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Rainbow Kiss: What It Means, How Safe Is It And Why People Still Do It

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What is the rainbow kiss, what does it really mean, how safe is it and why do people do it? These are questions you will be finding answers to in this post.

I didn't know what rainbow kiss was until I stumbled across it on Twitter after @DrOlufunmilayo tweeted about it. I was curious, I wanted to know what a rainbow kiss means. So, I started my research about the topic and here is some information I gathered about the rainbow kiss.

During my research, I saw somewhere on the internet, I think on Twitter, if I'm not mistaken, there was a warning, "Don't Google rainbow kiss". But this further increased people's curiosity about the term and this consequently increased the number of Google searches for the term 'rainbow kiss'. So, I decided to create this post to satisfy the curiosity of millions of people, including you, searching to know about rainbow kiss worldwide.

So, what is a rainbow kiss, what does it really mean?

Just in case you already guessed, a rainbow kiss is not a type of kiss. And two, it is not in any way associated with the rainbow.

Rainbow kiss is one such weird sex practice that has gained some level of media recognition, but I cannot say for sure how much people actually participates in the act. I'm just preparing you for what is to come. The rainbow kiss is really gross and disgusting when you hear about it, but I already promise to tell you what it means, so...

What Is A Rainbow Kiss?

A rainbow kiss is a mixture of semen and menstrual blood in the mouth, which occurs when a guy goes down on a woman during her period with his head into the vaginal opening, while the woman gives him a blow job at the same time, possibly in the "69" sex position, until the man ejaculates into her mouth, after which they both exchange a kiss and mix the menstrual blood and the semen together in their mouths. This is the rainbow kiss.

Some sex enthusiasts say that the mixture of sperm and menstrual blood in the mouth could create a rainbow colour, but we do not have enough to verify this yet. However, we can be sure that the mixture could create some weird colours, but who cares to know more?

I still don't get the rationale behind the naming of this strange type of kiss rainbow kiss when it could have been named, let's say, brown kiss. Even though I am not quite sure if the rainbow kiss would not end up being a brown colour, I can stick my neck confidently that it will not be a rainbow colour as well.

Maybe there is something people are missing out about this rainbow kiss. Does it produce some magic that causes a rainbow glow around the sexual partners? All this we are not sure of. But how then did the term 'rainbow kiss' come to be?

Where Did Rainbow Kiss Originate From?

The term "rainbow kiss" was first used by Simon Farquhar, a Scottish script-writer, in his play titled Rainbow Kiss, published by Oberon Books and was staged in the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2006. In this book, Farquhar talks about a young man, Keith, who stakes everything on a one-night stand with a young lady, Shazza. He wanted her to enter a more lasting relationship with the lady, but to her, it was a one-night stand that would end just right there.

The term rainbow kiss gained popularity after it went viral on TikTok with over 3 million views. However, there was no time when the sexual meaning of the term was explicitly stated or even illustrated. The meaning of rainbow kiss that you have now learnt is probably derived through some unknown means. But that's what it is.

I know you have many questions about rainbow kiss that you would want answers to. You may want to know if the rainbow kiss is safe, if there are medical risks involved, does it favour disease transmission, why do people engage in it? You may also want to know if there are other related sex practices to rainbow kiss and if you can practice it with your partner too.

I will seek to provide you with answers to these questions in the following sections.

Is Rainbow Kissing Medically Safe?

Rainbow kiss is not only a disgusting act to think of, it is also considered to be medically unsafe. Just like other unconventional sex practices, like anal sex or oral sex, the risk of disease transmission to non-sex related parts of the body is higher in rainbow kiss.

Blood, other body fluids like semen, vaginal discharge, urine, sputum, etc, are high-risk media for disease transmission, including the sexually transmitted infections (STIs). From every medical perspective, rainbow kiss can be considered medically unsafe and the practice should be discouraged.

Some specific diseases have been associated with the act of rainbow kiss. According to a Twitter doctor with the handle @DrOlufunmilayo, engaging in the sexual act raises the risk of transmission of the following diseases in people who practice it. He gave this in his tweet embedded as follows;

In the tweet above, he listed the following diseases:

  • Hepatitis A, B and C
  • Human Papillomavirus
  • Herpes Simplex Virus
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
  • Diarrhoea and Dysentery

Some of these diseases are deadly. You may have heard of viral hepatitis and HIV, amongst others, haven't you? During the process of rainbow kissing, blood or semen that is infected with organisms causing these diseases may enter into the blood through wounds or other injuries in the mouth.

In the case of diarrhea and dysentery, don't you think the practice is unhygienic enough to cause these diseases in those people?

After considering the safety profile of the act of rainbow kiss, and established that it is not safe, we begin to wonder why people still engage in it?

Why exactly do people still engage in rainbow kissing?

The testimonies of people who have tried this sexual act would be truly invaluable at this time. But for obvious reasons, no one would ever divulge that they have been involved in this practice.What are some possible reasons why people engage still engage in the act of rainbow kissing?

Why Do People Engage In Rainbow Kissing? 

There have to be some real explanations as to why people engage in rainbow kissing. Though we may view this sexual act as dirty and disgusting, we still do not know to what extent people can go to enjoy sex.

According to the sexual expert, Danyell Fima, a co-founder of Velvet Co, rainbow kissing could be such an enjoyable sexual act for couples when the woman is on her period. Below is her reasons for saying this;

"A rainbow kiss is a great way for everyone to enjoy the few minutes of cathartic bliss right after you both orgasm. Consider that the goal."

She further added;

"The trick is for you and your partner to finish at about the same time, so that neither of you has to hold the blood or semen in your mouth for too long. You've really got to know your body and know your partner."

By few minutes of cathartic bliss, she meant that since mentrual flow happens just once every month, it becomes a scarce commodity that can be harnessed during sex. And you know what happens when something becomes scarce. People tend to value it more.

In her explanation, it therefore stands to reason that having a rainbow kiss with a menstruating partner is going to be the best way the couple can enjoy sex differently during the flow. This means that the normally uninteresting period for sex with a woman is converted into something special, the rainbow kiss. These assumptions may not be real and true enough but those could be some possible reasons why some people would engage in rainbow kiss, despite how disgusting and unsafe it has been shown to be.

Also, Sadie Allison (PhD), the founder of, further explains that the rainbow kiss can be one of the ways people can enjoy period sex. She puts is as follows;

“Like the hundreds of other fetishes out there, this ‘unique’ activity is perfectly okay to do so long as it's agreed upon by two consenting adults”. 

Lastly, Wendasha Jenkins Hall (PhD) also justifies it by adding that;

“orgasms can actually help relieve menstrual cramps, so rainbow kisses may not be a bad idea for those who are adventurous and kinky”.
All those reasons abound, and some may seem reasonable, but the one question that should guide you is the question of how safe it is.

In light of these, Wendasha Jenkins Hall (PhD) says it’s important to take precautions when performing any sexual act with a new partner. She further explains that, 

"There is nothing wrong with giving or receiving oral sex when you or your partner is menstruating as long as both are comfortable doing so and have taken the necessary precautions, such as getting tested for HIV and other STDs. It is possible to perform cunnilingus and not come into contact with any blood if you focus on clitoral stimulation."

Should you engage in a rainbow kiss?

At this point, you should have known enough about rainbow kissing to be able to decide if it is something you can try out with your partner. I'm not so sure of the benefits, but the risks are overwhelming. So, let's just say the risks outweighs the benefits. Besides, there are better and safer ways to achieve sexual pleasure aside rainbow kissing.


The rainbow kiss is a strange sex practice that involves a sexual intercourse between a man and a woman in her menses, with the associated mixing of semen and menstrual blood in the mouth.

If you read till this point, I'm glad you didn't throw up, because I have come to agree that the act of rainbow kiss is a disgusting and nauseating practice. However, I will like to know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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