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30 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Signs To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It 

Being a guy is no little task at all. There is a lot you are expected to know and understand about the members of the opposite sex. Even worse, the girls are not making things any less difficult.

Most girls will not openly make you know that they are falling madly in love with you because they are afraid that will make them lose their value, or make them look cheap. Girls believe that a man who fights hard to get them is the one they should get on with. So, even though they are crushing really hard for you, they will keep hiding their feelings as much as they can.

However, no matter how hard they try not to show it, there are also some subtle signs to show that a girl likes you but just don't want to show it. But what if the girl is just being nice and not really into you? This is where this gets more confusing, that point when you need to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it, or she really hates you.

What is more important is that you should recognise the signs that she is first interested in you, so that you can harness this knowledge to make your move.

Sometimes, getting a "no" from a girl doesn't always mean a "no". Ladies are full of pranks and disguise. It is important that you understand this so that you don't ignorantly slip through each other's fingers. She may really want you to fight harder. This girl loves you, she is just trying not to show it too much. And it is worth knowing that there are many reasons why girls hide their feelings.

Before I go on to talk about how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it, let's see some ways girls can make their advances towards a guy that are interested in.

How Ladies Make Advances

Culturally, men are the ones who make the advances. Women play the camouflage, give the signals and simply wait for an interested male to win her over. But this makes things a little bit complicated. You have many males coming for a single lady, and it becomes really overwhelming for her to decide who she would go on with. 

But as passive as the ladies role may seem, they are not as passive as you are probably thinking. Just like the green traffic light that signals you to proceed, ladies can flash you some subtle signs that are interested in you. And sometimes, you can easily mistake these signs for some usual kind gestures, when in fact, they mean more than that.

Some common greenlight signs they make include the following:

  • Making you notice her and how beautiful she looks.
  • Behaving differently around you.
  • Staring at you when you are not watching, etc
I am going to show you more ways a lady can signal you that she likes you but is intentionally hiding it very shortly in this article. Just keep reading.

Trust me when I say that I have my personal experiences on this too. I have a girl who shows that she likes me but when I try to approach her, it doesn't end well each time. It becomes so frustrating because I really like her and her personality. So, after doing some research, I have come up with a list of subtle signs that would help you know if a girl that you like is interested in you but just won't stop hiding it.

Here are 30 signs she likes you but is just trying not to show it;

30 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

I have come up with this list of signals and behaviours that a girl who likes you put up. She does these because she wants you to notice her, but not take her for a cheap whore who is desperate for some attention. As you read through, don't fret. Because you may see some behaviours that may suggest that she outrightly hates you. However, in this post, you will realise that it is possible to learn how to understand women better.

  1. She will try to get close to your friends
  2. She will try to make you jealous
  3. She will be seductive sometimes
  4. She will try to come closer to you when you are avoiding her
  5. She is happy when she is talking with you
  6. She will sometimes shun you unnecessarily sometimes
  7. She will invite you out sometimes
  8. She will use every opportunity for physical contact
  9. She will want to know everything about you
  10. She engages with your interests
  11. She will try to make you drunk
  12. She will spy on your sometimes
  13. You will likely run into her by accident
  14. Her best friend may act differently around you
  15. She will be provocative around you
  16. She will try to meet you when you are hurt
  17. She will show signs that she expects you to comfort her when she is hurt
  18. She will ask about your family
  19. She will try to engage in physical contact with you when no one is watching
  20. She will cheer you on
  21. She has said she hates you or told you to leave her alone
  22. She hides her relationships from you
  23. Her friends are going to try to set you both up
  24. She is sometimes nice to you
  25. She replies to your messages quickly
  26. She wants to spend more time with you
  27. She is low-key frustrated with you
  28. She tries to show you her real character
  29. Her behaviours change when there are other people around you
  30. If you ask her the kind of guy she likes, she will describe some things about you

It is important that you establish if she is interested in having anything with you or not. Girls generally want the men to go the extra mile for them, so if you truly like her, you should ignore some of the negative things you will see in the list below and focus on the positive experiences you have had with her before. 

Also, you must always maintain your pride and ego too. When you feel you have done too much to get to interact with her, take a break from her for a while. If she really likes you, she will start drawing closer to you. This takes me to the first point on the list. She will start to get close to your friends.

She Will Try To Get Close To Your Friends

When a girl likes you, she will do her best to stay as close as possible. When you see her get into trying to be close to your friends, she is doing so for three reasons. One, she wants to know you and watch you from a close distance, to know more about you because she likes you. Two, she wants to be able to have an access to freely interact with you without making it seem like she is trying to make obvious advances. Lastly, she knows that when she gets the acceptance of your friends, she is more likely to get yours too.

She Will Try To Make You Jealous

How else can she get you into the game than to make you feel jealous? Maybe, you are still acting cold and uninterested when actually you care about her deep down. The one way she can make you realise what you are probably missing out on is to make you feel jealous. This is what she does when she gives generous hugs and exchange warm pleasantries with your close friends but ends up giving you none.

She Will Be Seductive Sometimes

As a matter of fact, this is by far one of the commonest green light signs that a girl that likes you will give. Seduction is the wooing language of women, while men take the rest action to initiate conversation, ask for a date, visits her, give gifts and so on. But you see that first step, it is very important and women of good age an exposure would not hesitate to do so.

Playing with her hair in a seductive manner can be one such example of this act. Seduction can be in various forms, and whereas you may think some forms of seduction are way too much to the extreme, seduction remains one easy way for a lady to tell a guy that she is interested in something between them.

She Will Try To Get Closer To You When You Are Avoiding Her

A lady that likes you can act really weird sometimes, especially when your absence and cold unconcerned feelings is beginning to get to her. She may be nervous around you and may put up certain behaviours that may get you angry towards her. But the moment you start withdrawing from her, you notice that she start finding her way back into your space.

On this note, you must realise that it is not by force to go out with the same girl. There are times you will need to give up trying to win her when she repeatedly puts up attitudes that get you angry. If she keeps annoying you, it may mean that she is really not interested, even though she feels attracted to you. She may just be trying to get back into your good books because she feels like you deserve to be treated as a human being too, not as though she wants to establish love with you.

She Is Happy When She Is Talking With You

It is a different feeling when you are freely having a great conversation with someone you are attracted to. Many times you wish the moments never end, but sadly, it always appears so short-lived, only to leave you wishing for another opportunity like that. When a girl is happy, it shows in everything she does. Girls may hide feelings really well, but there is always some evidence to suggest what they feel on the inside.

One clear sign that this girl likes you is the way she is excited when she is talking with you, especially when you are alone with each other. In one of the next points, you will realise that a company of people around can greatly affect how they behave towards you. However, if she is interested in you, you won't stop noticing how happy she is as you converse with her.

She Will Sometimes Shun You Unnecessarily Sometimes

In a bid to get your attention, a girl that likes you may behave the opposite way towards you. Instead of continually showering love to you, she would even shun you, ignore you, pretend as if you are not there, or even outrightly ask you to leave her alone. All these behaviours can mean that she does not want to have anything to do with you, but in the same way, they can also mean that she likes you but she hates certain things about you. 

Once again, you must recognize that not all attractions must lead to serious relationships. You can be attracted to someone without being interested in a relationship with them. What this means is that this girl may like you as a person, but she may not want you to try to take it any step further.

She Will Invite You Out Sometimes

How else can she have some time alone with you aside from going on a date alone together?  It is not customary for ladies to be the first to ask for a date but when the guy is too shy or reserved to do so, some bold ladies will woman up and ask the guy out. Maybe you are always choked up at work or school, or there are many people around to make her feel more nervous. Having time alone, especially without your colleagues, will be a great thing for your relationship. If she invites you out on any occasion, draw closer to her. She has feelings for you.

She Will Use Every Opportunity For Physical Contact

Chemistry is activated by body contacts. There is a lot of good physical contacts that can establish between two people. Every girl knows this. If she avoids physical contacts with you, it's a clear sign that she does not want to spark up anything between you both. She may still have natural feelings for you, but for some other reasons, she may not want to be serious with you.

On the other hand, if she seizes every opportunity to hold you, hug you or just sit close to you, then she wants to get you fully on board. 

Sometimes, when a girl makes several attempts to get you to love her back and you do not reciprocate, she suddenly changes to hate mode and would do everything to show you how much she hates you. But deep down, she loved you and probably still does.

She Will Want To Know Everything About You

This may not apply to every girl out there but when a girl walks up to you, sits with you and ask certain questions about you, she is indirectly trying to tell you that she likes you and would like to know you better. If anything serious is going to happen between you both, there must be a foreknowledge about your personality, your interests and your plans in life. Loving you does not just end with loving you as a person, it also involves loving you and the things you do or are involved in.

She Engages With Your Interests

Not every girl loves football, as a matter of fact, football is a guys game. This is not mockery, though there are some ladies who really have passionate interests in football, and also, some guys who do not even know when the next football match would hold. However, the point here is that, when a lady likes you, she tries to accommodate some of the things you love and build some love for them too. The first thing she does, she asks about and studies you to know your interests, then she would find ways to engage with your interests. Good sign she is interested.

She Will Try To Make You Drunk

Hey! Don't call this an act of desperation, although we all know it is. There is almost no limit to the extent a girl can go to get you if she truly loves you. We can also say that for guys too. Many guys I have met have demonstrated love in very wild and unbelievable ways. In trying to find out the truth about how you feel towards her, a lady may want to take advantage of your drunken state, at which point you may not be able to hide truths as much.

If a girl encourages you to binge on alcohol for a moment, it means that she is interested in you and she wants to enjoy some moment of the raw you. This method can also be used if she wants you to go a little sexy on her, but all of these may look too desperate but what else do you expect? She wants you madly.

She Will Spy On Your Sometimes

You know what peripheral vision is, right? When you look straight forward, you can still see some parts of the environment through the corner of your eyes. This is what we call side vision or peripheral vision. Sometimes, you may catch this girl observing you without moving her entire head.

Sometimes, she doesn't hide it. She stares at you for seconds, just admiring you and trying to know about your mood, temperaments and personality. If you catch her on three or more occasion, there are great chances that this girl is dying for you but you do not recognise it.

You Will Likely Run Into Her By Accident

There are no accidents. This is how we tell ourselves to face the reality that stares right into our face. People who believe that certain things that happen to them are mere coincidences end up wasting their time for fate to accidentally do something else. But people who believe that there are no accidents are more able to take certain actions when necessary and also believe that whatever happens to them is based on some effort they have put into it.

If you keep running into this girl, or you keep seeing her every time, there are high chances that those are not mere accidents. She may actually be trailing you or calculating your moves to get to meet with you more often. If you keep seeing a girl, and there are some signs that she might be crushing on you, and you probably like her too, then she may really be into you. There are no accidents.

Her Best Friend May Act Differently Around You

The behaviour of her best friend may be dependent on a number of factors. Does her best girlfriend like you? Does she feel jealous about your possible relationship with her? Does he dislike you as a person, or have you probably hurt her in the past? All these go on to dictate how the actions of your crush's girlfriend will be towards you. Most times, when her best friend thinks things may not end up well with you both, she may become protective and try to guard her every move to ensure that she doesn't become vulnerable. But whether to say these security measures by a concerned but very nosy girlfriend are necessary will be a topic for another day.

She Will Be Provocative Around You Sometimes

Provocation is a show of power or a demonstration of anger. A girl that likes you will act provocatively when other people offend her around you. She does this because she sometimes believes that you will have her back. She would confidently exude her anger towards whoever offended her even when she could have easily let it go when you are not around. She also wants to know what your judgment would be in the end. She wants to know if you will condemn her or if you will be on her side. If you want everything to go in the anticipated direction, you must play the cards right and just stick to her side. Otherwise, you start the course spiralling downward to a point of pure hate.

She Will Try To Meet You When You Are Hurt

Love, they say is caring and kind. You can afford to pretend not to care about someone but there is a limit to which you can do that. If you really care about someone, you just can't stand it when they go through some major challenges. If a girl likes you, she will always try to meet you to comfort you when you go through some hurt of some kind. Even if she doesn't end up doing so, you will be able to feel her intention of trying to reach out to you to comfort you.

She Will Show Signs That She Expects You To Comfort Her When She Is Hurt

Come on! It's not your duty to comfort her when she is hurt, it? In short, why should you? But when a girl likes you, she always expects your care in return. She just wishes that you were her partner, to comfort her when she is hurt. If you are not there for her, she feels worse and betrayed. You can try to show that you care for her sometimes but remember not to overdo it, because she can easily abuse it and stop loving you. Weird right? I guess that also means if you want her to start hating you, you should show her more love, but whatever!

She Will Ask About Your Family

When a person asks you intimate questions about your personal and family life, it is a clear sign that they are interested in you. It also means that they want you to know about them too because asking such questions would definitely make you reciprocate the questions to them too.

If that beautiful really likes you and she is open enough to let you get into her personal space, she would ask you about your family and hopes that you get to know her better too.

She Will Try To Engage In Physical Contact With You When No One Is Watching

When other people are around, she would never even come close or even make an attempt to do so. This is due to the same reasons we have already seen earlier. She wants to remain outside the radar, she doesn't want to be publicly seen as been desperate to have you. Maybe she is too proud to express herself in public, or maybe you are the one that is too proud, but when you are alone together, she would do the best she can to have some physical contacts with you.

She Will Cheer You On

When a girl likes you, she will show you that she is your number fan and cheerleader. Maybe that's because she is free to celebrate anybody on the pitch, and other people might not notice that she is doing it for you. But if you are observant enough, you will realise that she doesn't only cheer you on during the games but she also steals some glances at you with a face full of warm smiles.

She Has Said She Hates You Or Told You To Leave Her Alone

Love is a strong word, and hate is also a strong word. It's easier for someone to tell you that they don't like you than for them to directly tell you that they hate you. And even more romantically, if she says she hates you while she is smiling, she might just be telling you that she loves you but in a more obscured way.

Likewise, if she tells you to leave her alone. Watch out for her demeanour when she says so, and watch out for her reaction in the next few minutes. If she tries to come back to you, or she still displays happiness and smiles at you, she definitely likes you.

She Hides Her Relationships From You

Have you ever asked her about her relationship status and she tells you that it's none of your business? Even without asking, many times you can tell if someone is in a relationship or not. However, asking to find out will help confirm or refute the assumptions you have made. When you ask her if she has a boyfriend, and both of you are in a good mood at the moment, she is supposed to give you a definite answer. If a girl tries to hide her relationship status from you, it could mean one of two things.
First, it may mean that she has a boyfriend but she has some feelings for you. Second, and as it relates to the context of this post, she could be single and you might just be the one she is always fantasizing over.

Her Friends Are Going To Try To Set You Both Up

Most of the time, there are three groups of friends she could possibly have. Those that will like you for her, those that will do everything possible to stand between your union, and those that don't care what happens between you two. No matter how secretive you can be, sometimes you find yourself telling certain people about some intimate things about you. If she likes you, she must have discussed you with her close friends, that's for sure. Some of her friends will try to discourage her from getting close to you. Others will try to set you both up, either casually in your class or workplace, or by inviting you both independently to a party. That gives you a clue as to what she probably has told her friends about you.

She Is Sometimes Nice To You

I am using "sometimes" because you are reading this post in the first place because you are not sure if this girl likes you or not. This is to say that she sometimes behaves as though she hates you. True or false? But when she is in her good moods, she can be super nice to you. That's a fact.

She Replies To Your Messages Quickly

When a girl ignores your messages for too long, it is a clear sign that she is seeing someone else already. It is not an absolute fact that when a girl ignores you on social media or ignores your calls, she is seeing someone else. She may be busy at that time, she may have some serious engagements that can hinder her from responding to your calls or messages. But if this girl replies to your messages very quickly, it is easy to extrapolate that she places you as a high priority in her life. This girl obviously likes you.

She Wants To Spend More Time With You

Most of these things are not absolutely applicable to every case. You can have a girlfriend that doesn't want to intrude into your personal time, she just doesn't try to push you to spend more time than you planned for. People are different, you know. However, one quick sign to know that a girl likes you but is hiding it is that even though she may not say it with her mouth, her actions will signal to you that she wants to spend more time with you.

She Is Low-key Frustrated With You

Have you heard girls sometimes say that guys are too slow to take a committed step in their relationship? Sometimes this is accompanied by a feeling of anger and frustration that the guy is acting too slow to propose or ask her to be his girlfriend. When a girl whom you think has some form of feelings for you starts acting weird at certain times, she may be behaving so because she is frustrated at you for being apparently slow in asking her out for a date.

She Tries To Show You Her Real Character

Nowadays, people can pretend for as long as it takes to gain some favour. Partners in a relationship can hide their characters for a very long time. When a girl likes you, she would want to gain your acceptance. She will do her best to show you her real character, she will be as open and transparent as possible. This is because she wants to assure you that you are one person she is willing to trust. Still another way of wooing you over.

Her Behaviours Change When There Are Other People Around You

A combination of fear, anxiety and love makes her behave differently when there are other people around. The same common reason that makes women hide their feelings even when they like someone also plays out here. Once again, what is that common reason? Ladies do not want to appear cheap and worthless. And also, ladies hate to be dumped. They would rather keep hiding under the cloak than take any step that would make people think later that you have dumped her. That means anything that may make observers think you are in a relationship already when you are not, they consider it problematic, because when you both stop talking, it may project in people's minds that you have broken up and dumped her.

If You Ask Her The Kind Of Guy She Likes, She Will Describe Some Things About You

Conversations can get deeper than planned sometimes. You are in the talking mood, then you pop the alluring question, what do you want in a man? Usually, if she likes you, this question this an opportunity for her to suggest some attributes that she wants you to develop in yourself. For example, maybe she wants you to build your biceps and six-packs, or she wants you to man up and tell her how you feel about her straight away. She would include those in the description of the ideal guy for her. But also, she will include those features you already have, as though she is describing you while adding some modifications you can make to make on yourself.

The next thing that will happen, is that she will ask you about the kind of girl you like too if she has not already asked. If you really like her, that is your own chance to describe her perfectly. If there is some chemistry already, telling her she is the one you will like to spend the rest of your life with at that point could win as the best pickup line of the century.

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Some Important Points You Need To Note

  1. Almost all girls would try to hide their feelings at some points in their life.
  2. These signs are not absolute indications that you should settle with her. Weigh other factors before deciding to make her your girlfriend or not.
  3. When a girl is angry at you because you are hurting her emotions by not giving her attention, it is time to keep some distance from her.
  4. Don't give up on the girl simply because she didn't meet up to a few of the criteria above, or because she is beginning to hurt you. Follow your heart and think about the possibilities.
At this point, I hope that I have written a rich article to guide you in making the right choice and knowing if a girl for whom you have some feelings or not, likes you but is just trying not to show it. 
My satisfaction comes when you let me know that I have been useful. Please, don't forget to use the comment box below.

I know it's tempting to hold back but please, share!

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