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7 Basic Things You Need To Achieve Your Dreams

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You will agree with me that it's one thing to have dreams and it is another to see them get fulfilled. Many people who had great dreams have had to let them slip through their fingers. And some others do not even know how the ended up forgetting all they dreamt of.
Just like the dreams in your deep night sleep, dreams can be fleeting and transient but with the right mindset and preparedness to make them work out, you can achieve your dreams the way you want them.
These 7 tips will help you stay focused and avoid your dreams from tunneling down the way of forgetfulness.

While growing up, I encountered NFA, which is short for "No Future Ambition", is a terminology used for people who do not show signs of seriousness for their future. Those people tagged NFAs had recognizable features that were common to most of them. They are just careless about their lives and do not really seem to think about how they want their life to go anymore.
But where those people always NFAs? Were they always so uninterested in their life and their future?
Dreams are internal energies that keep you running the race of life. They sustain you when things are not going the way you wanted. If dreams are not there, people are more likely not to keep up with life's challenges. Many people have lost their focus on their dreams and their future, and what they realized is that they just don't care what happens anymore.
Three basic factors are implicated in why people suddenly dump their dreams and just accept that they can succeed at them any longer.
  • Discouragement
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of interests


Life's frustrations and many other discouraging conditions can really take a great toll on your dreams. Even the most determined people would end up frustrated and so uninterested when they have become hit by certain conditions. When you work towards your dreams and it just looks like you are barely even leaving a spot, all your efforts seem so futile that all you think of is to quit.
If you notice that your efforts at succeeding in something are not working out or are not commensurate to the results you get, it can be really discouraging and you may want to give up or change to a different thing entirely. But one thing about dreams is that they also fuel your passion, without which your resilience is further reduced.
It does not however mean that there is no room for change and rediscovery though, but before you do that, you must ensure that you have done all it takes and still didn't get it back.


Each day you wake up from sleep, you feel refreshed, stronger, more energetic. But research has shown that when you sleep the brain reorganizes information you have picked up. It creates neural connections between similar memories such that this link will reinforce your memory about them when you think about them in your wakeful life. It also tries to filter negative memories and clear them off. But in the process of doing all these, some important information can be lost too.
It takes a great deal of work and consistency to keep information and even more interestingly, you need to understand how to better store information in your brain.
Some people woke up one morning and found out how disinterested they have become about their dreams. They do not seem to be able to picture clearly what their dreams looked like any longer. And that was how that dream was lost. Forgetfulness is universal, I'm quite sure you forget too but in the next session, I am going to show you some practical ways to hold on to your dreams and not letting go to forgetfulness.

Lack of Interests

If you noticed, I have talked a little about this interest in the preceding points above because interest is the 'grand-sister' of passion. Interest is so closely related to a passion such that when you have passion for something, you are automatically interested in it.
But that fateful morning, you just realized your interests have waned for a particular activity you used to love doing. It just doesn't seem right to you anymore but the reasons are yet effable(cannot be explained), shrouded in mystery. Why did I suddenly lose interest this morning?
Part of the reasons why one loses interest, I have already talked about at the point of discouragement. But the second part may not sound so cool to your ears. You lost interest because it was never your passion, or it had not really metamorphosed into a passion yet.
The drive of passion is usually a super-ordinary feeling that you just can't easily bottle up but why do many people easily cock their so-called passions up so easily nowadays.

It's now becoming clearer that the best way to prove your passion is to stay with it. That is the only proof that you once had a passion, that you stayed with without giving up. If you are going to give up on your passions, you first have to give up hope of living first. And that's way too extreme, don't you think?

No matter how hard you have been hit by the storms of life and the staring "bull of discouragement" or the "ravaging thieves of forgetfulness", there is a way out. You can still spark off your engine and continue from where you stopped. Here are 7 basic things you need to get your dreams fulfilled.

How To Fulfil Your Dreams

  1. Learn to write down your plans
  2. Start as early as possible
  3. Don't be shy/afraid to start small
  4. Take time to reflect on your plans
  5. Give more time and attention
  6. Learn to relate with people
  7. Be happy with yourself
  8. Don't give up

Learn to Write Down Your Plans

You remember the ancient Chinese proverb that says "the dullest pen is better than the sharpest memory"? In short, not only is better than that the sharpest memory, it is better than the sharpest two combined. But why is this so?
According to a 2010 article in Scientific American, the memory capacity of the human brain was reported to have the equivalent of 2.5 Petabytes.  Where 1 Petabyte is equivalent to 1024 Terabytes or a million Gigabytes. Thus, amounting to 2.5 million Gigabytes of digital memory.
With over 125 trillion neural connections, each neural connection(synapse) storing about 4.7 bits of information, the brain can process 10 billion operations in one second.
Am I still talking about the human brain that I downvoted for against the blunt dirty-leaded or inked pen? Yes, I am or so I still believe. The reliability of the brain's memory can never be totally trusted, at least, so do the experts say and the proof is right here with each and every one of us. You know something now and the next moment, you don't know where it has gone.

Writing things down does some magic. When you write stuff down, especially your plans, it has been proven that you are more likely to remember them or get them fulfilled.
The mechanism behind this may not be fully explained yet but for all we know, it kinda builds a link between what you have assimilated and what you have not. That is to say, it consolidates the memory of what you know.
In my own experience and of other people I know, writing stuff down increases your chances of executing them. Even after you forget what the idea was, the fact that you wrote it down somewhere, guarantees that it has been stored in your subconscious mind somewhere and you find yourself executing it without knowing. I have often been amazed when I see some of my old lists of plans that I forgot even exist, how I find that I executed almost all the items I listed on it.
From here, you find that the first basic thing you need to do to make your dreams into reality is learning to write things down.

Start as Early as Possible

Just before I talk about starting as early as possible, let me quickly mention one of my recent achievements in the blogging industry. Knowseeker Lifestyle made it to the Top 200 Lifestyle blogs list on Feedspot. But that I owe to many years of constant efforts to ensure that my audience receives the best information ever.
Now, there is a reason why starting as early as possible is important. I was interacting with one of my friends one day when I mentioned that one of the best ways to learn is learning on the job. Many people often want to know it all first before they "start" but that is practically a waste of precious time.
After making some baseline preparations, you just have to push yourself to give it a headstart, irrespective of how much you think you are not prepared. I started my blogging journey almost 9 years ago and one of the things I noticed was that I was getting better at it the more I keep doing it.
If you want to achieve your dreams or see them getting fulfilled, you must learn to go into action as early as possible, avoid procrastination and be bold to face your risks squarely.
When you fail to act, most times, you just end up forgetting what the plans were in the first place.

Don't be Shy to Start Small

I used "shy" but I think I could include "afraid" too. I'm not very sure how you feel when they want to start and all they have is just a few tools and little cash at hand. Starting small is an inevitable phase of every successful project or dream and if you think you want to jump over that phase, you will end up building your empires on a weak foundation. You know what that means, right? It is not going to last long.
One of the major challenges that may hinder one from starting early is capital and inadequate resources. But you really don't necessarily need to have some huge capital before you start. It has eve been shown that people who are willing to manage their projects from scratch are more likely to succeed than those who want some huge landings.

Take Time to Reflect on Your Plans and Dreams

When forgetfulness sets in, you lose many important facts about how your plans and dreams were. That is why it is important to sometimes reflect on your plans/dreams with a view to keep track of their progress.
Reflecting on your plans comes in two ways, one of which I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. The first involves reflecting on your plans in the plans, some of your decisions and their outcomes so that you can find better ways of doing things. This not only makes you achieve your dreams better but also allows you to keep up to date with your plans without forgetting them totally.
The second way of reflecting is what I will call anterograde, which is thinking forwards. That is to say, you need to think about what you are going to do next. You may have drawn down plans or blueprints of your ideas but you also need to back that up by thinking about how you are going to execute those plans.
Either way, you are less likely to repeat a mistake when you think about some of your mistakes in the past. Not in a way that will keep you sober and downcast about the past, but in a way to learn from your specific mistakes so that you can succeed better this time.
When you keep thinking about your plans, you are less likely to forget them in the long-run.

Give More Time and Attention

What you love, you give attention to it. When you neglect your dreams and ambitions, there are great chances that something else is going to completely fill up their void. And you may only realize after many years that you have actually lost your dreams completely.
There are so many things that may want to compete with your dreams and ambitions for your attention, but it is your sole responsibility to give priority to your dreams and anything you consider really important.
Just like I talked about in the previous point above, one great way you can give attention to your dreams and plans is by thinking about them. You may not have all the time in the world but some of those leisure hours could be devoted to reflection on your plans and how you want them to go.

Learn to Relate With People

Building relationships with people come with various advantages but those come at a cost too. People can drive negative energies that can discourage you and kill your passion for your dreams. However, being with the right people can help stir you up. They can also lift your spirit when you feel low and generally discouraged.
When next you wonder why you are not the only person in the world, remember that it's simply because we all need each other. Connecting with people provides you with the opportunity to grow in certain ways.
Conversely, you may also meet some negative folk along the way, but in the long run, they can still be of help no matter how you perceive them to be, whether positive or negative. The only precautions you need to strictly adhere to are; not allowing any negative influence distorts your dreams and aspirations and secondly, doing your best not to be caught acting as though you do not need them.
Creating good relationships with people can help you attain your dreams in terms of providing assistance, connecting you with other people, and even supporting you materially.
The bottom line here is that, identify with the right people that align well with your passion and dreams and avoid those that could pull you down, and be good to everyone as much as you can.

Be Happy With Yourself

Happiness, they say is a choice but this choice is determined by many prevailing conditions. You may not be where you think you should be as far as your dreams are concerned but being burdened by this can greatly impair how much you get your dreams achieved.
In this post, you also see that it is important to reward yourself when you achieve little feats because that can motivate you to achieve more.
To be maximally productive, you must choose to be happy irrespective of what storms your boat. Your productivity is enhanced when you choose to be happy.

Don't Give Up

I have already given you 7 things you need to achieve your dreams but I think there is need to include this last point. At several points, you may want to give up trying, especially when all your efforts are not working out the way you want. At this point, there is only one thing you can do, or I'd say two.
First, never give up trying, and then, review what you have done so far and see if there is room for any modifications. It may be that you are probably not getting something right. Giving up means you stand no chance of realizing what that is.

Prosper Yole

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