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5 Months Of COVID-19 Pandemic; Here Is Why People Have Decided To Move On With Their Lives

It's no news that COVID-19 has threatened every sector of the economy worldwide. With its grave health consequences, government and public organizations have taken drastic steps to ensure that the preventive measures are adhered to.
At onset in 2019, COVID-19 was a mere china-limited threat but since it was declared a global pandemic, the whole world knew that it had capabilities beyond the great walls of China.
Social media, the internet and every place were all about the pandemic. All talks revolved around the novel coronavirus for the next few months to the extent that coronavirus discussions became the only trending topics on social media including twitter.

We know COVID-19 has great potentials to crumble many of our investments as individuals and nations but one other thing we do know of is that it has not come to stay.
5 months after the outbreak, people have decided to move on with their lives and discuss the other topics that they normally discussed. Here are the reasons why they had to:

Coronavirus Has Become Boring

Discussions on the internet have all been about the coronavirus, not anymore about the ladies and celebrities as they used to be. For some reasons, it was as if conscience would not allow you to discuss something else. Yes, the impulse to talk about the new disease or simply keep quiet was high and only a few people managed to resist it and move on to discuss other things.
But as time went on, the pressure waned and people peacefully discussed other topics.

They Realized There Are Other Aspects of Their Lives

Generally, when something runs a short acute course, people tend to do all they can to eradicate it. They could use all the strength or resources they have to restore normalcy because they know that they can bounce back afterwards when the threat is no more.
But when the threat sets in for a longer (chronic) course, adaptability becomes the best ability. People adapt to changes that have no sure hopes of leaving at the instant moment. And that is what has happened to people all over the world.

There are other aspects of their lives and if they were to continue neglecting those aspects because of coronavirus, they would die earlier than even the worst-case scenario of the disease.

The Need to Survive First

Many business persons that momentarily shut down their ventures awaiting when all these are over have suddenly realized that that step puts more at stake. At the initial period, businesses who speculated a chronic course already started their work from home in the midst of the lockdown. But now, even those who initially ignored this move are now in support of it and are planning ways to move ahead with it too.

If they do not work, they would not survive especially in climes where the government is doing only a little or nothing to support the masses.

Lockdowns Without Provisions is Ineffective

In many developing countries like Nigeria, there is effective lockdown enforced by the armed forces but there are very minimal or even absent government incentives available to most areas of these countries.
Coronavirus, lockdown, without provision, would suddenly make the business brain jerk back into action to the extent that individuals could now go against the government directives just to make ends meet.

Talking Won't Do Much Anyways

Merely talking about coronavirus won't actually change much. Putting our hands and resources to work is what changes things. If talking won't do anything much, countries which have the capacity to do the required work of research and developing solutions have taken the lead in these enterprises. But people and nations who do not have the facility to do some have resorted to improving on ways to sustain themselves and reduce the impact of the disease on them.

COVID-19 has plagued the whole world but the goodwill message is that we do our bid to stay safe and find alternative ways to live our normal lives as much as possible.
Stay safe!

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