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5 Ways Successful People Use The Earth Cycles To Get Better

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When I was in college, I imagined a lot of things. The journey through secondary school education was one that seemed so long that I thought it would never come to an end. But on second thought, I realized that people have gone through the same school I imagined would never end. And the next morning, it was my graduation.
Things we consider long are not really as long as they are. If you cast your mind back to the last New Year day celebration, it seems like yesterday, right? I feel that too. My graduation seemed just like yesterday after it happened.
And thereafter, a few months after, I was in university. The final year in the university seemed like a light-year away, long enough to witness my grey-headedness and wrinkling. But little did I know that my thoughts were merely an over-exaggeration of something that would come and go in a jiffy.

The cycles of day and night are the constant cycles that distinctly separates days apart, months from the others and years past from the present. However, these boundaries are only imaginary and time-based, in the sense that, each day smoothly flows into the next without any major leap done.
More understanding of time is required for you to achieve your fullest with the time you have as a human. You may be tempted to believe that there is a lot of time left but successful people realise that time never really waits or crawls as others may think.
In this post, I am going to show you some ways in which successful people maximize their time and use the cyclical timelines of day and night, months and years to drive towards more excellence.

How Successful People Gets Better By The Earth Cycles

Among some of the things successful people do, is their importance of time management. Here are some things they do to ensure that they harness the rapidly-changing nature of the time of day and night to maximize their potentials within the short time frame they realize that they have;

They set the cycles as time targets

If there were no clocks and hour-glasses, the length of daytime and nighttime would have been the best and only measure of time. Successful people set time landmarks for their achievements and work ways to meet their timed-targets. For example, setting your next birthday as a new landmark for achieving a particular feat in your life, or giving yourself a fixed target to do something or to complete a task.

They do not waste precious time

By realising that time is not really as long as it seems, successful people have learnt to discipline themselves to maximize their time for productivity. Twenty four hours may seem like a very long time indeed, but after doing the mathematics, subtracting your sleeping time, leisure time, feeding and resting times, away from it, what is actually left is actually shorter than you will ever imagine.
People who know this also know that there is not enough time to waste on frivolities. They would even go on to buy some more time from some activities of the day they would otherwise consider normal, like night sleep.

They keep working on themselves each day

Every day is a blessing, a new day to learn new things. When you bear at the back of your mind that the next year would come earlier than you think, you also realise that the little things you do today very powerfully affect your future because truthfully, the distance between now and your future is no so distinct as you would think.

They look forward more than they look behind them

Looking back too much is a mere waste of time. What cannot be repealed or changed should be allowed to slip on as soon as possible. If for any reason, you want to look behind you, it should be for learning some important lessons that you think will be beneficial to your success in the future that is actually like tomorrow.

They realise time does not stand still

Tick tick, says the clock. Sometimes, one would just wish the clock would just stop for a moment but wishes don't always come true, do they? By knowing fully that the clock does not and never will take a break, they have also learnt to be active and productive round the clock.

They take some time to enjoy the present

Productivity is maximally enhanced when the body is refreshed in between work. Rest and sleep in controlled amounts are extremely important for your productivity. Leisure like seeing a movie, reading a novel, or going for hiking, cycling or anything you consider refreshing is a way to relax the nerves and rejuvenate your mental circuits.
Successful people also know that they must set a time to rest within the twenty-four hours they have in a day because of course, there are no other twenty fours anywhere else.

They learn that some things have seasons

The earth is programmed to rotate about its orbit and revolve around the sun and nothing is going to change that. The orderly nature of these planetary activities also sets up a natural clock for those who are keen enough to understand it.

Seasons are also determined by these planetary changes and that directly or indirectly regulates when some human activities should be done for maximal productivity. For example, successful people know that in summer, some activities would be more successful if they are done at that time than at any other time of the year.

How To Maximize Your Time As A Successful Person

Here are some ways they achieve their quest of controlling time and maximizing the time they have. Some of them are already stated in the previous section but in this section, I will be specifically highlighting some things you can do to maximize your time:

Set daily goals

It is not enough to set long-term goals. Segmenting your long-term goals into daily tasks ensures that you achieve your goal(s). The future does not come without today, therefore, you must learn to make your single days as productive as possible.

Avoid wasting time for long non-useful discussions

Spending time discussing important topics is never considered a waste of time but doing the same talking about matters that are not going to help you or someone else achieves a collective goal is considered a total waste of time.

Spend your time with the right people

Time spent with the right company is a seed that births your great dreams and ambitions into the world of fruition. In other words, you benefit a lot when you are with the right people, those who will nurture your dreams and potentials. But spending time with the wrong people corrupts your mindsets and adulterates your passions. The first step is to identify the right company.

Discuss ideas, not people

Great minds discuss ideas and not people. Apart from the hard feelings, someone who is being discussed negatively has when they find out, discussing people and finding occasions to criticize takes the radar off you, such that you forget what you should do to improve your life while you give yourself the comforting excuse that you are not alone in the business of committing wrongs and making mistakes.

Be up and doing

Do one thing at a time, and you must be caught doing something at every time. Idleness permits that you have a time when you are doing nothing other than thinking about some past events. Yeah, that's what an idle mind does; thinks about the past, how he has failed. Successful minds have idle moments too but in actual sense, these are not actually idle because they engage in thoughtful processes to be more productive and enhance their productivity.

Even if it will be your time for leisure and movies, just learn to be always caught doing something.
Know when to stop and be disciplined about it
The truth is, whether we admit it or not, everyone becomes of guilty of conscious time-wasting activities, some of which I have highlighted above, but you must discipline yourself to know when to stop. Sometimes, you deliberately, but almost uncontrollably overflow your own time limit. At these times, you must be ready to pay for the time you wasted with the time for other activities of your day that can afford to be sacrificed. The ideal thing, however, is that you are disciplined enough to prevent eating into your work time with your playtime.

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