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Signs That You Are Loyal To A Fault In Your Relationship

Loyal To A Fault In Your Relationship
There are very few things in the world that do not have excesses.  Even the best things in our universe easily become a nuisance or a problem when they exceed moderate levels. There is the common parlance you may have heard of, that simply puts "moderation is key"
A tiny little phrase that describes when a person has a particular 'good quality' more than is usual or necessary, to the extent it starts becoming a problem or could potentially be so.

When you talk about being nice, yes, I am guilty of being nice to a fault. That's like praising myself, right? But I'd just say that's a good example to help you better understand what it means to possess an attribute to a fault. I'm doing this because we are going to talk about being loyal to a fault. What does it mean to be loyal to a fault? And what are the signs that you are loyal to a fault in your relationship?

These and a few more we will talk about in this post. However, attaching the word "fault" to it should easily raise the signal that something is off about it. Therefore, we will try to see what can be done to make things right or to shift the balance back into moderation. Let's go now...

What Does It Mean To Be Loyal To A Fault

Haven't I already answered this? Being loyal to fault simply means you are so loyal and faithful that it is actually more than necessary. There are many reasons why loyalty can be seen as excessive, here are a few;
  • When the person you are showing it to does not prove that they are deserving of it
  • When it is costing you too much that you can comfortably live with
  • When the person does not reciprocate the gestures
Being loyal to a fault in a relationship usually comes in various ways but the primary way it manifests is one-sidedness. 
Can one be too loyal and is it wrong to be loyal to a fault? Let's answer these questions in the immediate next section.

Is It Wrong To Be Loyal To A Fault?

Loyalty is a desirable attribute for every relationship, but being loyal to a fault is not. Being loyal to a fault means showing the usual characteristics of loyalty and genuine faithfulness to your partner, but in exaggerated amounts, so to speak. You lose a lot when you are loyal to a fault, even in the worst-case scenario, you could lose the relationship itself, and incurs for yourself some great grief, pain, and hurt as a result.

Being loyal and faithful to your partner is great and desirable for the relationship. However, being loyal to a fault means you are robbing yourself of happiness just because of the relationship. And you know what? You deserve to be happy too.

Signs That You Are Loyal In A Relationship

Here are a few signs that you are loyal to your partner and the relationship:
  1. You are supportive
  2. You are trustworthy
  3. You are open and honest
  4. You believe in the relationship
  5. You are generous to your partner
  6. You stand by your partner and never complain about them to others
  7. You see yourself with your partner in the future

You Are Supportive

If you are loyal to your partner, you would support them through all they are determined to do, no matter how seemingly difficult it would be for both of you. One clear sign of someone who is not loyal is that they still have a half-conviction about your relationship with them and would stay reserved when you need some support from them. This they do because they are not so sure they will end up with you.

You Are Trustworthy

When you are loyal to your partner, you display trustworthiness. In other words, you act in a straightforward manner and do not try to deceive them. Even if you are dubious to other people, you would be trustworthy to someone you are loyal to.

You are Open and Honest

Openness and honesty are some major components of trust. When you are loyal to your partner, you want them to see that you are genuine in your feelings and actions. You want them to know that they are special to you and how do you achieve that? You especially open up things to them and you are honest about them as much as possible.

You Believe In The Relationship

Optimism and belief that the relationship will work out is a virtue that is required from both partners for the relationship to really work out. When you are loyal to your partner, it is actually because you believe that it's going to work out. 
There will be ups and downs, periods of arguments, and harmony, but if you truly believe in the relationship, you will see them as stepping stones to your ultimate end of settling down with your partner. If your partner doesn't feel the same way, then we can all agree that you have become loyal to a fault. But the conclusion is not arrived at so quickly, you first have to hold them up when they are giving up, and if they would not regain the fire for no reason even if you were to take your life for it, then you can confirm that you are loyal to a fault.

You are Generous to Your Partner

If you are loyal to your partner, you treat them as though they were yourself. You literarily take them as yourself and giving to them won't be all that difficult. Generosity is a clear sign of loyalty and the absence of it means there is probably something wrong with the relationship. 

You Stand By Them And Never Complain About Them To Others

When you are loyal to your partner, it doesn't blindfold you to some of their errors and mistakes. You realize they have shortcomings too but instead of complaining about them to everybody out there, you simply want to keep their wrongs to yourself. When you find yourself complaining too much about your partner to other people, know that your loyalty is already wavering.

You See Yourself With Your Partner In The Future

Loyalty is faith in action. In other words, you have faith that your partner will be your forever partner against all odds. You won't always get great feelings about the relationship but you just believe that you will end up with your partner. 
In actual terms, this attitude is what you need for the relationship to keep thriving hut it has to be from both sides. And if you see that you are the only one consistently trying to keep the faith alive, while the other is busy watching out for your wrongs as excuses to quit, then you can be said to be loyal to a fault.

Signs You Are Loyal To A Fault In Your Relationship

There are clear signs that you are loyal to a fault. I was once loyal to a fault and the outcome was grievous but inevitable. Let me just give a list of these signs and hopefully say a little about them.
  1. The love is one-sided 
  2. They leave the whole work for you alone
  3. They don't care what you think or feel
  4. They keep referring to your past wrongs, etc

The Love Is One-sided

I earlier stated in this post that the primary way being loyal to a fault manifest is one-sidedness. When you start getting the feeling that your partner does not love you enough, it's a clear sign that you are in a one-sided relationship. But just to be sure, here are some other signs to watch out for in a one-sided relationship.

They Leave The Whole Work For You Alone

The job of keeping and sustaining the relationship should be a two-way thing. Both partners are supposed to be on deck and make sure things go in the right direction. But when you start noticing that the other person is just passively waiting for you to make it work, then you know that they are not loyal to the relationship too. At this point, your loyalty may be seen as being loyal to a fault.

They Don't Care What You Think or Feel

When you love someone and you truly do, you'd care about how they feel. Even when you want to emotionally torture them for what the wrong they may have committed, deep down you still feel for them. Maybe you are in a relationship where your partner does not care if you would be hurt from their actions, and even if you let them know about it, they would put it that you are over-reacting, or they say you are thinking too seriously about their actions. It's true, you do not always have to expect your partner to never wrong you but you should look out if they care about your feelings or not. If you continue being stuck in the relationship, I'm sorry to announce that you may be loyal to a fault already.

They Keep Referring To Your Past Wrongs

I didn't know how hurtful this can be until a friend lived with me for a few weeks. I innocently recalled to him how many times he had repeated the same thing and I told him I was getting fed up. Then, thereafter, we sat down to discuss and he poured out to me how much that hurts him each time I did it. It may sound like a little reminder to make them change, but keeping track of some past wrongs even if you have let go of them sends a signal to your partner that you never forgave them of it in the first place. At this point, your loyalty may be loyalty to a fault.

What Should You Do?

After identifying that you may already be loyal to a fault, what should you do next? Loyalty to a fault in the first means you are giving loyalty that is more than necessary, and here lies the answer to what you should next. Simply remove the excesses, that part that is considered more than necessary. The truth is, there are ways being loyal to a fault can negatively affect you and you need to be quick enough to leave without been affected. 
However, before you take any drastic decision, you must first ascertain fully that your partner is not deserving. In other words, it should have been noticed unstoppable for a length of time. 

You need to put your loyalty into your relationship but it is not enough reason to be one loyal to a fault.
In this post, you learned what it means to be loyal to a fault. You also learned how to know a loyal person, signs that you are loyal to a fault, and finally, what you should do on occasions that you find yourself being loyal to a fault in your relationship.

It is important to note that you can also be loyal to a fault in other aspects of your life, aside from romantic relationships. It could be at work, school, or just other areas. Same with what we have just seen for romantic relationships, being loyal to a fault has some grave consequences that you need to avoid because as a matter of fact, your loyalty has become more than is necessary. Just like in most things in our universe, moderation is key.
Stay cool, don't forget to drop a comment down below. Thanks for reading.

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