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Einstein Horse, The Horse That Proved You Are Special Just The Way You Are

You are amazing just the way you are. Has anybody else told you that? Well, you are going to see how Einstein horse demonstrated exactly that. But first, who is Einstein Horse?


Einstein horse, as the name implies, is a miniature horse (not a dwarf horse) that weighed only 6 pounds at birth, comparable to most other miniature horses that weigh up to 21 pounds at birth.
Einstein born on a Friday at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, New Hampshire at only 6lbs, was thought to be the world's lightest foal and this secured him the second title of the world's smallest non-dwarf horse.
Thumbelina, who is officially the world's smallest horse at 17.5 inches, claim this honor as Guinness bestowed on her in 2006. However, she is a dwarf horse with characteristic features of a disproportionately larger head, tiny little legs, and a really big body. She's a little bit shorter than Einstein, but she weighs twice as much as he does.

In an interview with Ophrah Winfrey in 2010, Rachel Wagner and Charlie Cantrell, who fell in love with the tiny steed the moment they met him and immediately bought him from Judy Smith, the owner of the Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm where Einstein was born, Rachel and Charlie hoped that Einstein would be crowned the smallest horse, as a take over from Thumbelina who currently holds that record.

Judy Smith once thought that Einstein would not make it at birth as she though he was dead when Einstein's mother, Tiz Fenisse, gave birth to him. However, he grew up beautifully well and gained popular recognition soon afterwards. But it was miniature and even quite smaller than Lily, the Boxer dog with whom he played.

Not to be confused with Einstein Horse (Racing Horse)

This Einstein Racing horse (2002-2020) was a dark bay or brown horse bred in Brazil by Fazenda Mondesir. He was sired by the 1985 American Horse of the Year, Spend A Buck
This Einstein also made his American debut on February 25, 2006, at Gulfstream Park in Florida, where he won the first of his two Gulfstream Park Turf Handicaps. He then won other races on three different track surfaces including; the Turf Classic Stakes on turf and the Clark Handicap on dirt, both in 2008 at Churchill Downs, and in 2009, California's richest race, the Santa Anita Handicap on Pro-Ride synthetic dirt.

Sounds to me like I am talking too much about the racer Einstein already. So, I will swiftly switch focus back to the Einstein that brought you and I here, the miniature Einstein horse who proved you are special in your own way.

Einstein was way smaller than the average horse, or even smaller than other miniature horses, but according to an article that featured in, Einstein was styled the small horse with a big personality.

How Einstein Horse Proved You Are Special Just The Way You Are

Different people are born differently. Some are taller than the others, some are shorter. Circumstances of birth differs for everybody, and that was still the way it is for Einstein. 
But Eintein's peculiar nature made him to stand out even though it is considered an anomaly for horses of his own kind. Einstein wasn't dissuaded otherwise, he didn't feel inferior to the rest of them. Rather, it was noted that because he didn't fit with the other horses, he preferred to hang out with Lily, the bulldog in his home.
He then gained public recognition and was loved by many including Ophrah Winfrey, who fed him with carrots in one interview session with Rachel and Charlie.
Here are the highlights of things Einstein horse did that made him even more attractive just the way he is:
  • He acts and behaves like everyone else
  • He is always cheerful and kisses his vet, so lovely for a horse, right?
  • He didn't struggle to blend with people, he simply identified those that would welcome him
  • He was fun to be with

No matter how imperfect you think you are, if you are grateful for it and you live your life cheerfully, people will appreciate your peculiarities. Some of the things that are in vogue today, or has been in vogue before, are things that people would normally consider abnormal and anomalous, but the people that made them gain popularity must have done them with all confidence and had given them some air of normalcy.

Want to know more about Einstein horse? Watch the documentary below;

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