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6 Reasons Why Successful People Hate Free Money

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Free things are great to have, in short, some of the best things in life are free. And when I begin to say that successful people hate free money, I know this will cause of very great stir amongst almost all groups of people.
What you obtain freely feels so free that you always never think it was obtained with some efforts whatsoever.

If you resort to begging now, I am sure there is always someone who would give you what you've asked for. And because of this, many people have resorted to begging as a profession for livelihood. That is to say that you can always get free things when you ask well enough. But this itself poses a major challenge to become successful as you will soon find out.

What Is Bad About Receiving Free Money?

Like I mentioned earlier, some of the best things you will ever have in this life are free. Everyone has desired and received some free money that they are forever grateful for. It was able to meet your need at that particular point in time but one common attribute is that the money actually disappears quickly, right? 
If you actually want to work for everything in this life before you get it, you may actually wear yourself up that you may not even live long enough to enjoy what you have vigorously worked for.
Why then do successful people hate free things?

Why Successful People Hate Free Money

Here are some reasons why high-minded people do not like getting caught dying for free money at any point;

  1. Goes with self-humiliation
  2. You will agree with me that having to submit your name and account details for some money can really cost you a great deal of self-humiliation and sacrifice. Sometimes, it is worth the sacrifice. Other times, the self-worth and dignity that keeps you going and fighting hard to be successful may be traded up in the process. Many successful people do not want that, but they want to maintain their feeling of self-worth and greatness.

    It doesn't mean they cannot ask for help in some other ways or ask for money at some times, but they would do that when they want to use it to meet a professional or business need and not just for getting some free gadgets and hobby stuff as most other people would do.

  3. Most free money offers are fraudulent
  4. If you rely on opportunities for free monies, you would end up getting scammed in more than 90% of the times. Because of this, they can arbitrarily take all such opportunities as fake. They may miss out on some genuine opportunities along the way but they believe their goals, when met, would produce much more gains for them. 

  5. Free money doesn't last long
  6. It is general experience that what you do not work for, you tend to spend it very unwisely. Successful people believe in working to become successful because they realise that any other thing outside legitimate efforts to make money is often fleeting. In the real sense, a source of money you cannot sustain is equivalent to none at all.
    Contrariwise, when successful people receive all such monies this way, they are careful enough to channel it into some form of investments instead of simply shopping it away on some ostensible items.

  7. They don't want to remain in the asking loop
  8. People naturally stick to what works for them. Habits are formed this way when they realize that they produced some pleasurable or soothing effects. 
    If you were successfully imbursed with some good sum of free money, there are high chances that you may want more of it more often. This attitude may become detrimental to your productivity and personal development.

  9. They want to experience what it is to create what people need
  10. Keeping yourself in the loop of always asking takes a lot from you as a successful individual. You no longer want to think about how you can also be useful to someone else. When you rely too much on free money and things, you do not see life as it really is, that your works yield returns. Instead, they 

  11. They want to be on the giving end too
  12. The greatest people are those who imposed upon themselves the responsibility of looking out for others. A life of "just sufficient for myself" is often actually sufficient for your own existence but if you want to impact other people in varying other ways, you must begin to see yourself on the giving end too.

    By refusing to give themselves up to asking and receiving every time, they strive to position themselves to be in the giving end. Hence, they become successful. 

Free things are always well appreciated by everyone but totally relying on free money and gifts on a daily basis would conversely drain you of your strength to succeed.

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