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8 Lucrative Career Paths You Can Pursue Your Dreams Around In 2021

Career paths in 2021
In most countries of the world, if not all, the level of wealth that a person acquires is based on how they personally indulge in business and carry out investments. The level of education does not directly reflect how successful a person becomes ultimately. This is because education itself does not directly put money on the table. It is what you do with it that does so. However, in the turn of this age, what directly equates to money is 'value'. The more value you can create, the more wealth you gain in return.

But wait a little, who still believes his capabilities are still being determined by how much educational degrees he has bagged? The world's richest people like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk of Tesla, to mention but a few, how many times have you heard them bring their educational qualifications to the fore? What about some wealthiest people in their continents like Aliko Dangote (Nigeria), Strive Masiyiwa (Zimbabwe) of Africa; Jack Ma, Mukesh Ambani, Ma Huateng of the Asian continent; and the list goes on, are they known because of their educational qualifications, or the number of degrees they have bagged? As a matter of fact, they never even mention those. Do they?

Why am I saying all this first? 
I have a list of say, eight(8) career paths you can pursue your dreams around in the new year 2021 and you are not required to complete some degrees to advance in any of these directions. 
2020 wasn't what anyone expected but here it's quickly giving way for a year we are more optimistic about, and you should too. 

Had dreams and expectations abruptly truncated by the COVID-19 and the harsh socioeconomic environment of 2020? Its never too late to restrategize, but maybe you are confused or have tried many other things already, I can bet there are still some untapped potentials you could unleash this new year.
We have a long article ahead of us, so let's get started.

Career Paths You Can Choose From

  1. Technology - computer/coding, accessories and electronics, production, distribution or maintenance 
  2. Business/marketing - import, export
  3. Entertainment - music, comedy, via youtube, entertainment blogging
  4. Writing and literature
  5. Agriculture
  6. Finance - Banking, insurance (or aiding these services)
  7. Transportation, Travels and Reservations
  8. Manufacturing and Production


Tech has formed a very important part of the lives of everyone on the planet. It has found huge applications in homes, industries, health, the military and even in education. Many technological inventions have been made, to improve the lives of humans both personally, socially and economically. 
It is interesting to know that this is one of the most lucrative ventures out there in this new age because everyone loves and uses Tech products on a daily basis. However, Tech skills are so technically demanding that one may just give up trying after just the first attempt. Some of the world's wealthiest people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk are heavily involved in Tech and there are so many others out there who are doing incredibly well, not to mention.


The mainstay of the world's economy is based on the business activities of individuals and corporate organizations all over the world. The world's richest man as of 2020, Jeff Bezos is a massive business professional who is most commonly known for Amazon, but he is also involved in a host of other ventures. Bill Gates is a tech professional/cum businessman who has amassed much wealth from business.

But what does business entail?

Business is simply anything that has to do with producing, distributing and delivering goods and/or services to the final consumers. But this sequence forms a spectrum including many different components as follows;
  • Production - Raw materials processing, transformation and manufacturing into finished goods.
  • Transportation - Raw materials and finished goods.
  • Distribution - Marketing, import and exports
  • Promotion - Advertisement, Affiliate marketing
  • Sales/delivering - marketing, vendors, retail and wholesale
  • Servicing and repairs/maintenance
  • Digital marketing

As far as business is concerned, having a product or service meet a need of customers is the primary goal. You could think of creating a new product/service or simply market or promote an existing one via one or more of the different forms listed above.
Creating advertisement to willing companies is a very lucrative job but that platform is not very easy to achieve. You need to build a strong enough customer audience or fan base (for an entertainer) to be able to advertise effectively for your client. 


The entertainment industry is also one of the most lucrative ones, especially, if you have secured your position as a public figure in the entertainment industry. 
There are huge potentials in the entertainment industry for anyone who is interested in advancing along that path, irrespective of your previous backgrounds or educational qualifications. All that is required is your passions and the desire to learn what it takes to be successful.
In the new year 2021, this is one career path you could explore. And the channels employed could be one or more of the following;
  • Music
  • Comedy - Stand-up comedy, video comedy, written comedy, toons or art
  • Home video/short video production
  • Entertainment blogging

YouTube and Instagram have become great platforms for advancing one's career in the line of entertainment. 
It is important to know that the entertainment industry is one people cannot do without, therefore, by securing an authority position in that industry, you gain the attention of many different people. This large coverage and publicity can be harnessed for potential business clients who would want to promote their products or services.

Writing and literature

Writing and literary writing is a form of art that appeals to a great variety of people. Stories and proses appeals greatly, but more importantly, people's thirst for information in this information age could be quenched by writing. And all it takes is for you to identify the gap in this information and fill it.
Here are some different ways you can make writing a career in 2021;
  • Blogging 
  • Copywriting
  • SEO writing
  • Freelancing
  • Book writing
  • Review writing for promotion


Agriculture remains one of the grossly untapped aspects of the economy that you can make a fortune on. It involves the production of crops and animals for domestic and industrial consumption. But even broadly, it does not have to be these direct consumption of this agricultural produce. These plants and animals could also become big sources of other by-products that would be commercially beneficial, e.g, oils for soap and paint industry, flour for bread, doughs and pastries, hides and skins, bones, fronds, wood and timber, raw foods, etc.
In the value chain, you do not always have to be the farmer, but you can strategize go occupy the gap between them and industries or nations, or you could even become a producer of new products like paints, leather which may have more economic value.  

Finance - Banking, insurance (or aiding these services)

The financial sector of the economy is also a very lucrative aspect because the money remains the currency of exchange of goods and services in this age. Trade by barter no longer operates in a highly sophisticated world like ours today, thus, money has to be exchanged for goods and/or services. However, by virtue of qualifications, and the huge requirements involved, not everybody is capable of starting a bank or working in a bank or some other financial institution. But there is a great margin that anyone can still occupy.
The financial sector includes banking services, financial societies, insurance companies and so on. But guess what? Even if you cannot afford to start up any of these, or are not qualified to work in or invest in any of them, you can still make a career out of them.
For instance, you could be an agent or middle-man between final consumers/customers and insurance companies and banks. These institutions may not require some extra qualifications from you if only you can assure them that your affiliation with them is going to be a beneficial one and that you can deliver your own side of the deal.
The example above is just one of the many instances of opportunities in the financial sector. You can think towards that line and set yourself for great wealth in the new year and beyond.

Travels and Reservations

COVID-19 successfully closed off international travels for many months. What that means is that people were locked in their current country without being able to move out. But soon after COVID-19 pandemic subsides, international travels will resume in full capacity once again. But how is this a potential investment opportunity?
I learnt this from a senior professor (Prof Lugard Sadoh) some time ago, and it's all identifying a travel gap, including fear and scepticism, inconvenience, and so on. Therefore, you can create a system of safe and trustworthy travel agency where you can directly be a travel agent to those who may be to sceptics, or afraid to do so themselves due to the prevailing COVID-19 effects. In this case, the Professor stated in a voiced message that you could help travellers gather information about the destination site, book their travel and reservations, and then, get paid for the services, while your clients also cover the direct bills themselves. The only challenge in this, he stated, is that a great deal of trust and integrity is required, to ensure that they don't see you as another fraudulent thief. There are a bunch of ways you could prove your authenticity, one quick way is to get your agency registered under the corporate affairs commission.

Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and production activities have always been ongoing, but the market opportunities changes per time. That is to say, anyone can enter the production industry at any point, especially if there is increased demand in a new product or an existing one.
At this point, this question we need to ask ourselves is that, "what products will be in higher demand in the new year?". According to the professor, it is speculated that there is a rise in baby-making worldwide, that is childbearing, such that there will be an increased demand in baby products, clothing, soaps and creams. Therefore, what does this mean? It becomes a potential area of investment for you as the manufacturer of those products that will be needed by the growing children in the new year and beyond.
As with other opportunities, you don't necessarily have to be at the fore. But if you can identify a gap in the value distribution chain along with the production of these products, you should also consider filling it to maximize your profits.'

As children grow older, there will also be a high demand for crèche care and nanny services. But the same thing here, you don't necessarily have to be the crèche caregiver or nanny, but you can create an organization with that coverage. For crèche care services, you can establish a facility with competent hands who would take care of the children while you pay them and also receive payments from the children's parents. Same goes for nanny services, create an agency through which interested clients can hire nannies whom you may have certified qualified for the job. 

Investment Schemes and Career Paths You Should Think Twice About

There is also a wave of some common investment schemes I will like to drop my personal comments about. My comments on these schemes may or may not appeal to you, but I will attempt to give you a reason why I think the way I do about them. Here are a few of such schemes:
  1. Cryptocurrency
  2. Virtual Forex
  3. Sports betting
  4. Politics


Cryptocurrency may look interesting and lucrative on a broad overview. The value of Bitcoin increased today by over 400 times the amount it was in 2013. This makes it seem like a lucrative investment and of course, it actually is, but in the long run, cryptocurrency is very volatile. That means it could just fold back in the way it came.
Great businesses are those that create value for your customers and you too. They are usually based on a set of investments on things that are tangible, that you can see, feel and touch.
Cryptocurrency investments would be an amazing opportunity if you are to build a cryptocurrency bank, or if cryptocurrencies have a higher chance of being accepted for normal transactions. But that's not the way it is.

Virtual Forex Trading

Forex trading, derived from "foreign exchange", is a global trade involving the exchange on, the buying and selling of world currencies. Many Forex trading apps are now available for mobile devices, fully replacing the old, conventional and slightly more difficult ways of doing the trade. It's easier and more encouraging now but there are issues you should watch out for. Apart from the potential losses, some of these ventures are a game of chance. You simply wait to predict changes in currency value over time, and these are great u certainties even though, they may seem to be predictable.
Another important thing worth noting is the amount of time you'd waste without actually improving your own life and skill set. Businesses that are not based on creating value for yourself (building your skill sets) or for other people (enhancing their quality of life) will not be so lucrative in the long-run. So instead of focusing so much on the present without making any plans for the future, you really need to have a re-think, focus significantly on the present, but more so on the future.

Sports betting

Gambling! Said a few things about gambling in this post already. What you need to know here is that gambling should not be a source of livelihood. It should simply be a way of relaxation with no desire to win or fear of loosing in mind. Sports betting has become the most common form of gambling worldwide. It is now available online on mobile devices as well, but it is still a game of chance. And more interestingly, it is often mixed with excessive greed on the part of the player, that makes him make very wrong game choices.


Politics have become a business venture in recent time because politicians in power can amass huge wealth very easily without accounting for how they got so much. But from the outset, the primary goal of politics was governance. However, because leaders are supposed to be comfortable enough to bear the burden of leadership, they needed to be rewarded handsomely. But in recent times, people have turned this to a money-making venture, even without the desire for good leadership and governance in mind.
Politics and public service are not personal investment platforms and should not be seen as such. In the new year, you should consider getting started in your political career if truly you have a passion for leadership and not just because of the gains you would make from it.

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