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10 Signs She Is The One You Should Marry

Signs she is the one:

She is everything you ever dreamed of, she fills your heart with so much sweetness and makes you feel on top of the world. She may be right there in the house with you as you read this right now, or she is away. You were about to take some rest but her thought flashed into your head. Yes, I am talking about your girlfriend, or at least, one of your girlfriends.

She has given you enough signals to make you believe that she really loves you. She is ready to prove it over and over again, you just know that she's got everything you need in a woman, but there is yet one big problem. She is not the only one on the list. You've had a terrible breakup a few months back and you do not want to make the same mistakes you did the last time. 

At first, you told yourself that the past is gone and you have learnt your lessons. But no matter how much you have learnt about choosing and selecting a partner, you realised you are never going to be too sure to know the one you should marry on your own. So, you hit the search bar, and typed in the phrase, "how to know if she is the one you should marry".

Maybe you already asked a close friend you confide in already but you felt you needed more information on this delicate matter. How do I choose one from the long list of girls of different specifications that I currently have? It can be difficult, some guys end up resorting to some lot-casting. Others just find themselves gravitating towards someone who understands their major physical needs, which could be food, sex, or anything else. Ladies, too, have recognised that triggering the hero instinct in a man can conjure his attention towards them. Of course, some of them who know about the concept of hero instinct would develop ways to adopt it as such.

But the same question keeps raging on, "how do I know that she is the one for me?" In this article, I seek to give you some important signs to know that she is the one you should marry.

The first thing you should know is that there are high chances that the girl you have in mind as you are reading this, or the girl you had in mind when you were keying in the keywords into your Google or Bing search box, would be the one you will ultimately marry. You really love her, that's why you are trying to get possible reasons why she can't be the one. That is to say, you do have no more reason against her. Left for you alone, she is the one. But how much can you trust your own judgment mixed with feelings and a few good deeds she has shown you?

What are some 10 important signs she is the girl you should marry? Let's head down to them now.

10 Signs You Should Marry Her

Is she the one you should marry? Here are 10 signs she could just be the one. 

  1. You are comfortable being around her
  2. She becomes the most beautiful girl to you
  3. You don't stop thinking about her
  4. You think about a future together with her
  5. She is like your number one on the list
  6. She loves listening to your stories
  7. You understand each other so well
  8. You try to look better for each other
  9. You tolerate her excesses
  10. You freely communicate your sexual desires

Somehow, the puzzle still remains. Do you really want to find out if she is the one you should marry because you want to get committed to her? Or you are simply looking for reasons to look elsewhere?

I am going to briefly explain the points above in the following section. But before then, there is one thing I think you need to know first. If she is the one you should marry, it does not mean you won't find flaws in her. It is perfectly normal to have your doubts about her at this point. But if these signs are present, then there are high chances you should take her in already.

You Are Comfortable Being Around Her

She is someone you are very free with, with no hidden characters. You want to express yourself just the way you are without trying to hide some stuff. You will do your best not to get in her way, or offend her but you don't try to mask your natural harmless behaviours. 

For instance, you are someone who loves reading books. For most other girls, you just want to pretend to them that you are not a nerd. You hide your books perfectly and never mention anything about them.

If you see that you don't need to hide before her, then she might just be the one you should marry. This means that she has openly made you know that she accepts you for who you are. She also reciprocates this by acting as free as possible as she can.

The simple fact is that when you see someone who is free with you, you will know instantly. It doesn't hide. But when they are pretending, something holds you back from being your true self too.

She Becomes The Most Beautiful Girl To You

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If she becomes the most beautiful girl to you, and you are able to resist the beauty of other girls when you see her, man! that's a clear sign you are in love already.

Being in love only is not enough to answer our longstanding question if she is the one you should marry or not, does it? After all, you can be in love with any girl that your heart is endeared to. However, if she becomes your most beautiful woman, there are high chances that you may have known her so well to know that she is the one for you.

Matters of love are fleeting and only tested by time. If you have spent some time together and the commitment keeps soaring higher between you two, you should go ahead and marry her when you are ready. Take note of this.

You Don't Stop Thinking About Her

You are busy doing your normal activities as if nothing is happening. But deep within you, you just won't let go of her thoughts. This gives you some amount of strength and motivation in the things you do. You don't try to keep off the feelings because you actually enjoy thinking about her.

Is she the same person you are able to express yourself freely with? I mean your most beautiful girl? If she is a combination of this together, then you should not fear to marry her already.

You Think About A Future Together With Her

You are lying down in the bed with her, maybe after cuddling with her. Then, reflexly you ask "how many children do you want to have when we get married?". Then, she looks at you, smiles, and replies "just two". Sometimes, she just jumps into the question of how you plan to spend your life after school, the things you plan to do and your biggest dreams. If you keep seeing things, it is a clear sign you are gradually aligning yourselves to spend your entire life together in the future. It's a mutual feeling, don't waste time before marrying her if you think you both are ready for it.

She Is Like The Number One On The List

When you find the love of your life, she gradually replaces anyone who has been on that spot. There are many signs she has become the number one on your list.

Do you find yourself putting her needs first, sometimes, even before yours?

You care about the things she cares about. You just want to watch her favourite movie with her, instead of going to watch soccer with your friends.

Or you are not too hesitant to apologize to her when she points out your mistakes.

If she does the same for you, it could mean that your love for each other has grown well enough.

She Loves Listening To Your Stories

You tell those boring, baseless stories, but you notice that she finds them interesting. She just wants to hear more of your stories and they really make her laugh.

Getting a person's attention is never so easy. Not to talk of getting them to laugh at your boring jokes. Everyone has what they describe as fun and what is not. If she finds your company interesting and your post hilarious, it could mean that she has come to love you the way you are. She is comfortable with you, and you are just the kind of man she has been looking for.

You Understand Each Other So Well

Another way you can know she is the one you should marry is in how much you understand each other. Everybody else misunderstand you, they sometimes misinterpret your innocent gestures and jokes to mean more sinister expressions. But you see this one girl, she is patient enough to listen to what you say carefully, observe your body language and understand you better than any other person, sometimes even more than your parents.

What more do you want in life than someone who understands you and supports you to the fullest. When other people say ills of you, someone who loves you simply say "he is a loving person, that's all I know".

You Try To Look Better For Each Other

Have you called your girlfriend that you want to go visit her and she agreed? You get there and she asks you to stand by the door for a few more minutes. Only for her to let you in thereafter, and she is looking specially beautiful, with perfumed scents hovering the entire room where both of you are. She appears sexier and prettier, and when you see her efforts to look beautiful for you, it makes you to love her even more.

When you meet someone who does their best to look their best for you, then there are chances she is interested in keeping the relationship with you, build and nocture it. Stay with her if you can.

You Tolerate Her Excesses

Everyone gets angry at some point but love hides many offences. When you are in love with someone, you don't see some of the wrongs they commit. If you catch yourself tolerating her excesses, some of those things you would rashly react to if they were done by other people, know that you have become deeply in love with this girl.

You have come to the end of this post. How many of the 10 signs did you tick good for her? Are you still asking "is she the one for me"? Are your doubts cleared or you still have more questions?

There could be more signs in addition to the 10 signs above. But is what is more important is that, sometimes even the most perfect girl for you may not pass for all the criteria above. But a score of 3/10 is not pass mark, is it?

Yes, this girl passed. Even scored 10/10, but I know you won't still be convinced. The same doubt that brought you here is about to go with you. In regards of your doubt that just won't go, this is the best I can do and I doubt if there will be anyone better out there.

However, my way-forward recommendation for you is that you need to recognize that love is about commitment. At some point, you just have to make up your mind to put in more commitment. If you think she is the one, why wait any longer?

Looking forward to hear from you in the comments box below. 

Prosper Yole

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