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Inspiring Happy New Year 2021 Resolution Messages and Quotes

"For a new year to bring you something new, make a move. Like a butterfly tearing down its cocoon! Make a move"

It's a new year once again and you are grateful for a new start. The swift transition from 2020 to the new year, 2021 also ushered in a drastic change of mindset, beliefs and personality in many people. This is usually due to the conscious decisions of individuals to change certain areas of their lives for the new year.

These conscious decisions of individuals to change certain aspects about their lives on a new year is what we commonly refer to as new year resolutions, and they form a very vital part of how well the year goes for each of us. 
In this post, I am going to give you some inspiring happy new year resolution messages and quotes that will give you a good headstart for the new year.

Inspiring New Year Resolution Messages and Quotes

Forget about the past, it's mistakes and failures. Only focus on the present and the future.

The previous year had it's own share of errors and challenges, but you know what? It is gone for good. Focus on making this new year memorable and the best it can ever be.

If at all you will remember 2020, let it be for the lessons you learnt. If you are so frustrated at how cruel last year was, channel the anger into being more productive this new year

In a COVID-infested year like 2020, cruelty was dealt to everyone's business, corporate and social affairs, but instead of letting that take your spirit and ambitions away, strive to be more productive this year.

Resolutions may fail, plans may be frustrated but he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail. I know you made resolutions and decisions in the beginning of last year, some of which you didn't even get a chance to execute. But let that not deter you from making new resolutions this year. Because he who fails to plan or make resolutions is only skin-deep away from failure.

If you failed in 2020, try again in 2021. It's never too late 

Ha! I don't know what you define failure as, but to me failure is when you give up trying again.

Endings are always the main targets, but a great beginning gives a huge advantage. 

The hear is still fresh. Make the best of it beginning from now. Everyone wants to have a great ending but the the beginning matters a lot. A great headstart may not always guarantee a great ending but it increases your chances of ending well too.

I'd rather make plans, work towards them and be optimistic than to sit back and give up on everything 

Who folds their hands in one place nowadays? Show me that person and I will tell you why he fails. I'd rather make plans and work towards them than to sit idly in one place. Wouldn't you too?

When there seems to be no way, there are actually more ways that you just cannot see yet.

Lost many things in 2020 and you now think there is no way to recover? Let me shock you a little bit. When you think there is no way, there are actually more ways that you just cannot see yet.

A step at a time

Giant leaps are products of small steps at a time. Don't despise those little achievements you make daily, and learn to take it one at a time. It helps.

Want to always be comfortable? Nobody succeeds by being always in the comfort zone

This year, make a resolve to try new things, explore other opportunities and be willing to face risks.

New Year Messages

In this year, be gentle to yourself, be kind to others, make this world a better place for everyone.

You know what? You've got one life to live. Use that life to be the nicest to yourself and to other people around you.

Enter this new year with a heart of gratitude, for this is a new chance to create your dreams

I am grateful because I'm alive to create and re-create. That's the voice of gratitude.

Just for your information, you are unique, special and you are perfect

If no one ever told you that, let me be the first person to say this truth. You are special and your best version is the best version of you ever, not being like anyone else. There's room for upgrade but never think of yourself as inferior.

This 2021, let yourself be drawn by a stronger pull to that which you truly love

Gravity is real, attraction is real and in this year, only let yourself gravitate to that which you truly love. Let it suck you in so much that you do not have room for things you so detest.

Don't spend 2021 doing the same old shit!

Come on! Were you going to do that before? Then what makes this new year new if there is nothing new in your life?

Happiness is a gift you don't always get to pay for. Choose to be happy

Some of life's best things are free. Happiness is one of them. Just choose to be happy and so be it.

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