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Tips On How To Avoid Getting Influenced Negatively

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As the days go by, the people you meet would leave some impacts in your life as much as you would leave in theirs. Change and acquisition of new qualities are often a part of normal life. And it only requires a very dogmatic person to stay on to their values without getting influenced from the outside.
However, getting influenced is not a bad thing in itself. What is considered bad is getting influenced in the wrong direction.

It is always difficult to tell what is negative from what is positive judging from the perspective of the society and individual definitions of what is considered appropriate.

But keeping what you have considered positive for your lifestyle is important to your fullest development and maximum fulfilment. Thus, the need to find ways to keep your positive arts while you devise ways to avoid getting involved negatively.

I grew up in an environment full of things I considered inappropriate to my own lifestyle and these I noticed in aspects of societal behaviours relating to music, sexual life, religious beliefs, etc. So I learn how to avoid getting influenced with something I didn't want to be involved in.
This has helped me in very many ways, such that no matter how close I am with someone who is involved in something I didn't like to be involved in, I've learnt to keep my safe distance.

Why You Must Know This

You cannot fully control what comes to you most of the times, but you can determine how you handle them; either to accept them or to reject them. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Knowing how to avoid getting hit by influences you would consider negative is key to surviving in the midst of the uncontrollable mass of negativities in the world out there.
The ultimate outcome for every negative influence is that you would have to face some dire consequences that you never desired in the first place.

How To Avoid Getting Influenced Negatively

Influences like this are usually sensory. Sensory in the sense that they have to do with their reception through your sense organs of sight, smell, touch, taste or hearing.

So the first point of call is your senses. Here are all the tips to avoid getting involved negatively:

Avoid contact with people involved

Constant communication with the wrong people influences your actions to an extent you never could imagine. Behaviours transfer so swiftly that you cannot tell the exact time you developed them as long as you share a boundless communication with people.
Positive ones would be beneficial, therefore, spending more of your time with people who possess the behaviours you consider positive is important in warding off the negativities.

Do what you love instead

One simple way to avoid getting influenced negatively is by doing what you prefer at the same time that you are being exposed to the one you don't like. If it relates to some music or other related things, you could turn in to sing or recite the one you prefer to the one you currently hear or listen to. 

Convince yourself again about your convictions

A forgotten lesson is another error on the way. When you forget your own convictions, you are more likely to be corrupted to lose hope or give up, or even do the things you once spoke against. 

Follow friends who do want you want to do

Being with friends who loves doing what you want to do gives you the motivation to keep up with what you have chosen to do. 

Do not give it too much thought

Giving too much thought to something generally means you are sitting on the fence or not sure of what to do at the moment. If you must avoid getting influenced negatively, you must remain resolute to your decisions and never begin to give too much thought to contradictory ideas or lifestyles.

Just avoid the first try

The majority that compromise after a long time of diligence includes those who succumbed to the temptations of the first try. The first try almost always leads to another, until you have become subsumed in the act.

You will soon find out that one of the best ways to maintain a relatively stable lifestyle is by avoiding too many influences from getting to you. I have not specifically stated what is considered negative or not in this post, but for anything, you have decided not to let into your life, that you may consider negative, and this tips will surely prove useful to you.

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