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How Listening to Old Music Can Enhance Your Productivity

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Though we know that it is not a great thing to live in the past, we all know that at some points the memories of the good old days often flashback in different forms. You may not remember the memories so exactly but you just have a feeling that there is something about the past that you love to have now.
I was on the commute one day and all I could hear was the old reggae jams by Lucky Dube, the reggae lord himself. I could begin to pick up the words of the music little by little but back then, listening was just for the amusement. At least, I was not the only one who paid little or no attention to the lyrics.
But you know what? Listening to old favourites has a way of spicing up the air with the best flavours for your listening ears. The feeling of nostalgia..., damn! I really don't know why there is always going to be the "good old days".
But what if I say that listening to old music could enhance your productivity, would you agree? Let's go on to find out together how listening to old music could enhance your productivity and creativity.

How Listening To old Music Enhance Your Productivity

Old music? What is special about old music? Find out how listening to old music can enhance your productivity in this section;
  1. Old music can stir your hopes up
  2. Old music reminds you of your dreams, some of which you have abandoned
  3. Old music help relax your mind
  4. Old music foster your love for your loved ones
  5. Old music can enhance your memory

Old Music Can Stir Your Hopes up

The feeling of the good old days can be triggered by anything ranging from music, picture, smell, or anything that closely resembles anything from the past. When listening to old music, the thoughts of the good old days could stir up your hopes or remind you of the high dreams you may have forgotten. As a matter of fact, this has been supported by research in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
One of the best ways to keep calm and carry on is by reminding yourself of some of your great past experiences and how you worked things out despite some hardships and obstacles you encountered. This nostalgia helps you maintain a positive attitude in the face of any ongoing adversity, allowing you to turn stressful situations into fun learning experiences, or see them as stepping stones to your better future. 
Recalling an old memory of a time when you achieved a feat or succeeded in something makes it easier for you to hold your head up and prevail once again.

Old Music Reminds You of Your Dreams, Some of Which You May Have Abandoned

As the memories of the good old days come, they also bring alongside some of the great dreams you had that you may have even abandoned. You may not realise it instantly but it would have had its effects in your brain. 
It is no news that even your well-documented plans can get modified or even forgotten. It happens to each and every one of us. That is why you may get surprised at how your plans turn out when you compare them to how you initially planned them. Change is a constant entity in reality but not your initial plans and vision is usually a source of motivation to keep on. 
It is important to note that a constant reminder of your plans and dreams can restore any strength or motivation that you may have lost and that is what a periodic fallback to some old songs/music, or any other art does.

Old Music Help Relax Your Mind

Listening to old music help to relax your mind and reduce anxiety. A psychology Professor Krystine Batcho, PhD., explained to the Huffington Post that "any change good or bad is a stressor but she explained that nostalgia enables you to emotionally and cognitively keep track of what has not changed so far, giving you the sense of continuity, such that you do not think of the change as disastrous as you would otherwise think.
The feeling of nostalgia evoked by music or any other art that triggers your memory relaxes you in two major ways:
  1. It stirs your hopes when you remember the good plans you had.
  2. That feeling, like other similar emotions, induces the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that help quell your anxiety.

Old Music Foster Your Love For Your Loved Ones

Listening to old music or seeing any visual art that reminds you of the past also reminds you of the people that were with you at such points in the past. You may not be with them at the moment but listening to old music can increase your love for them and create a stronger bond between you and them.

But how does love affect productivity? Harbouring hatred or any negative feelings has been shown to go against productivity. Yoga and other mind exercises help keep your mind clear from any negativities as much as possible. Nostalgia evoked by listening to old music also create more love in you, boosts your memory and enhances your productivity.
Over-the-counter medications can help relax the mind but they are also likely to get in the way of your memory and clear-thinking. But listening to old music can also do that for you and this time, without any complications.

Old Music Can Enhance Your Memory

Like I may have already mentioned, the soothing effect that you experience when you think about the past is what I refer to as nostalgia - that feeling of the good old days. This can enhance your memory many times over. 
If your memory starts to fade, a familiar song or an old photograph can help bring those memories back to the surface. In fact, Alzheimer's patients and their families often use nostalgia as a way to trigger buried memories and regain a sense of self.

Listening to old music once in a while can help connect your old memories from childhood until the present moment, and connectivity provides a framework on which your new memories can be wired. Thus, you are more likely to remember what you read, your ideas at work or the plans and schedules.

Hey! Before you hop right in, remember there are consequences. Yeah, this is just the hilarious me. I expect you smile to this just like I am currently. That was just by the wayside. Jeez, which consequences again?
But do you know, you could get the opposite response to those above if your mind is not stayed up optimistically? Instead of looking forward hopefully when you remember how great your dreams are, instead of rising up to your drawing table to revive your dead or dying dreams, instead of letting your hopes surge high to the ceiling, you could end up getting depressed that it would get worse.
You could begin to give up on yourself that it is too late to live your life the way you imagined it. The good old songs did their bid to make you remember how great you planned your life but it's your decision to stay high up without ever thinking that whatever you have left undone is too late to recover.
Therefore, you must stay optimistic while you allow your good old music strum the string of your heart so dearly.

Just to sway a little, someone may ask, do you mean I should learn to play music while working? Wait! What do you think I mean too?
I am not talking about the benefits of listening to old music or any music while working, at least that could be a topic for another day. Different people have what makes them get on best. To some, listening to music simultaneously could be refreshing and motivating, while to others, they may just not be able to handle focusing on what they are doing while listening to something really interesting. In this post, you saw how listening to old music at leisure can enhance your productivity. And that's it for now. Just be cool and stay great.

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