your spouse or girlfriend as that case may be.
No wonder, someone rightly puts it that there can be no successful relationship without money. Whereas we cannot totally confirm that statement as entirely true, we can also say to a great level of certainty that money is grossly important in any successful relationship.

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